Hey hey friends! I’m back again with another income report and ready to divulge into what I did and learned this month.

After an exhausting September I did a lot of reflection through October and got really clear on what I want to be focusing in 2017. I decided to reaccess my goals and tweak them so that I can run a better business that completely aligns with those goals next year.

With that I spent all of October in set-up mode working on the back end of my website creating new systems that will ensure that growth and progress my business next year. I won’t cover what that is in today’s post however, I’m saving that juicy one for later! 🤓


I started House of Brazen in January 2016 while still working a day job and by March I was already making my first few sales. I was growing more and more unhappy in my job each day and in june I finally quit my job to work on my business full-time.

I should mention that I did this without having any other financial back-up other than my savings and I wasn’t making a liveable amount from my blog yet. Luckily, taking that risk was the best choice I made because I was able to grow my business fast enough that I now make a full-time living from it.

My favourite thing about running my own business is the freedom you get to do what you want with your time, so I share these income reports because I want to help you grow your business and achieve the same freedom in your life so you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love.

Alright, let’s do this! 😀


Total Revenue: $1713.66

This post contains affiliate links.


Total Expenses: $87

NET PROFIT: $1626.66

So as I said above, I spent most of this month working on the back end of my website getting new systems set up (boring I know!) and I’ll also be spending most of November working on the back end of my site. What surprised me is that my income remained pretty steady this month even without me actively promoting it. Gotta love those funnels!

So moving on the the nitty gritty of this months income report. What happened? What worked? What was off? Let’s dig in!


This was toooooootally unexpected, but a very happy surprise indeed! I did nothing on my affiliate strategy this month so can you guess how I made that sale? No? I’ll give you a hint.. it rhymes with ‘interest’..

Yep, Pinterest! That’s the power of this incredible platform (and what I show you exactly how I do in my totally affordable ebook ‘How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours Using Pinterest’). I promoted the product MONTHS ago and am still able to make sales from that pin today. That still blows my mind!


I’m getting such great feedback from my little ebook that I decided to trial an affiliate program for it. This is something I will be testing over the next couple of months to see whether it’s viable and whether it’s worth running an affiliate program for smaller digital products versus an affiliate program for my bigger course products.

One thing I want to note is the work that is involved in setting up and running an affiliate program. There’s so many moving parts like choosing a platform for product delivery and choosing the hosting your affiliate program, creating a new list for your affiliates, sending out information to affiliates, creating and designing your product etc. So if you’re considering starting your own, make sure you have the time and energy to put into it because it’s going to need quite a lot of it initially!


After the stress of last months launch and deciding to give up launching for a while, the left over energy rolled into this month. And when I’m stressed or feeling anxious, that’s when the negative beliefs roll in. Yippee! 😑

I am a big believer that mindset plays an astronomical part in the success of our businesses (as well as everything else in life), and for years I have worked on my mindset slowly chipping away and habits and beliefs that don’t help my progress. This month became all about my money blocks. It felt like this entire year finally caught up with me and my limiting beliefs around money and self-worth kicked in at full speed.

I started feeling guilty about EVERYTHING. Making money, not making money, spending money, not spending money, wanting more money, feeling like it should be harder, feeling like it should be easier, feeling like I’m not good enough to have more etc..

And when this happens I always self-sabotage. I’ll either spend way too much money on things I don’t really need, or I’ll procrastinate completing important tasks in my business OR I’ll avoid everything together and binge watch Netflix shows.

So I did a HUGE clearing of emotional baggage around money and decluttered a TON of stuff in my house and coincidentally my income has increased effortlessly without any extra effort on my part!

If you’re not familiar with money blocks and how they can hinder you, I seriously recommend you check out Lucky Bitch and download her free money blocks webinar. Honestly, that webinar alone has helped me break through a ton of blocks this month!


