The design of your website obviously plays an important role in getting consistent traffic to your website.

And maybe your visitors are converting to subscribers, but your subscribers aren’t converting as customers.

What’s a business owner to do?

Implement a tripwire page. A high-converting tripwire page that turns leads into customers as quickly as possible.

In today’s post, we’ll share what a tripwire page is and how you can design a high converting tripwire page to increase your customer base.


What is a tripwire?

First, let’s cover what a tripwire even is before we start designing a high converting tripwire. No need to put the cart before the horse

A tripwire is a low priced offer to a visitor that has just signed up for one of your free lead magnets on your site.

The ultimate goal of using a tripwire is not necessarily to increase your profits, but it’s to convert as many leads into customers as possible.

The science behind it is if you can convince a visitor to purchase a low priced item (say, an ebook, a workbook, etc) your chances of convincing you to purchase a higher priced product down the line is much higher than only becoming an email subscriber.

A tripwire page can be extremely helpful in increasing revenue and future buyers.

Now that we’ve briefly covered what it is, let’s start discussing how to design a high converting tripwire page.

Enticing headline

The most important part of a high converting tripwire page is an enticing headline that grabs the visitors attention.

A visitor isn’t going to be expecting to be offered to purchase something (they think they’re just signing up for a free lead magnet on your site) so your headline has to capture their attention enough to convince them that they absolutely need this product you’re pitching.

boss mom tripwire page

As you can see from this example from Boss Mom, her line to capture their attention is:

“Hang out for a second if you want to see how to actually grow your business faster.”

Who doesn’t want to grow their business faster?! This line makes me want to watch the video and see exactly how I can grow my business faster. Then the video explains why this low priced product she’s pitching will help me do just that.

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Killer graphics of your offer

Visuals can enhance your brand in ways that the written text can’t.

People like to be able to visualize the product that they’re buying, whether it’s a digital product or physical.

No matter what you’re selling, you should include some sort of graphic image that shows visitors exactly what it is that they are getting once they purchase.

Sometimes a visual graphic is what sells your product, not the text that accompanies it, so it’s important to include them on your tripwire page.

Call-to-action button

We want these visitors to take action, right?! That’s the entire purpose of creating a high converting tripwire page so of course, we want them to take action.

Your call-to-action button needs to stand out from the rest of your page, whether it’s in the shape, a contrasting color, or some other way of standing out from the rest of the visuals and text.

Other important elements of a high converting tripwire page

Fast-action: The whole purpose of a tripwire page is that the visitor has to act fast to get the offer. A deadline should be listed via a countdown or in the text.

Countdown timer: Since a tripwire is a fast-action bonus, having a countdown timer is a great way to visually show how much time they have left to purchase.

Final Thoughts

We hope this post was helpful for you in easing your mind on creating your first tripwire page. If design or coding isn’t your specialty, and you don’t want to pay an expensive monthly fee for a landing page builder, you may be interested in checking out our Landing Page Templates, which includes ready-made templates for:

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