I’ve been getting quite a few questions from people lately about how to manage multiple sales funnels that lead to one product.

So what I mean by that is if you have several lead magnets that are all related to one of your products, should you be intertwining them with each other or should you keep them separate?

Here’s an example: Say you had a free email course that directed your reader to your product and then you had a downloadable PDF that also was on the topic of your product, and then you also did a free 7 day challenge and that linked to the same product at the end.

Do you link them all together?

My answer to that would be NO. Don’t do that. Keep them separate. Because what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna confuse the shit out of your reader.

Think about it from a readers perspective or how you digest content yourself. For me when I go to a blog and read a post on a topic that i’m really keen to learn about and it’s awesome, I immediately want to search the blog for more content on that particular topic.

What I wind up doing instead of reading just one post and signing up for a free email course, I wind up reading several posts and wind up signing up for ALL the freebies that are related to that topic. So I’ve actually gone and signed up to like 7 sales funnels that are all linking to one product.

So what happens then if that person has linked up all those freebies to be sent to me through each funnel. It means I’m gonna be tripling up on the same content and it’s just gonna frustrate me cause I’m getting the same content from this person over and over when I just wanted a specific download from that post.

So how you do this is you keep them separate. Your free email course will be one funnel, your downloadable PDF will be another funnel and your free challenge  (or whatever you have) will be another funnel.

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How do you structure your funnels if you have multiple ones?

It depends on what you’re giving away as a freebie. We all know a free email course is way more valuable than a singular PDF download. And a free email course is lengthy in time and exposure you have with your audience. So you don’t really need to do anything more to that funnel. That’s already set up, it’s perfect, it sends your potential customer straight to your product pitch at the end and it’s warmed them up over the span of time that your course is.

But if you have a PDF download, just one thing that you send immediately when someone’s signed up. Pitching your product straight after that isn’t enough of a warming up process to get your reader to buy from you. You could get away with it if it was a really cheap product, like under $50 dollars. But anything more than that your audience needs to be warmed up a bit more.

And what I mean by warming up is that they need a bit more guidance and exposure from you and they need to get to know you a bit better. And all you need to do to do that is send a couple of extra emails after that PDF download.

So I would recommend to space it out over a couple of days, like maybe over a week or over 5 days. Send 2 – 3 extra emails and these could be anything of like extra valuable content or it could be educational or you could just take bits from content you’ve already written and repurpose it to relate specifically to that lead magnet. And that way you’re warming your audience up easily for them to be positioned to be pitched your product.

I know for me if I was sent a lead magnet and then immediately pitched the product straight after it I’d be like, “No thanks!”. But if the person took the time to send me a couple of emails over the next few days to warm me up to the possibility of purchasing their product, I would probably be more inclined to buy it.

If you don’t have a funnel set up yet or you have but you’ve got multiple lead magnets relating to the same product without a funnel, go and write a couple of emails now for each of those lead magnets! It doesn’t take that long to do and you’ve suddenly got new funnels!

How do you manage your sales funnels? Are they a little bit messy or perfectly systemized?


Elise xo

  • Awesome post Elise! I ended up watching the Youtube video.

    This is exactly what I was thinking about doing so the timing was perfect.