Hey everyone! Today we’re talking about a very juicy topic which is on ‘what to do if your affiliate program partner isn’t paying you your commissions.

This is something I have recently had experience with. I have been an affiliate for this particular program for over a year now and I’ve been promoting this product that I use every day and absolutely love and believe in. But I realized that the affiliate partner wasn’t actually paying me out my commissions!

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So you’re about to launch a digital product, but for whatever reason you aren’t able to paid marketing methods to promote your product yet. That’s okay! Because I have 3 totally FREE marketing strategies that I use All. The. Time. when promoting my digital products! Check em out!

I’m going to be talking about the three free strategies that I use to promote my digital products. So I could tell you to use every social media platform out there to promote your product.

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Hey friends! Today I’m sharing with you my number one piece of advice for newbie entrepreneurs.

I really had to take some time to think about this because I was like, “What would I actually tell them? What’s the thing that I found the most valuable out of ALL the things I found valuable when starting my business.”

You might be surprised with my advice. It might seem a little “advanced”

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Hey friends! It’s that time of the month again. Are you ready for another income report?

I really just have to say WOW, things stepped up this month and I couldn’t be more happy about it! I have quite a bit to share with you so let’s get going!


I started House of Brazen in January 2016 while still working a day job and by March I was already making my first few sales.

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Have you been thinking about quitting your job to work on your business full-time?

Maybe you’re wondering how long you need to blog before you even think about quitting? Should you just bite the bullet and go for it or take it slow?

But what if you’re impatient or don’t have the time to invest in our business AND job at the same time?

Phew! Luckily today I’m sharing my story and my tips with you on what I believe you should do!

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Hey guys! Today’s post is actually a question that came in from a fellow entrepreneur where she asked, “Should you focus on Instagram or Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog?”

This is actually a good question because a lot of people don’t know which social media platforms they should start with. I know for me when I started, I was totally overwhelmed. I was just like, “Oh, there’s so many!

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This month is a very special month. Why? Because House of Brazen turns one year old! 🎉 That means two things: 1) My crazy wild idea of starting my own business wasn’t so crazy after all, and 2) it’s cake time! 🎂🎂🎂

Starting and running your own business is one of the most eye-opening and life-changing experiences you could ever gift yourself, and now that I’ve just finished up my first year in business I am so excited to share what that experience was like for me.

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In a previous post, you might have seen me talk about an income plateau that I had, and how tracking my money every day helped me break through that. Well, this post is elaborating more on exactly how I tracked my money, so I have always followed the notion of “What gets measured, gets improved,” and I’ve been able to prove it to myself through this money tracking method that I’ve used over the last couple of months.

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Hello friend! How are your income goals coming along? Are you reaching them every single time or do you sometimes feel like something else is hindering you? 👻 No need to worry, it’s totally normal!

In today’s video, I’m talking all about what happened when I hit my first income plateau and the three things I did to push through to the next level.

What is an income plateau?

An income plateau is a comfort level with money that you’re willing to let yourself have,

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Hello hello friends! Guess who’s back with another income report! Me! It’s been a while… quite a while since the last one actually – two months in fact! – so I’ve decided to combine the previous two months to catch up!

Dare I say it, it was a rather quiet two months on the blog side while I was working on the back-end of the business. Not a whole lot happened,

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