Hey friends! Okay, I don’t want you to panic but this is going to be my last income report for a while. I KNOW, I KNOW, you guys love them but I just want to take a break and focus on more in-depth content rather than touching on the topics lightly in these posts. And if I’m being totally honest I’m finding I’m losing inspiration with the income reports. I feel like I have a lot more to offer than how much I earn.

So it’s not goodbye, it’s just a see ya later! Haha.


I started House of Brazen in January 2016 while still working a day job and by March I was already making my first few sales. I was growing more and more unhappy in my job each day and in june I finally quit my job to work on my business full-time.

I should mention that I did this without having any other financial back-up other than my savings and I wasn’t making a liveable amount from my blog yet. Luckily, taking that risk was the best choice I made because I was able to grow my business fast enough that I now make a full-time living from it.

My favourite thing about running my own business is the freedom you get to do what you want with your time, so I share these income reports because I want to help you grow your business and achieve the same freedom in your life so you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love.

Alright, let’s do this!


Total Revenue: $5221.07

This post contains affiliate links.


Total Expenses: $283.35

NET PROFIT: $4937.72

I DID IT!!!!! I FINALLY HIT MY $5K GOAL!!!!!!!!!! I’m so so sooooooooooo stoked to achieve something I set my mind on not all that long ago. Seriously it is amazing guys!! So how was I able to do it? Let’s get into what I did this month to boost my income!

i increased my prices!!

Okay funniest story, my Dad called me waaaaay back in October last year and he was like, “I was talking to a buddy of mine who sells software. He’s making good money from it but he knew he could make more so he doubled the price and his sales shot up like a rocket… So you need to raise your prices.” and immediately I was like, “UMMMMMMMMM WHAT?!?!?!?! Nooooooo I can’t do that!! I have to do X, Y, Z first!!” and he said, “No you don’t. Just increase the price!”

So as you can see it took me several months just to find the courage to do that and when I finally did I increased my ebook from $19 to $25 and my Flawless Funnels course from $97 to $397 and man did it make me feel INCREDIBLY uncomfortable. Like I literally had to wrestle myself to the ground to stop myself from changing the prices back. It went a little like this.. 😂😂😂

ALL my money blocks came out in full force and I had to take a couple of weeks to climatize, clear those fears and blocks and and get used to this new level. And now that I’m settled with it, I’m literally able to make more money with less effort.

So it just goes to show, you don’t need to constantly be creating and launching new products. You can literally just increase the price on what you already have. You’ve always got to be willing to try stuff out and see what works. What’s the worst that could happen? Your sales go down? Okay then they go down. So that didn’t work that time. But what if you increase them and the sales continue? You can’t figure that out if you don’t try it! So go for it my friend!

I re-launched flawless funnels

The price increase for Flawless Funnels came with a re-launch. I wanted to add a shit ton more content to the course and structure it in a way that someone could literally go from starting without a funnel to finishing with a profitable one. So I broke it down into 7 days and each day focuses on finishing a step in creating their funnel until they inevitably have one up and running.

I didn’t promote the relaunch anywhere else other than to my list and as you can see I made the highest amount of sales I’ve ever made from emails before. So that was another boost!

Do you have a product that’s in need of a revamp? No doubt you will have something you can add to it. Go on and do it and then increase the price for your efforts! It doesn’t have to be as astronomical as what I did, even a couple of dollars will make a difference!

i quit a lot of fb groups!

Several FB groups I was part of were getting INSANELY negative. Like borderline abusive towards others in some cases. And I had enough. I did find them valuable groups to be in at some point but it was getting so ridiculous it just wasn’t worth hanging round in the end. Interestingly enough it was mostly in groups that tried to cater to all types of entrepreneurs.

With my own group, Brazen Business Owners, I’ve noticed some people are joining and literally posting their spammy shit seconds after they’ve been let in. And seconds later I delete their posts and kick them out. You get one chance and that’s it, and that’s how I think the owners of those negative groups should be looking at it before things get out of control! Ah well, c’est la vie right?




Okay so as I mentioned earlier I’m taking a break for a while from doing these income reports so I can bring you more awesome video content that helps you progress your business even better. I can’t wait!!

HAVE YOU INCREASED YOUR PRICES YET? hOW DID IT GO? what about relaunching? let me know below!

Elise xo


  • Rebekah Hutchins

    Woot!! Congrats on hitting your $5K goal, Elise! 🙂 Super excited to see the upcoming video content you’re working on. <3

  • Awesome Elise! Congrafulations 🙂 For now my goal is $1k but it’s take time and work to do that. My recently result is $142,50 from my etsy shop products 😉 But I prepare my first digital product which isn’t “branding stuff” – my digital planner which will be in shop in few next days 🙂 Also I’m working on my first ebook and ecourse and building email list. I follow your tips Elise and for branding products in my shop (on my website) I’ve create affiliate program.

  • Yasss Elise! Couldn’t be more happy for your accomplishments!!
    You’re going to rock it this year!

  • Congrats on hitting your big goal, Elise! It’s been inspirational reading your income reports but I totally understand if you don’t plan to post them anymore. Maybe you can update us every once in awhile in the future when you hit other big goals? It’s exciting to follow your progress! 🙂

    • Hey Michelle! Aw thank you for your wonderful words! Yes I totally will update every now and then when it feels right! <3

  • That’s gotta be an awesome feeling to hit that goal! That’s my ”big goal’ too – I cannot wait until I hit it. Last month I made over $800 (mostly from freelance writing), but that felt amazing for having a fairly new blog.
    I love your content, and your blog design 😉

    • Alee, you WILL hit that goal, and soon! I believe in you!! <3

  • Terri Medina

    That is awesome and so inspiring!

  • That is so awesome that you hit your $5k goal! And good for your dad for encouraging you to raise your prices. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

    • Thanks lovely!! Yeah Dad’s are pretty awesome when they’re like that. Haha!

  • Jessica Devlin

    I’ve actually been thinking about pricing my product at $150.

    When I bought your funnel course I noticed that it was $390 or so and that allowed you to offer a huge discount and still make money.

    Now I’m trying to decide if I’m Brazen enough to sell my very first product for $250 or $187 or $150

    I’m thinking about selling it for $187

    But early birding it for $100

    Decisions decisions