Hey friend! Today’s post is a very special one in that it’s actually an interview I took with Elna Cain from Twins Mommy. Yay!

In this interview Elna talks about how she first got started in the industry with Freelance Writing, Twins Mommy and how she manages to do it all while raising her two twins as a stay-at-home-Mom. Let’s get into it!

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1. Hi Elna! My first question to you is about getting into business. Why did you decide to start your own?

Hi everyone! I started as a freelance writer two years ago when I finished my maternity leave (I get a year mat leave in Canada).

At first I tried doing an educational service for parents with special needs children. I found out though that the travel and time away from my twins just wasn’t working out. They were napping less and my husband – who also stays home and works – couldn’t afford to take time out of his schedule.

This made it clear that I had to stay home and find a way to contribute to our finances. My husband suggested virtual assisting or freelance writing.

Since I’m pretty creative, I looked into freelance writing and two years later, I’m still at it!

It’s just recently that I wanted to pursue the product business. I created a freelance writing course and will eventually create products for my new blog, Twins Mommy.

2. Stepping into the big world of blogging can be very overwhelming, what steps did you take in the beginning that really helped your business get going?

When I decided I wanted to be a freelance writer, I first had to research about where to find work and how to pitch to these clients.

I decided early on to try my hand at freelance marketing places like Guru (similar to Upwork). I didn’t have much success and decided that to really see any growth, I had to create a website and market my business.

Lucky for me, my husband is a website developer and he helped me with my professional site.

3. Why did you decide to branch out and start another blog?

About a year after I created my professional site, I created Elna Cain. I wanted to help new freelance writers become successful. This sparked the creation of my course and coaching service.

Just recently I started a completely new blog in a completely new niche, Twins Mommy. I wanted to blog more about being a work at home mom and the struggles we have trying to grow our blog and business while taking care of our little ones.

My twins are with me every day. I plan to put them in daycare next year for two days out of the week before they head off to school next fall.

So, Twins Mommy was born out of the need to help other moms and network with mommy bloggers and eventually collaborate with them.

House of Brazen // How to Be A Freelance Writer While Raising Twins

4. Will you still continue to Freelance Write while running Twins Mommy, or have you decided to take a step back from it?

That’s a great question.

I’m in the process of changing up my business model. Right now the majority of my income is service based (client work and coaching).

I want to focus more on product development and spend time growing Twins Mommy as well as Elna Cain. I’m also in the process of consolidating a lot of my websites, which means I’m moving my course to my Elna Cain site and my professional site to my Elna Cain site.

While I love freelance writing, it is time consuming and doesn’t leave me much time to grow my blogs.

I know that I can reach more people with Twins Mommy and it’s already evident with my fast email growth – 2,000 subscribers in six months – and high engagements and shares. This means I should focus on this a bit more and I will in the New Year.


5. What advice can you give to new bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to get into Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is awesome for bloggers. I suggest to add a Hire Me page on your site and let people know on social media that you’re also a freelance writer. You may catch the eye of an editor (it happened to me with my Twins Mommy site), otherwise you can pitch to job ads. ProBlogger is a great site for jobs. You can also reach out to small online businesses and ask if they need a writer.

As for rate, for new writers I would quote around $.10/word. With time you can earn $.20/word or more like I do.

6. Do you plan to produce digital products in the future?

Yes, I’m hoping to. My next product will be for Twins Mommy, but that won’t happen for a while. Right now, I’m happy with my growth and tribe!

House of Brazen // How to Be A Freelance Writer While Raising Twins

7. What advice do you have for fellow mompreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed by trying to do it all?

Good question. I’m actually horrible with time management! I have timers go off all day! Ha.. I have a timer to remind me to brush my twins’ teeth. Yes, my life is cray-cray.

For me, I need to batch my work. I don’t get anything done unless I can focus on one thing at a time. So I’ll spend two or three days on client work, then two or three days on my projects or an afternoon on blog images. For writing, I do need at least to block off an hour at a time. Right now my twins sleep for at least an hour during the day.

I also work when they go down for bed for another two or three hours.

I think the biggest tip besides a timer is to remove all distractions. As soon as my twins go down for their nap, I turn off my email and don’t go on Facebook. This keeps me focused.

But, there are days when I get nothing done. That’s okay and that’s why I love working from home. I set my own schedule.

8. You are always producing fresh and informative content every week on twins mommy. How do you stay on schedule?

Creating content for Twins Mommy is difficult for me. Ideally, I like to create two posts a week but for a while I just didn’t have the time.

So, for now, I create posts when I can and that’s typically once a week. I’m also a big fan of roundups!

For my to-do list, I typically use Trello for big projects, but for day-to-day I just jot down what needs to get done.

9. One of my favourite features of yours is your monthly traffic reports. What would you say are the 3 most important things to growing your traffic?

Yes! I enjoy writing my traffic reports too! My top three blog growth strategies include:

  • Use Pinterest by joining group boards and scheduling your pins with Tailwind or Boardbooster. Set your schedule for 50 pins a day to start off with. Pin mostly your content – since you’re new – and less other peoples content. Pinterest is my number one source for traffic.
  • Join more Facebook groups. Facebook has been my number once source for engagement (i.e. comments).
  • Create blog posts that help your audience. Instead of writing a blog post about your daughter being grateful, create a post about five unique ways you can teach your kids to be grateful. By creating informational type posts, you will effectively help others, which means more traffic, comments and shares.

10. And lastly, what business books or resources would you recommend to someone starting their own business?

Some of the best resources I’ve found are being in mastermind groups and Facebook groups. I belong to two mastermind groups to help me with my business as well as entrepreneurial Facebook groups where I can learn tips to help my business grow.



Alright my wonderful friend, I hope you enjoyed this interview. Be sure to leave your questions about freelance writing, Twins Mommy, raising twins or sharing the love in the comment section below for Elna to  respond to!

Elise xo

  • Karim Toulba

    Awesome interview.

    I’m as well a big fan of roundups and traffic/income reports. And yeah both work very well. I just got to know about her new blog, I liked it.

    Thanks Elise!
    Karim Toulba | http://www.Grow.cheap

    • Thanks Karim! Yeah Elna is pretty awesome 🙂

      • Karim Toulba

        I just sent you a message via your contact form. I’m not sure if you’ve received it?

    • Elna Cain


      Thanks so much. I’m excited to see how I’ll grow my freelance writing and Twins Mommy blog!

  • Elna Cain


    Thanks so much for the interview! I had a blast with the questions. Love reading your blog and income reports.

  • Stephanie Lowry

    What a great interview! Very informative and certainly gives me a great tameaway… Freelance writing! Something for some reason I have been nervous to try. Thank you! Truly inspiring.

    • Elna Cain

      Hey Stephanie! Thanks so much. Freelance writing is the BEST way a
      blogger can make money quickly. Well, I’m biased on that but it’s true!
      If you need help just contact me!