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Let me tell you: this book is the real deal! I didn’t make my first sale in 24 hours… I made it in less than 12 hours!! I was shocked at how quickly the methods outlined in this book worked for me. They are simple, easy to implement, and different than all of the other ways I had already tried. Elise not only shares her tips on how to use Pinterest effectively, but also gives information regarding other websites that help with affiliate sales (some of which I did not even know about until I read this book!) The only thing I don’t like about the ebook is that I didn’t find it sooner!

– Kaitlyn from The Peachy Rose

“I devoured the ebook. I took three pages worth of notes, I created a strategy of my own and I started implementing it right away. […] Did it take 24 hours to make my affiliate sale? No. It took about 30. But the ebook delivered on its promise and I have already made back in affiliate sales what I paid for the book (by promoting only one product so far).”

– Ana from The She Approach

I bought the ebook from a recommendation from a friend that it worked for her, so it should work for me, too. […] I was impressed so I wanted to recommend the book to other friends/family/readers. This ebook (which cost me less than one date night) does a really good job of guiding you to all the right tools and resources to help automate Pinterest.

– Eden Fried

LatoyaI was skeptical as hell, not going to lie. I bought it really because I was nosey and wanted to see how [Elise] was able to do it. Then once I read it, I wanted to see if I could do it too…you know, to prove [her] wrong and all. Well, to my surprise, I made a sale the very next day using her strategy!

Latoya from Life & A Budget

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