Hello and welcome back to another income report! I’ve gotta be honest and say straight off the bat that this month was pretty uneventful on the business side. Everything is trucking along steadily, and that’s pretty boring. Haha. But nevertheless, let’s get to it!


I started House of Brazen in January 2016 while still working a day job and by March I was already making my first few sales. I was growing more and more unhappy in my job each day and in june I finally quit my job to work on my business full-time.

I should mention that I did this without having any other financial back-up other than my savings and I wasn’t making a liveable amount from my blog yet. Luckily, taking that risk was the best choice I made because I was able to grow my business fast enough that I now make a full-time living from it.

My favourite thing about running my own business is the freedom you get to do what you want with your time, so I share these income reports because I want to help you grow your business and achieve the same freedom in your life so you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love.

Alright, let’s do this!


Total Revenue: $3990.22

This post contains affiliate links.


Total Expenses: $307

NET PROFIT: $3683.22

Man, I was just $10 bucks off $4k! I should have just bought an ebook myself! 😂 I’m still not at my $5k goal yet which is okay, keeps me hungry. Course sales were pretty steady this month. I’m actually surprised about my Affiliate Affluence course because I have no funnel set up for it and it’s still selling on it’s own. I won’t be leaving that up to chance for much longer, I’ll be implementing a funnel for it soon.

Affiliate earnings are way up and it’s all due to recurring affiliate revenue. Meaning someone has purchased something through my link that either has a payment plan or a monthly membership and therefore I get recurring income from it every month. I definitely love this style of affiliate income!

I’ve also gotta say, I’m pretty damn stoked about my ebook How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours hitting the $1k mark! That’s aloooooota ebook sales right there! But I honestly can’t take all the credit for it, it’s my amazing affiliates who are making a great portion of it happen!

Now that’s covered, let’s talk about what went down in February! What I discovered, what frustrated me and what needs to be worked on.


I took a week off to head to the beach with my Mum. The place we were staying at didn’t have wifi or anything like that so the tech break was really nice. I scheduled my posts and emails to go out before we left so that everything still ran smoothly while I was gone. Let’s just say I could get used to this life! 😉

There’s something about being at the beach that helps you see things from a different perspective because I was also able to take the time to really go deep with the direction my business is heading in. I have a far bigger goal and purpose than what I’m doing now, it’s not ready to be revealed yet but it’s helped me course correct a lot of things that I’ve been doing that no longer serve my purpose. I promise I will talk about this later down the track, it’s still in it’s baby stage right now!


After I got a ton of questions come in from my annual survey I realized I wasn’t going to be able to answer all of these questions once a week in a blog post! So I knew I had to amp up the content, but in a way that wasn’t overwhelming for regular blog readers. I decided to start doing regular Facebook Live videos in my group Brazen Business Owners.

The first video I did I was so nervous I actually thought I was going to be sick! It took me a good few minutes to get the courage to hit the ‘Go Live’ button. But after that it was a breeze and now I even do them in my activewear! 😂 I try to do at least one per week so if you have any questions you’d like answered, pop them below and I’ll get to them in the group!

convertkit suspended my account!!!

So THAT happened! It all came down to the fact I was sending my emails from a ‘@live’ account. Weird right? Apparently it sets off ConvertKit’s spam filters and it automatically suspends your account. Also if you use numbers in your email subject line it triggers them too. So you can imagine I was fuming when this kept happening. To fix it I got myself a fancy @houseofbrazen email address and so far I haven’t had any problems whatsoever.  I’m still sussed about this but since it’s been working just fine for the last few weeks, I’ll let it slide.




Alrighty folks, that’s it from me today! I hope you gathered a ton of new ideas from this income report! Be sure to share them with me below!


Elise xo

  • That’s awesome Elise! Can’t believe how well the ebook is doing!
    Fuels my desire to write an ebook even more!

    Congratz and I can’t wait to see you hit that 5k mark!

    • Yes my dear! I’ve also wow’d myself in that aspect. Definitely don’t underestimate the power of the ebook! xo

  • I can’t believe how your result it can be so amazing! Congratz 😀