Hello friends! Welcome back to another income report! This is my second income report to date (you can read my first income report here) and I’m excited and nervous to lay it all out again for you.

September was been a crazy month, both physically and mentally. My list has grown to almost 1500 subscribers, my traffic is finally heading up again from 5000 to 6000 pageviews, and my Pinterest traffic has spiked since I started looping my pins through Boardbooster.

It’s been great, but not everything was on the up..

Why share my income reports?

I started House of Brazen in January 2016 and by my third month I was making money. In June I quit my job to work on my business full-time (yes, without any other financial back-up other than my savings). I quit my job before I was ready and before I was making a liveable income from my blog – scary right!? But I knew that I had to take a chance, and even though there was no guarantee that I would ever make another cent again, I knew it would be okay. And today? I’m make money while I sleep!

I share these income reports because I found them immensely valuable and helpful to the growth of my business, and now I want to pay it forward and show you that it’s possible for you to achieve the same too – if not better!

Okie dokie, let’s get into it shall we?


Total Revenue: $1153.73

This post contains affiliate links.


Total Expenses: $66

NET PROFIT: $1087.73

The biggest thing about September was that I launched my brand new course Affiliate Affluence which shows you exactly how I went from making $0 to $500 in affiliate income in less than 30 days. Because of that I spent less time on House of Brazen which resulted in a slight dip in income overall.

Affiliate income is still thriving just over the $500 dollar mark, my product income wasn’t too bad, I’m in the middle of changing how they’re promoted so I expected a dip, but the star of this month was my little $7 ebook making over $140 dollars!



It might come as a bit of a shock to you, but I didn’t actually spend a lot of time promoting Affiliate Affluence in September. WTH!?! I know, I know, that’s kind of the most important thing right? Yeah, it is. But I’m not actually worried about it. I’ll share a little more about it soon, but let’s just say that I’m more of a sales funnel kind of girl. 😂

So here’s what I did do to promote the course..

Sent 4x promotional emails: I sent an email a few days before the course launched to let my HOB Fam (email list) know that the price would be increasing on the 30th and used MotionMail for my countdown timer. I sent another email reminder the next day and then another reminder 12 hours before. And then lastly a Final Call email 1 hour before the course launched. I got a total of 4 sales from these emails.

Promoted in Facebook Groups: As I’ve said in previous posts, I get the most engagement from people who come to my website from Facebook. I promoted the course in the promo thread for each group and wound up getting 3 sales from them. Woo!

That’s literally it. I’d say that’s a solid win from only 2 forms of promotion within a week! 😂


I don’t want to launch again. Yep, I said it. I don’t want to launch a product EVER again! Why? Because the effort required to make the kind of money all of us dream to make from a launch hardly ever translates and in most cases, isn’t worth it. Seriously. It’s a big call to make I know – because how else are we supposed to make money from our products? – but hear me out.

This is how my launch affected me..

  • I was stressed to the MAX which translated into petty arguments with my man
  • I dreaded waking up each day knowing I had to work on my business. WTF!!!
  • I felt SO disheartened when I didn’t make a sale from an email or post, which NEVER bothered me before!
  • It made me question whether I was actually good enough to launch this course
  • I spent less time with my family than ever before, and worst of all, I had no patience for anyone
  • It made me feel like I was a prisoner in my own business
  • I felt completely burnt out and exhausted
  • And after the launch, I literally felt like I’d just been released from prison!

This is NOT what I wanted my business to be. Stress, self-doubt, impatience, exhaustion.. sounds like the worst job in the world! I believe we’re meant to live extraordinary lives and I created my business so I could lead a life filled with fun and adventure, but most of all, so I could spent QUALITY TIME with the people I loved. NOTHING about that launch and my business during that time was congruent with my message and the House of Brazen brand, and I don’t ever want to feel that way in my business again.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are people out their having mega success with their launches. And I know that once you have a team of people to help you with the process it makes it a whole lot easier and doable. But for now, while I’m a one woman show, launching is off the cards until I can run them in a way that doesn’t make me hate my business.



1. Focus more on creating automated sales funnel systems. When I first learned about sales funnels, I was hooked. I implemented one when I first started this website and now they’re my moneymakers. I make sales EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. while I sleep (literally while I sleep) because of these two automated systems I set up. I wouldn’t have been able to quit my job if it wasn’t for my sales funnels. And now that I’ve been in business almost 10 months – and especially after this launch – I know it’s best to stick to what you know, and for me it’s sales funnels.

