Ahhhhh!!!! 2017 is almost here and I’m not ready! Seriously. It’s New Years Eve today and my brain isn’t registering it. Is this what happens when you get older?!!?!

I’m sure by now you’ve been setting some very big plans and goals for yourself and your business for next year and want to hit the ground running as soon as you can.

For me, these plans have been in the works for what feels like forevvvvver, but I’m super excited to share them with you today! So let’s go!


Yes! My written posts will be replaced by video! What?!!! Believe it or not, I’ve been wanting to do this for over a year – maybe two actually – but as you may know I’ve been far too terrified to be on camera. (Ironic, considering I did train to be an actor for 10 years). But FINALLY, I’ve had enough of my excuses and I’m going for it. So get ready to see a lot more of me in 2017! Oh and if you love to read posts, fear not! All the videos will be transcribed into post format so you can continue your love affair with the written word! 😉

Click here to check out my first video!

Evergreen Funnels

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have this in here. I will be focusing on creating new funnels for new products and tweaking funnels for current products. Pretty straight forward. I’ll also be redoing my Flawless Funnels course and updating with a ton of new and simplified information I’ve learned over the past year. So if you’re a student, get excited! If not, come and join us!


Yes, this year I’m also going to dip my toes into outsourcing some of my work! I’ve already hired two people who will be helping me out with video editing and transcription. I’ve also been reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks again and am really trying to automate anything that’s not in my zone of genius, so I eventually want to hire a VA who can manage elements of my email, newsletter, social media and blog etc. If you have any suggestions please forward them through! 😉


One thing I want to focus on most of all is creating better interaction in my facebook group. It’s a great little group and has so much potential, but I haven’t been consistent enough with it this year. So in 2017 I want to turn the heat up and make it a fun place to hang, interact, learn and grow. I’m thinking about running regular facebook live trainings and chats, alternating features, life-stuff posts and group-only content.

Moving Away from Know-it-All to Peer

This is a fun but important “strategy” for me. In that it’s not really a strategy but more mindset shift. I read this post by Denise Duffield-Thomas where she says, “I’m a contributor, not a guru. As soon as I gave myself permission to contribute to the conversation of women and money, and not have to be a guru or expert, then my business became fun. 

If you really care about a topic, be a contributor. Who cares if you don’t know everything. You don’t have to be the best to make a difference to someone.” And it made me feel such relief about not having to know it all. I realized then and there that I wanted to show up exactly as I am and share everything with you like a peer rather than a “know-it-all.”

And that’s what I’m focusing on in 2017! What about you? Share your 2017 goals with me below!

Elise xo