Today I’m talking to you all about SendOwl and how I leverage this platform to bring in four different streams of income.

When I created my first ebook I wanted to find a platform that I could use that automated the delivery process. I was already using SendOwl to join other affiliate programs and found it really easy to use so I decided to sign up to a paid plan.

Using SendOwl actually came about from the creation of my first ebook. I was trying to figure out which platform to use. I checked out a few like GumRoad and DPD and at the time I was using SendOwl to join other affiliate programs and I thought well it looks like a good platform. It’s really easy to use on the affiliate side so I thought I’d give it a shot on the delivery side.

Plus a lot of entrepreneurs and bloggers I admire were using SendOwl themselves to deliver their own products. So I thought I’d try it out and see how it goes.

So I tried it out and I absolutely fell in love with this platform. Seriously, I just love it because it’s so easy to use. And while I was using it I discovered I could leverage it to make more money. So let’s get into what those four ways were.

This post contains affiliate links.


I obviously use SendOwl to deliver my digital products, or in this case my ebook called How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours. Now this is a product that sells for me every single day like hot cakes. So when I signed up it was really important that I had a platform that made the sales process  extremely easy for me and the customer.

And honestly SendOwl did not disappoint with this because it’s SO EASY to set up. All you do is go into the ‘Product’ section, upload your product, add a price, click save, grab your button code, put it up on your website and then people can buy. It’s THAT easy!

And then once someone makes a purchase SendOwl automatically sends a receipt email and email with the download link to your customer.

So currently for me to be able to do this, I’m on the $15/month plan. And on average just from my ebook alone I’m making about $1000 dollars every single month. So paying $15 bucks to make a thousand bucks every month isn’t too much of an expense to have, right? That’s why I love this platform.

2. I RUN my OWN Affiliate Program THROUGH SENDOWL

So the ebook I was just talking about I actually have an affiliate program for and if you don’t know what an affiliate program is it’s basically where you sign up to promote someone else’s product and you get given your own special referral link for it and if someone buys the product through the link, you get a commission for that sale.

And I’m not gonna lie, this is probably one of my favourite things about this platform. It’s because there’s so many people who benefit from one transaction. If you think about it, you have the customer who gets a product that gives them results, you have a referrer who gets a commission for referring the customer, SendOwl makes money every month just from delivering your product, PayPal gets a small cut of the sale and of course I make a sale. That’s 5 people or companies that benefit from one transaction. I love it!

And it’s SO EASY to set up on the back end. At the end of the month (when you pay your affiliates) SendOwl automatically sends you a CSV file letting you know the payments you have to make to your affiliates. All you do then is download it to your computer, upload it on PayPal in the Mass Payments section and you can pay your affiliates within seconds! Easy!

And it was actually once I started enabling affiliates that my ebook sales skyrocketed. I was averaging around $500-$600 hundred in sales on my own without my affiliate program but since I’ve been running my affiliate program, my sales are now around $1000 dollars. So.. affiliates work guys!

3. I’m An Affiliate To Other Programs

So I might have someone I really admire, I follow or product I’ve used and totally love. And if they have an affiliate program on SendOwl I can sign up easily with one click of a button, and then I’m given my own unique links to promote on my blog and social media etc.

And what happens is once you actually make a sale you get sent an email saying “Yeah you’ve made a sale!” and then in the dashboard of your affiliate section it tells you what you’ve earned. So it’s awesome keeping track of what you’ve earned.

And then at the end of the month SendOwl sends you an email letting you know how much you’ve earned that month through your affiliate programs and you’ll be paid out in the next 24 hours.


SendOwl has their own referral scheme and they give you your own unique referral link and you can promote it on your blog and on social media and if someone joins up through your link and then winds up joining a paid plan then you get recurring commissions every single month for as long as they’re signed up to that plan. Isn’t that great!?

And again SendOwl makes it SO easy! When you go into your referral section, it gives you a little graph on how much you’ve earned and on what days!

And to be honest I haven’t even tapped into the full spectrum of what SendOwl can do, like one click upsells, on-site checkouts, memberships, subscriptions and drip campaigns. I’ll definitely be testing these out in the future and of course will let you know how it goes!

But the thing I love most about SendOwl is that it’s so easy to use. Seriously! I know there are other bigger far more elaborate tools out there but for me, as long as I am a one woman show, SendOwl’s simplicity is perfect for me.

Elise xo

P.S – Did I mention it was EASY!?!?!? 😂

  • I love using SendOwl like an affiliate! Thinking of using it as a platform when I launch my first ebook as well, but I was planning to check out the other ones as well. But thanks for sharing this! x

    • Hey Ana, Yes SendOwl is faaaaaaaantastic for this! Definitely give it a go! You get a free trial too! 🙂

  • I learned about SendOwl from you after becoming an affiliate for your eBook and I’m so glad you have explained how much more awesome it is! I’m using it for my own eBook now and it’s been just as easy as you describe. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Aw Heather, I’m glad you discovered more about it through me and are using it for your ebook too! Honestly it is so affordable and yes.. SO EASY to use! I love it. 😀

  • Chelsea Hodges

    This is great to know, honestly, this is the first I’m hearing of SendOwl but it sounds very handy. I’m also hearing alot of great reviews about your ebook! So I will definitely be investing into it and hopefully affiliating for it! x

    • Aw thanks Chelsea! Yep, it’s a pretty awesome platform. Go and take a free trial if you like! And can’t wait to have you on board!xo