Welp, that was 2016! What a year! So many incredible things happened this year that make me so excited for what’s coming in the next 365 days. You bet we’re going to kick ass and make our dreams come true!

So to really give 2016 the final send off it deserves, here are the 9 best blog posts that came from House of Brazen this year!

How to Start Using Affiliate Links on Pinterest

I’m quite surprised that THIS specific post was my number one most viewed post this year! I definitely didn’t think that would happen when I published it but it’s definitely a happy accident. It just goes to show that people are still extremely curious about Pinterest and how the is still under-utilised for online businesses. If you haven’t started using Pinterest yet, I HIGHLY suggest you get on that buzz this year. You’ve still got time!

How I Got 700+ People Into My Sales Funnel

Now this is a post that I did expect to do well this year solely because of the title. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know how to get 700+ people into their sales funnel? It’s gold baby! Also it’s incredibly specific which is a huge thumbs up in this industry. It’s a sea of sameness out there and I’ve realized the way to stand out more is to be far more specific and document your own experience. So that’s what I did in this post!

How to Manifest Money Into Your Business

I wrote this post on manifesting money into your business over a year and a half ago. Yes before House of Brazen was born! This post has consistently been on my most popular posts each month and I put that down to it’s age as well as the SEO goodness it has. It’s a great post with principles I still follow today.

The Top 9 Blog Posts in 2016

The Instagram Method I Used To Gain Over 2000 Followers

This post on how to get over 2000 instagram followers was a guest post by the lovely Haley Burkhead and it made it to the top 9 list! In it Haley explains exactly what she did to get over 2000 new followers within 2 months and it’s helped countless people do the same also! No wonder it’s on the list!

5 Flat Lay & Desktop Stock Images for Bloggers

Stock images are hugely popular for bloggers so it’s no wonder this round up of 5 stock image resources made the top 9 list. There are soooooo many resources out there now and a lot of bloggers use them as opt-ins so you get the photos for free. I just love that about this industry, there’s always value being given out there!

4 Affiliate Networks I Used to Make Over $1486

This is one of my favourite posts I wrote outlining the first amount of affiliate sales I ever made from blogging. I’ve come a loooooooong long way since then (*cough* Affiliate Affluence *cough*) but it’s nice to remember how far I’ve come and also goes to show that no matter where you are we all start at the beginning and someone will still find that information valuable.

The Top 9 Blog Posts in 2016

5 Facebook Groups to Grow Your Blog + Business

This post on growing your blog with facebook groups has pretty much been popular since the day it was published. It’s a great little resource of my faaaavourite facebook groups I love and still use to this day. If you’re new to facebook groups or want to know which ones to join, check it out!

50 Ways to Grow Your Blog In The next 90 Days

This post on 50 ways to grow you blog is one of my oldest posts ever! I wrote it waaaaay back in 2014 but repurposed it in 2015 and again in 2016. I think it’s so important to go back and repurpose your content as well as optimise it with links, products or opt-ins you might have not added initially.

10 Ways to Clear Your Money Blocks Today

This post on clearing your money blocks surprisingly made the list too! Money blocks are a huge thing we face as entrepreneurs almost every single day so it makes sense that we work on them every single day. So that’s why I think this post is still so popular!

And that’s my top 9 best blog posts! What about you? Do you have your best 9? Share them below!

Elise xo