Hey friends! Today’s episode is a sort-of response to a question I saw in a Facebook Group a few weeks back.

There was a person who was asking the group whether it was viable to start a blog today. Whether they should even bother when the market is already saturated.

I’m not gonna lie, this question annoyed me. Actually, the attitude behind the question is what annoyed me. So I wanted to take a moment to share more thoughts in this video!

I believe there are two definitive types of people who get into blogging and want to start their online businesses.

The first group are the people who genuinely want to make it happen. They are the go-getters. They are reading about all the strategies, learning, up-skilling and acquiring all the tools they need. And every now and then they need reassurance, definitely, who doesn’t?

But then there’s this second group who want everything for nothing. They wanna be told over and over that it’s possible, they wanna be guaranteed that they’re gonna make a shitload of money with a months worth of effort. And they’re not really willing to put in all the work that’s needed once they find out how hard it can be.

The person who asked the question was clearly in the second group, and so I had to respond!

1. There’s no secret strategy

This guy wanted to know the secret strategy to making $5000 dollars a month. And I said to him, “Look dude, there’s no secret strategy. You have to work at it. You have to test stuff out find out what works, stick with it if it does, if it doesn’t drop it and find your groove. There isn’t some magic thing that’s gonna propel you to make this money, you’ve just gotta do the work. And it’s hard work!”

2. You gotta do the work!

You can create courses, digital products, you could create an ebook, you could do services like design or coaching. You could have physical products, you could import physical products. You could sell affiliate products. There’s just so many avenues you can go down. But if you’re not willing to do the work, you ain’t gonna make the money! But if you ARE willing to do the work, even in a saturated market, I believe that you CAN make the lifestyle of your dreams out of this. I think you can create the income you really want from this. You just gotta to the work!

3. We got your back!

But thank goodness there are other entrepreneurs like myself and my friends McKinzie, Meera, Ana and Jennifer who are here to help you. So why don’t we do that. Why don’t we focus on growth and progress and let’s get us to making our dreams come true that way.

Did you think business would be easier or more difficult? Be honest and let us know!

Elise xo

P.S – Please excuse the overexposed lighting in the video. It was afternoon and I was feeling in the moment!

  • Love this episode!!
    I have to admit that I have that fear from time to time. And it’s more like a fear of never being able to catch up to those who started before of you.
    But as someone really wise said, the world needs that special something only you have to offer!!
    And there is always room for people with integrity, awesome personalities and passion (much like yourself).

    P.s. Had a little fangirl moment seeing my name in the post!!! Ahh. xxx

    • Yeah we ALL have that fear! Even those that are already wildly successful! But yes you are right, there is allllllways room!

  • Nicole

    There are so many ppl out there claiming there are quick fixes, that you can make 50000 in two weeks using X strategy it can be so overwhelming! Your perspective is such a breath of fresh air. Thanks!

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

    • Hey Nicole, omg yes! Man if I knew how to make $50k in two weeks I think I’d struggle to believe it myself! xxoo

  • Stassi

    In my opinion there is no “get rich quick” it takes time and really pushing to attain any goal. I am afraid of failure so any new venture I persue, there is always some panick and self doubt. Thank you for your truthful answer. I like that you aren’t trying to give anyone false information in order to self promote. I can’t wait to continue to attain the knowledge you are so graciously providing. I plan on doing whatever it takes to succed. It is going to take time, and I am alright with that.

    • You are soooo right on that one Stassi. And you are so welcome! I’m soooo soo happy you plan on staying the go-getter! If you never quit, it is inevitable you’ll get there! However long it has to take!xox

  • Elise, love this post and you ladies! Sheer hard work and no loop holes or short cuts – thanks for putting this out there. This needs to be heard and said more often. Thanks for the shoutout! 😉

  • Kim Young

    Thanks so much for this post! It was definitely something I needed to hear today. As a new health and wellness blogger I am still working on my confidence as a writer, not to mention ALL of the “techie” pieces to this online puzzle. My word for 2017 is “Progress” and that is what I try to focus on every single day.

