Hello friends! Welcome back to another income report! This is my second income report to date (you can read my first income report here) and I’m excited and nervous to lay it all out again for you.

September was been a crazy month, both physically and mentally. My list has grown to almost 1500 subscribers, my traffic is finally heading up again from 5000 to 6000 pageviews, and my Pinterest traffic has spiked since I started looping my pins through Boardbooster.

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Hey my wonderful friends! So I thought I’d FINALLY muster up the courage to do my first income report! I know you’ve been wanting me to do one for a while since I published this post, so here we are!

Before we get into it, I just want to clarify that I’m not here to be a pretentious gloating asshole bragging about how much money I made! #RealTalk ✊ My goal is to help you shortcut your way to the life you want to be living,

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Hands up if you feel like you’re spending too much money on your business!

*all the hands raise* 🙌

Oh I feel ya! It’s so confusing to know what the heck to invest in. You want your business to have the best possible chance, but you also want to be efficient and not fork out for something your business is not ready for or doesn’t need.

You want to invest in the things that are going to make your business thrive for where it’s at.

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It’s pretty overwhelming running a business isn’t it?!?! Like flat out palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, kind of overwhelming.

You’ll be going full steam ahead one minute and the next you’ve lost your inspiration, lost your motivation and lost your drive. And you’re like, what the flip just happened!?

Oh my gosh, I’ve SO been there. 

Back in 2012 when I jumped the gun a few years too early and eagerly quit my job to work on my business full-time,

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There are a million and one reasons why we hesitate, hold back and procrastinate on our goals. Ditto for those wanted and unwanted opportunities that fly our way.

Like the time in Year 8 when I prayed, hoped and wished the 3 o’clock bell would never come around.

I still had the crumpled up note in my pocket that Lee Frost shoved into my hand at lunch time. It read, “I will pash you on one condishon,

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Can I share something with you? I never in a million years thought I would give a damn about passive income, let alone be creating it for myself.

I never imagined that I would be sitting up in bed till the wee hours reading books on personal finance.

And I never ever expected that I’d become relentless about maintaining a positive money mindset – considering I was never taught any of this growing up.

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I honestly feel like the second you try to level up in your business, there’s a new obstacle or challenge you have to face that’s bigger and scarier than the last one. As if the powers-that-be decided they were going to Truman Show the crap out of you for their entertainment.

I can’t prove that AT ALL but some things are far too coincidental to not be perceived as some kind of divine meddling! 

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By now I am CERTAIN you’ve heard of a sales funnel! No doubt you’ve probably already got one set up, or you’re just starting to create one. Good! You clearly know just how crucial they are to your business!

But if you’re one of those still sitting on the fence, here’s a little background on what my first sales funnel has done for me. I set up my free email course about creating passive income through your blog back in Feb 2016,

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When I was looking to start my blog on WordPress in Jan 2016, I knew the theme was going to make or break the entire situation.

I scoured the interwebs for hours trying to find the perfect theme that would jump out at me. There were HUNDREDS of gorgeous designs. Some that I almost clicked the ‘buy now’ button on! But I made sure to keep in mind exactly what I was looking for in a theme and not rest until I found ‘the one’

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