In a previous post, you might have seen me talk about an income plateau that I had, and how tracking my money every day helped me break through that. Well, this post is elaborating more on exactly how I tracked my money, so I have always followed the notion of “What gets measured, gets improved,” and I’ve been able to prove it to myself through this money tracking method that I’ve used over the last couple of months.

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Get Yourself A Little Notebook

I have a little notebook. It cost me 50 Cents from Kmart and in it I write all the sales I make, all the money I find, any money that gets given to me, any kind of abundance that comes to me, and all the ways that it does.

What I do is that I measure it. All I’ve got on the pages is the date, and then I just list the money that’s come in for the day. So I’ve got a $7 dollar ebook sale, $19 dollar ebook sale, I’ve got course sale, and then on another page, I found a dollar on the street, so I put that in there as well. And my mom, she gave me some money, so I put that in there too. I got a Teachable payment, I put that in there as well, I made an affiliate sale, that goes in there as well.

And it doesn’t have to be just through your business, it could be through finding the money on the ground, someone could give it to you, or it could be the income from your job.

Track it all!!

And the point of that is that you will, over time, see that the abundance is increasing, the money is increasing, the things that are coming to you financially are increasing. And that’s because you’re focusing on it. You’re focusing on the way in which it comes to you, and you’re focusing on the abundance, and it makes you feel grateful.

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Set Up Your Phone To Receive Sales Notifications

One thing that I really love is I’ve set up my phone so that when I do make a sale, I get a PayPal notification that tells me that I’ve made a sale. And every time that it pops up on my phone, I leap for joy. I’m like, “Yay! I made a sale! I made a sale! Wooh!” And it just makes me feel really good, and getting yourself into the habit of feeling good about money when it comes into your life, it increases it coming into your life even more.

And this is proven over and over again through centuries of pioneers, thought leaders, new age thinkers throughout the history of time who are saying very similar things about money. If you track it, if you focus on it, if you think of abundance, it manifests into your life.

So this can’t be a coincidence! You know it cant! And why that happens, why money starts to come into your life when you start focusing on it is because your awareness of it is so much more focused on it, you’re thinking about money in a different way, you’re thinking about the ways that it comes to you, how you can make more. Your mindset is shifting towards thinking about money positively, and then what that does is it changes your behaviour.

You don’t really notice it, but it changes your behaviour towards money, how you think, how you act, how you feel about money, and therefore, money is now attracted to you. It now comes into your life because you look at money in a different way. That’s pretty cool from just like a really simple tip to track it in a notebook, right? I mean, why wouldn’t you want to do something that simple that can make such an astronomical change on your life, on your income, on what you can create for yourself?

So that’s my tip for you today! Go out, get a notebook, a 50 Cent notebook from Kmart or use the thousands of notebooks that I’m sure you have hidden in a cupboard somewhere, and start tracking your money, your income, everything that’s coming into your life, TODAY. Start today, don’t wait, and then come back to me in like a week or two and let me know about the abundance that’s weirdly coming into your life, that’s seems like a coincidence, but we know it’s really not.


  • I’m a big believer in tracking my income too. I use a spreadsheet to keep track of everything. The moment a sale comes in, I record it. If I find money, I record that as well. I learned this technique from Denise Duffiled-Thomas. It’s nice to find someone else who does the same thing!

    • Hey Tiffany! Awesome to hear you track every day too! I learnt this from Denise as well and it’s totally changed my whole relationship with money. So crazy that this seemingly small amount of action can make such a huge difference! xo

  • Heather Peterson

    I have never really thought about how you need to think about money coming IN.. we are almost always taught to calculate the money going out. I love this idea! I have a few of those stashed note books. Guess it’s time to put them to good use!

  • Jasmine Hull

    I recently started doing this as well! I’ll admit, I need to start remembering to write it down. I carry a field notes pocket notebook and sometimes I track it on a Google Drive sheet too. I know I need to just be consistent! Did you get this idea from the Get Rich, Lucky Bitch book?!

    Also, loved your video. Your energy is great! <3

    • I did get the idea from Denise! I’ve followed her for years and knew that she did this but only recently started doing it. Now I’m kicking myself I didn’t start sooner! Haha.

  • I track everything in a spreadsheet, and you’re absolutely right. It makes earning money feel more like a game, and my attitude toward it is more positive. Also, I sell my books through my Weebly shop, and whenever I make a sale, my phone makes a cha-ching sound! So encouraging. 🙂

    • Hey Victoria, that’s so awesome to hear! It’s so much more fun this way. I mean I remember when I used to work in a job and I’d get paid and never be this elated about it! Hahaha.