    • Hey Kim! Awww welcome to this crazy and wonderful world of blogging! You are definitely starting off on the right foot. Progress is the perfect word for 2017 for all of us actually! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! xoxo

  • Thanks for the post! I think one of the bigger problems with new bloggers is that they have the mindset that their blog *is* their business. They don’t look at their blog as an asset to their business and that they need to offer something extra. Unless you’re only ever doing sponsored posts (which I’m pretty sure most of us wouldn’t suggest) you really don’t make money off the actual words you’re writing in your posts. So many people don’t realize it. But you’re definitely right – we all need to help each other out. That’s what’s so amazing about the blogging and entrepreneur community (:

  • Well this touched a nerve for me in a good way Elise. I had a similar situation a while back where someone reached out to me asking for a step by step roadmap to being successful online. Truth is..there is NO step by step magic formula for success. As you stated, you have to put in the WERK. Simple as that.

    Thank you so much for writing this post…as every aspiring blogger and online biz owner should keep this in mind. Cheers ladybug

    • Haha I’m glad in a good way Kim!! Couldn’t agree with you more!!xo

  • Jennifer Snyder

    I love this and you nailed it! It isn’t easy! Is it fun? Sure it absolutely is. But it’s hard work too. It’s getting up before the sun, before your kids, and your husband and working your tail off. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it! Is it possible to succeed? Sure, but you gotta work at it!

    Thanks for the shoutout friend! 🙂

  • Georgia Watson

    I wasn’t expecting easy, I like a challenge. I went in to the affiliate marketing just blind. I work hard at promoting but without email marketing. I have sold on ebay, had a shopify site, WordPress and have only spent money, no sales, nothing. One nightmare after another for 5 months. Credit cards maxed out, jobless, my family doesn’t support it at all. I am not looking for sympathy at all, but if someone successful could look at what I’ve got and where do I go from here. one mistake too is I need a sign-up page, more information? I understand affiliate links in text. I would love a comment on this idea, I have primarilarly been a waitress/server since I was 15, I am 55. There is more to it than people think. I haven’t ever seen infographics on being an awesome server, nothing really, is there a need? Thanks.

    • Hey Georgia! It sounds like you need to create more of a connection with your customers. Even if you don’t have them yet, you want to project like you already do because eventually you will. I’d definitely recommend to start an email list like today. Use Mailchimp cause it’s free for your first 2000 subscribers and start promoting it everywhere. For affiliate marketing, I’d recommend to start promoting products you actually use and believe in. Go for less and for quality first, you’ve got to build that connection still. Read my post on affiliate marketing and if you want a proven strategy, check out my ebook http://www.houseofbrazen.com/affiliate-ebook I don’t know about the ‘awesome server’ idea, that’s something you’re going to have to figure out yourself and test. But I 100% believe you can do this! Just don’t give up my friend!!! <3

      • Georgia Watson

        Hey Elise! Working on Mailchimp right now. I wanted to thank you for the expiring cookie information, I have never seen that information given about affiliate marketing. I have always felt something was being left out that was very important but was taken for granted by the “coach” everyone knew. Thank you so much for your help!

  • I absolutely agree with this!! Tons of markets are oversaturated right now, but what makes a difference is a combination of your talent and hard work. If you have a natural talent for writing and social media, combined with months and months of HARD work, you can do it.

    You’re absolutely right – people who want to make a quick buck should NOT start blogging.
    Maybe they should find a brand new avenue with no competition and try to make it there. There are so many examples of people and companies starting in saturated markets. You just need to be smarter about ti and realize that the numbers and the page views won’t come as easily as they did if you started blogging 6 years ago.

  • Kristen

    Thank you for this! As a new blogger, and by new I mean “crap, how do you even post on this thing” kind of new, it’s easy to be discouraged. I didn’t realize just how many things you could do with a blog. You didn’t try to say it would be easy which I greatly appreciate. It’s going to be work but so far it’s fun work even through the newbie frustrations!