Hey guys! Today’s post is actually a question that came in from a fellow entrepreneur where she asked, “Should you focus on Instagram or Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog?”

This is actually a good question because a lot of people don’t know which social media platforms they should start with. I know for me when I started, I was totally overwhelmed. I was just like, “Oh, there’s so many! Which one do I choose?!” So let’s get into the post and find out which platform helped grow my traffic!

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I found that you really had to narrow down and get really good at one platform first because a lot of bloggers and entrepreneurs try and do it all and wind up being really inconsistent.

I had to focus on one platform, and for me at the time it was Pinterest. I had been reading a lot about it and it seemed like a really viable platform to be able to not only get traffic to your blog, but to also get consistent traffic from. And the reason I say this is because a lot of platforms like Twitter and Instagram only really give you a boost in traffic for an hour after you’ve posted something, but months down the track you’re never going to see traffic from that post again.

Whereas Pinterest, you can actually have Pinned something two months ago and it’s still getting consistent traffic today. And that’s why I chose Pinterest. So let’s get into a few quick things that really helped me with Pinterest:

Joining BoardBooster

I signed up to Board Booster and then I scheduled my Pins to go out over a day rather than all at once, (because you can’t really capitalize on the traffic if you’re just Pinning it once a time). The platform helps to spread them out over a day, and I was able to gather more traffic that way.

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Joining Group Boards

The second thing I did was I joined Group Boards which you can go to PinGroupie.com and find a ton of group boards in your niche, but Pinning my pins and other people’s pins to this board actually drove a ton of traffic because there’s like thousands of people who are following these boards and contributing to these boards, so a lot of people go to them as a resource because they are just so much information there. So that’s the second thing I did.

Joining a Pinterest Course

The third thing I did was I actually joined a course, a Pinterest course called Pinterest to Profits (which is by my awesome friend, McKinzie). I knew a lot of basic Pinterest stuff but there was a lot of advanced strategies that I just hadn’t learned yet and that really helped to take my traffic to the next level.

And so what happened from the first month before I started using  a Pinterest strategy was I was only getting around 300-400 people each month to my blog from Pinterest. This is before I had a strategy. And then the next month, once I implemented the strategy, I had over 2000 people who had come to my blog from Pinterest.

That was just from 30 days’ worth of implementing a strategy! So I was like, “Well, I think this is working.” So I carried on with it, and then over the months that number kept growing, and the thing I think that is the greatest thing of all from it is that you continue to see the results from one strategy that you implement months down the track.

And so that’s why I think all bloggers and business owners should start with Pinterest first because your output isn’t as intense as it would be with another platform. You are actually getting your values’ worth when you use this platform and implement a strategy because you do see results from it way way down the track.

And so going back to the original question on whether you should use Pinterest or Instagram: I do 100% believe that you should start with Pinterest. With Instagram, I actually haven’t learnt a whole ton about it yet. I decided deliberately not to use Instagram last year because I wanted to focus on the strategies that worked and I was getting results from. What I have learnt so far is that it’s a lot more effort for not as much results, but I still have a lot to learn about that, so you will definitely see another post about down the track.



  • ShannDuff

    Elise! you’re the best, awesome blog post, thank you!! I currently do use Tailwind, do you think there’s a difference with them??

  • Love this! And girlfriend, I just watched your “Why I’m Starting A Youtube Channel” video and can totally relate. I’ve been wanting to do video content for courses and always have the thought, “well, maybe I should lose weight first…people might relate better with me if I am skinnier.” Why do we do this to ourselves?! I think you do a fab job in front of the camera. Thank you for encouraging me.

    • Hi Ashley!! Haha I’m so glad you can relate. I can honestly say it was the best decision I EVER made! Yes I still cringe and dread filming days, but I dread it less and less each time!! Hahaha

  • I absolutely love Pinterest for the same reason you mentioned. It can be a year, or even years down the line, and you’ll still be getting traffic from Pinterest. It’s so awesome. Unlike something like Twitter, where your tweet dies off almost instantly, with Pinterest, it’s like a snowball effect. As time goes on, you start getting more and more traffic from your pins. Love it!

    • Hey Tiffany! Yep, you nailed it! That’s why I’ll be loyal to Pinterest to the end! haha xo

  • Kate Bialowas

    This is awesome! And I totally agree! Pinterest has been the main way I’ve been able to grow my blog like crazy over the past 6 months! And it;s so much fun to use! The best of both worlds!

    • Hey Kate! That’s so awesome to hear, and yeah you’re right, it IS fun to use! 😀

  • Elna Cain


    Yes! Most of my traffic is from Pinterest and what’s great is that they convert into subscribers or sales (for my affiliate posts).

    I recently changed up my strategy for Pinterest and it’s totally working! Congrats on your success!

    • Hey Elna, yeah you are like the QUEEN of traffic! I always love your reports! Are you gonna do a post any time soon on your new Pinterest strategy? I’d LOVE to read it! <3

  • ninaframbuesa

    I find Instagram very useful but that’s because I had a decent following there before I even started my blog. I really have to step up my Pinterest game though. Thanks for the tips!

    • That’s awesome Nina! Do you have any tips or blog posts on how you use Instagram? I’d LOVE to know more! 😀

      • ninaframbuesa

        It’s important to use the right hashtags. Anything with the words “blog” or “blogger” in it draws attention to the fact that you have a blog so when people search for “travelblog” on Instagram they will find you use that hashtag. Also, it’s a good idea to create your own hashtags and start making them more popular.

  • Grace Lipscomb

    I am trying to figure out which is the best platform to grow my blog right now! It seems to be pinterest, but I am still such a beginner! Saving this article for reference!

    • Oh I so know what you mean Grace! Just start with one, and once you feel you’ve got that down move onto another platform that interests you. <3