It happens, you know! Sometimes we get so busy with life that we completely neglect our email list, or we’re just not taking our businesses as seriously as we should be, or it’s just a hobby, or something comes up!

Or maybe you’re still trying to figure out who you are in business so it seems kind of pointless to be emailing your list about one topic when you’re going to be switching to several others.

It does happen, so don’t feel bad about it! But what do you do when you suddenly decide you want to re-engage your email list and get them back to loving on you?

1. Send a warm-up sequence

It’s about 3 – 5 emails you send over a 7 day period and it’s literally to warm your audience back up! Because they haven’t heard from you in a while and if you’ve changed topics or they’ve forgotten about you because you’ve been gone so long, you’re going to need to warm them up to see if they still want to be on your list.

How you do that is by sending educational and value-based content like blog posts. You want to infuse yourself into these emails so your audience can get a grasp of who you are. In these emails you want to let them know that you’re back, what you’ve been doing and what you’re going to do now. You want to share with them why you are now an expert, why you are worth listening to now and you really want to show your audience how you’re gonna help them.

2. Be consistent with weekly emails!

If you say “I’m back, I’m not going anywhere! It’s gonna be awesome and different!” and then the next week there’s radio silence. Your audience is going to trust you even less now because you promised something and then didn’t follow through with it.

If you do have to go away, if you’re not going to be able to send content every week. That’s fine, but communicate that with your audience. I went to Bali recently, and I was feeling super drained and not as creative as usual and I didn’t have any content planned. And I was like, “You know what? I need a break. I’m gonna let my audience know, and just tell them what’s up.”

And so I sent them an email the day I was leaving and said, “Hey, look this is where I’m at. I’m going to Bali, I’m feeling so blah. And I just need a break okay? There won’t be any content for a couple of weeks. But I’ll be back! Cya soon!” And then when I came back my audience was like, “Yay! You’re back! How was Bali!?”

Doing that just let’s your audience know that you’re taking some time off and you’ll be back soon! It’s normal, people in jobs take annual leave so you can do it too! But make sure to communicate it with your audience because it fuse your relationship with them even more.

3. Interact with your audience in every email you send!

In the warm up sequence and the consistent weekly emails, make sure you’re interacting with your audience. Ask them questions and get them to reply to you. I always do this in my emails and I always get responses and I always reply to them. It’s probably the most important thing that you’ll do because it’s one thing to send an email, but it’s another thing to get someone to reply to your email.

On a little side note, you will more than likely get A LOT of unsubscribes when you send your warm up sequence. If you’ve changed your topic or you haven’t been around for a while, your subscribers might not remember who you are or you might be talking about a totally different topic that they have no interest in. So they have every right to unsubscribe from your list. And that’s totally fine because you don’t want to be paying for people who are on your list who don’t care about your content and topic.

And also another note, you might find that there are people on your list who you’re trying to re-engage that aren’t opening your emails at all. You have full permission to delete them from your list. Otherwise you’re carrying dead weight and you don’t want to do that because it’s going to screw up the stats of your campaigns each week. Just cut ties, your new audience and followers will come. Just stay consistent okay!

Have you neglected your list before? What did you do to get your subscribers to re-engage with you?

Elise xo

  • I have been neglecting my email list… It is on my to do list like forever, so thanks for this reminder!

  • Hey Elise,

    Ahhh this is the second time I’m reading this because I REALLY NEED TO RE-ENGAGE WITH MY MAILING LIST! I like the idea of warming them up, interacting with them, and then being consistent again!

    Currently super excited as I start brainstorming ideas for a warm-up sequence. I recently (like this past week) rebranded my lifestyle blog to a more “niche” topic. So I’m totally pumped to talk to my readers about this and get them all comfy with the new content I plan to push out.

    • Awesome stuff Krista!! And congrats on the re-brand!!! Can’t wait to see what you do now! <3