2. Only run a very short 2 – 3 day launch. When Melyssa Griffin wrote about how she ran an 84-hour launch and made almost 50k with only a handful of emails and two webinars, I knew that’s the route I’m going to take. The next time I decide to launch, it will be short and simple, which is how I like it best. 😉





Alrighty folks, that’s it from me today! I hoped you learned something new or interesting in this income report. Like I said, September was a bit of a crazy month but I hope you got value out of this report!



Elise xo

  • Great report. Launch own product it’s a scary and stressful.
    well I understand it, because I opened my own shop on Etsy (also prepare opened on Creative Market) and I have the first few sales 🙂 But is so stressful when I check emails/notifications without sales. Especially if the products are really good and that’s what you’re doing is extremely important for you. Now I prepare my own blog (website) with my own shop and I started create my 2 online courses (I already wrote book about social media marketing for small business owners but I must design cover etc and most important add on “thank page” after sign up for my freebies). Ahead of me still a lot of work.

    • Hey Alex, yeah there’s so many moving parts to a launch and most people never execute them well without teams of people to help them. I do admire those who can pull it off, but for me I’d rather be without the stress. That’s why I quit my job in the first place! 🙂

  • I love your mentality behind “not ever launching” again and feel very similar. It’s refreshing to hear someone else feel this way too 🙂 Thanks for sharing! – Kaitlyn | http://www.TheCrownFox.com

    • Hey Kaitlyn! I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one who feels this way about launching. Here’s to never launching again! Love your blog btw!xo

  • Definitely agree about launching! I’ve launched various things in the past and it’s usually way too stressful. I prefer setting up evergreen funnels instead 🙂

    • Hey Katie, thanks for sharing. It’s really nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks this! Evergreen funnels all the way! 😉

  • This is such a great report! Love that you said you’re not launching again. My first e-course launches in two weeks and I’m already SO burnt out! Sales funnels + evergreen courses + short 3/4 day launches are definitely where it’s at! x

    • Hey Zoe, I feel your stress! It’s not fun. Just think of it this way, once the launch is over you can set up those sales funnels and then not have to worry about them again! Good luck with your launch though, I’ll send some profitable vibes your way!xo

  • Dia

    Loved this post and your honesty. Really admire you for leaving your day job to focus on your blog so soon. You sparked an idea in me, I’ll be sending you an email soon 🙂

    • Aw thanks Dia! Can’t wait to hear what your idea is!xo

  • Elise, I think you said out loud what so many of us think inside! And agree a 100% on those evergreen funnels and short launches. I love them best that way too. Hope you managed to get a break after the launch. Am going through your course now and loving it. So your hard work definitely is paying off! 😉

    • Hey Meera, this is such a relief to hear! It’s quite amazing to see just how many people agree with this. And thank you, I did get a nice break after the launch. Not that I wanted it, but I needed it! Glad that you’re enjoying my course. I just finished yours and am already taking some action on them, so thank YOU too!xo

  • I would definitely have no launches… and stick to evergreen products. I think the difference I would make is having two versions, one that is self-learning and the other one-on-one. My line of work is not for the weak, but I think anyone can learn the basics of bookkeeping if taught the right way 😉
    I also want to mention that in your post for September income, you actually call it August income/expenses. Sorry, I can’t help noticing 🙂

    • Hey Lisa, that’s a great idea! And thank you for letting me know, I did not notice that. It was 2am when I published this post, so naughty me for not checking. Luckily I’ve got you! 😉

  • Great post Elise! I went super unconventional and had I think 1 or 2 emails to my list, and I posted a few times in Facebook groups – super soft launch and relaxing. The hardest part was making the product. You could always try the lazy way next time and slowly build sales. 🙂 Excited to see your future posts!

    • Thanks Suzi! I am a big fan of soft-selling too. That is how I’ve done selling my own life and it’s also how I to built a 6-figure business prior to starting house of Brazen. I so need to stick to what I do best. When I sent my 2 pre-sale emails back in August that was so much more relaxing and I made more money from those two emails than I did in August with the 4 emails + FB posts I sent in September. Interesting! The hardest part is definitely making the product. Wow it isn’t an easy feat AT ALL, but it’s an awesome learning curve! And thank you so much, I can’t wait to see your future posts too!xoxo

  • Elna Cain


    Congrats on your success but totally understand what you
    went through. Launching is hella hard and stressful. That’s why I’m not
    creating a product until next year when my twins go to school. I thought
    I was going to before the year end, but it got too crazy. So instead of
    monetizing what I’m working on, I’m just going to make it available for
    free 🙂 Less stressful that way.

    • Elna! I think that’s a great idea waiting till your kids go to school. It allows you to relax off and grow your blog some more while also spending those last few months with your babies before they head off to school. How exciting!

  • OneTakeKate

    Fantastic insights and another great post, thanks so much for this!