Hey guys! Today’s post is actually a question that came in from a fellow entrepreneur where she asked, “Should you focus on Instagram or Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog?”

This is actually a good question because a lot of people don’t know which social media platforms they should start with. I know for me when I started, I was totally overwhelmed. I was just like, “Oh, there’s so many!

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This month is a very special month. Why? Because House of Brazen turns one year old! 🎉 That means two things: 1) My crazy wild idea of starting my own business wasn’t so crazy after all, and 2) it’s cake time! 🎂🎂🎂

Starting and running your own business is one of the most eye-opening and life-changing experiences you could ever gift yourself, and now that I’ve just finished up my first year in business I am so excited to share what that experience was like for me.

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In a previous post, you might have seen me talk about an income plateau that I had, and how tracking my money every day helped me break through that. Well, this post is elaborating more on exactly how I tracked my money, so I have always followed the notion of “What gets measured, gets improved,” and I’ve been able to prove it to myself through this money tracking method that I’ve used over the last couple of months.

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Hello friend! How are your income goals coming along? Are you reaching them every single time or do you sometimes feel like something else is hindering you? 👻 No need to worry, it’s totally normal!

In today’s video, I’m talking all about what happened when I hit my first income plateau and the three things I did to push through to the next level.

What is an income plateau?

An income plateau is a comfort level with money that you’re willing to let yourself have,

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Hello hello friends! Guess who’s back with another income report! Me! It’s been a while… quite a while since the last one actually – two months in fact! – so I’ve decided to combine the previous two months to catch up!

Dare I say it, it was a rather quiet two months on the blog side while I was working on the back-end of the business. Not a whole lot happened,

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The big changes I was talking about last year? They have arrived!!! Dun dun duuuun!

Change is such an awesome thing. It’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It makes you feel like you’re taking big steps towards your dreams, yet makes you feel uncomfortable in a ‘pushing yourself to growth’ kind of way.

This year, as you may know from this post,

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Welp, that was 2016! What a year! So many incredible things happened this year that make me so excited for what’s coming in the next 365 days. You bet we’re going to kick ass and make our dreams come true!

So to really give 2016 the final send off it deserves, here are the 9 best blog posts that came from House of Brazen this year!

How to Start Using Affiliate Links on Pinterest

I’m quite surprised that THIS specific post was my number one most viewed post this year!

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Ahhhhh!!!! 2017 is almost here and I’m not ready! Seriously. It’s New Years Eve today and my brain isn’t registering it. Is this what happens when you get older?!!?!

I’m sure by now you’ve been setting some very big plans and goals for yourself and your business for next year and want to hit the ground running as soon as you can.

For me, these plans have been in the works for what feels like forevvvvver,

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The season is upon us where businesses are winding down, people are ready (more like overdue) for a break and the overall focus is moving from hustle to relaxation and enjoyment – at least for the next few weeks anyway.

And in the midst of all of this, I’ve noticed a bit of scarcity talk coming from fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs about the lack of sales coming in during this time of year.

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Hey hey friends! I’m back again with another income report and ready to divulge into what I did and learned this month.

After an exhausting September I did a lot of reflection through October and got really clear on what I want to be focusing in 2017. I decided to reaccess my goals and tweak them so that I can run a better business that completely aligns with those goals next year.

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