Hey friends! Today I’m sharing with you my number one piece of advice for newbie entrepreneurs.

I really had to take some time to think about this because I was like, “What would I actually tell them? What’s the thing that I found the most valuable out of ALL the things I found valuable when starting my business.”

You might be surprised with my advice. It might seem a little “advanced” for a newbie. But I don’t believe that one bit. And that is to start a sales funnel FIRST.

YEP! Bypass all the minimal strategies to begin a business, and even all the inspirational advice and get straight to the meat of creating a sales funnel. Here’s why..

#1: It gets you into the habit of focusing on money-making tasks firsts

If you’re wanting to build a business, an online business to replace your job or make a living from or make your purpose, you need to focus on the money-making tasks first because once you get in that mindset, you look at it like it’s a business, not like it’s a passion project. It can be a passion project, but if you want it as a business, you’ve got to think of it like a business. You do have to spend a lot of time thinking of the sales side of things.

#2: It teaches you to provide insane value to your audience from day one

The value you offer is going to set you apart from someone else who is only in it to make a quick buck, like a [unclear 1:44] or whatever and is just writing rubbish just to get a sale. If you learn to provide an amazing amount of value from day one, people are going to keep coming back to you because they’re going to trust you and what you do.

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#3: It helps you get used to selling something

So when we are starting our businesses, most of us aren’t actually used to selling something that we have created, and that brings on so much other crap that you’re going to have to deal with at some point, but it gets you in the habit of selling something straight away, so instead of waiting to get to that point down the track, you’re already there on day one, so you’re already dealing with that stuff that’s coming off you on day one.

#4: It helps you to meet deadlines like product creation

When people create a funnel, they don’t have a product yet. Usually they’re creating them to find out if their product idea is viable, whether people will buy it and so on and so forth. So when you say, “This is what I’m selling. It launches on this day.” and someone buys it, it teaches you very quickly to stay on your deadlines.

And so what you find is that the whole process that you have gone through to create a sales funnel has actually taught you key elements of business.

From setting up the funnel to getting people into your funnel, to the software and programs used, and the processes that you put into place creating your funnel, to the sales part of your funnel. It is like an entire business course compacted into one strategy.

And so that’s what I would recommend to newbie entrepreneurs to focus on first. Get a sales funnel down before you have a blog post, before you’re even worrying about traffic-driving strategies. Get a sales funnel set up, so you already have the base knowledge that you need to run a successful business.

And if you want to learn more about sales funnels, I have an awesome course called Flawless Funnels which teaches you how to create profitable sales funnels within 7 days.

Have set up your own funnel or if you are a newbie yourself? share your questions below!

Elise xo

Enter your email address to download my sales funnel blueprint for making consistent sales on total autopilot!
  • Awesome Elise 🙂 I’ve sent you message about access to Flawless Funnel because I can’t login :/

  • Loved this post, Elise! <3

  • hey girl! is your email sign up form ConvertKit by chance? It looks SO good and I’m having the hardest time figuring out the coding of those forms! If it is would love to see a post on how the heck to do it!

    • Hey Kate, it is with ConvertKit but it’s also integrated with ConvertPlug! Hmmm I’m wondering if maybe I should do a tutorial on this?

      • Oh thank you, yes I’d love some info! I hate the look of the ConvertKit forms on their own, but find the coding a little more than I can handle (or want to do)… Would love to learn more about it!

  • Dia

    I would never have thought to start with a funnel but it makes sense, it really starts you off in a good way. It also gets you in the habit of writing good emails. I am loving your videos!

    • Aw thank you Dia! Yep funnels are sooo good at getting you thinking about business as a system rather than individual parts that make up one heck of a puzzle!xo

  • Georgia Watson

    Loving it Elise! I shouldn’t be but I am thinking I didn’t get any information like this at all 3+ years ago and I think I was a scammer magnet. But there was a lot of crap on the internet then. I like the way the course is going, a teaching and homework and it’s free! I am heading over to Canva, work on a Sales Funnel blueprint, have the affiliate products in mind. See you in the next email! Thanks!

  • Hey, this is awesome! I have always felt like I should be starting with a sales funnel, because let’s face it, its a business. But then I felt bad, like I had to do certain stuff first to get ‘expert’ status. Truth is, I have sold my work all my career selling in my advertising concepts to big brands and actually I love selling. If you find your tribe, it doesn’t feel like selling because your audience wants what you have.