Yes, I am now the 4,358,765th person to switch to ConvertKit from Mailchimp. Why? Mailchimp got way too frustrating. You can’t have more than one automated email sequence, you can’t segment your lists and you get charged each time someone opts into a new list.

But that wasn’t what pushed me over the edge. What did it was getting constant emails from people saying they didn’t receive certain lessons of my free course. I did some research and found out it was a common glitch from Mailchimp.

This is a mega problem because I make most of my sales from that free course and Mailchimp offers no simple solution to resend an email like this. So basically I had to sign up for my own course, get delivered the emails and then forward whatever lesson that person didn’t receive to their email address. I really shouldn’t have to do this for a paid service!!! So I bit the bullet and moved over. Best decision ever!




And there you have it! Did you learn something new? Is there anything more you would want to know? What are you taking away from this report and implementing on your blog?


Elise xo

  • Sam

    Congrats Elise.

    I think you touched on a very important part of running a business in this digital age. I love what Eben Pagan says about learning to fall in love with the process so you can mitigate the negative self talk. Being a freelancer and running a blog has it’s ups and down and sometimes you need to take that step back to move forward.

  • Tegan

    Congratulations Elise! I really, really love your blog. I have purchased your Ebook “Make Your First Affiliate Sale Ebook” and I am super excited to read it. Thank you heaps! x

    • Thanks Tegan! So glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog, and thank you so much for purchasing the ebook! I can’t wait to hear how you go!xo

  • Great! Congratulations Elise 🙂 About tools I use Mailerlite (because it’s free up to 1000 subscribers but automation and other features are good for start), BoardBooster which is great for my pinterest account, SendOwnl I use for now for affiliate products (I have first affiliate sale in last month without ready website only with my social media accounts which is awesome), I didn’t try Deadline Funnel but I wonder about purchase ConvertPlug which is great because has integration with Mailerlite and Woocommerce (which I’ll be use for selling my products) and Contact Form 7 which also use on my website.

    About your income is so awesome and a bit unbelievable that you make $1308.78 from affiliate 🙂 Even more surprising to me for example Melyssa Griffin made $10.000 only from affiliate. It’s amazing! More and more seriously I thought about buying your course Affiliate Affluence.

    Do you plan write blog post about automate your business I mean for example your social media accounts, to do etc?

    • Hey Alex! Look at you making huge strides! And congrats on your affiliate sales WITHOUT even having a blog yet! So proud of you!! And yes I will definitely write a post on automation very soon. Stay tuned!xo

      • Thank you Elise! In last few days I also open my shop on Creative Market and Etsy shop (I have about 50 digital products) and working on to prepare/edit some stuff to have 70 and until end of December – 100 digital items. Most of them are stuff like premade logos, etsy shop sets, business branding packages etc. Also my shop (Etsy shop) was recently featured on Bluchic.com (my fav WP theme shop which I also my first affiliate sale with this shop).

        I’ll be waiting for your post about automation. Do you plan create affiliate program for other your products? I mean for courses?

  • Hi Elise, I am one of the unfortunate ones to not receive your ecourse. I did email you about it 🙂 I’ll email again, but if it helps, I’ll sign up to it again since I think you’ve figured out the problem?

    • Hey Lisa, Have you received the first lesson yet? If not, let me know!xo

      • I did receive the first lesson, but nothing after that.

  • I could not have found your blog post at a better time! Right now I’m really struggling with my blog’s income and I have not been able to shake those negative beliefs for a while. But this blog post has given me so much inspiration and motivation to get back on track! First I’ll watch that money block webinar that right now seems like a godsend, and then I’ll be diving into your ebook to start making some changes to my Pinterest strategy!

    Thank you so much Elise!

    • Hey Beatriz! I’m soooooo so happy this post has been able to help you! I assure you, that webinar IS a godsend. I always listen to it when I start to get weird about money lol and it gets me back on track! And SUPER excited for you to go through the ebook! That’s gonna get you right on track!xox