Can I share something with you? I never in a million years thought I would give a damn about passive income, let alone be creating it for myself.

I never imagined that I would be sitting up in bed till the wee hours reading books on personal finance.

And I never ever expected that I’d become relentless about maintaining a positive money mindset – considering I was never taught any of this growing up.

And yet, here we are.

What extraordinary things we humans can accomplish when we set our minds on something we’ve become passionate about.

I learned all about affiliate marketing way back in 2011, and truth be told I felt like it was a cheap and spammy way to make money. And so I treated it as such. But it wasn’t that affiliate marketing itself was spammy, it’s that I’d learned to use it in a way that was spammy. Ew.

And now that it’s 5 years later – and I’ve learned a thing or two – I now know that affiliate marketing can strengthen your business and your relationship with your audience, create stronger connections with companies and people in the industry as well as benefit several people instead of one in the process – if you use it the right way.

And so I’ve been exploring new and genuine ways you can promote your affiliate links with social media. Because when you’re growing your blog, there’s only so much reach you have. You can’t jump from 100 pageviews a day to 100,000! So that’s why we leverage social media, because it’s how we overcome this obstacle and grab the wins early on in our blogging careers.

We literally get our name, brand, products and affiliate links in front of millions for free or a fraction of the cost that billion dollar companies would pay millions for! Let me share with you 5 new ways you can do this..

1. RUN Facebook live trainingS

Have you started using Facebook Live yet? It’s like Periscope but better! And if you have no idea what either is, you use both platforms to film videos in real-time to your friends and followers. On Facebook, they’ll appear in your friends and followers newsfeed, on Periscope you’ll get a notification pop up on your phone.

Consider this the new style of webinar, but in bite-sized form. I’ve been carefully paying attention to the list of bloggers and entrepreneurs who are starting to incorporate Facebook Live into their business and I’m seeing massive benefits.

Allison Marshall’s #FullTimeBlogger series on Facebook Live is not only creating a deeper bond with her audience, but sharing a TON of value that her audience can use towards building their businesses. Melissa Pharr runs 7-day challenges on Periscope for her audience which is predominantly coaches and then sells them as a set product later on.

And it got me thinking, you can totally do this with affiliate products too.

Here’s how:

  • Choose the affiliate product you want to recommend during the broadcast
  • Decide on a training you want to run around the products topic
  • Create your outline for you training i.e 3 – 5 key points
  • Use PrettyLink to shorten and cloak your affiliate link
  • Go live and give your training! Let your personality shine!
  • Mention the link throughout your training at relevant points
  • Once the broadcast is finished, edit the status for the video and add your link
  • You now have an evergreen training you can use and refer to whenever you like!

I ran my first live broadcast during an All Blacks game and within seconds over 100 people were watching. It’s been a few months since I did that and the views continue to grow. I’m planning to start doing live broadcasts in the House of Brazen facebook group soon so make sure you’re in it! 😉

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2. Offer A BONUS on THE training

Another way to encourage people to purchase the affiliate product you’ve recommended sooner rather than later is to sweeten the deal by adding an incentive. This could be in the form of a free digital or physical product, adding free shipping to your code, access to a private group, a discount code, a free session etc..

You can create an incentive with a deadline an evergreen incentive, it’s totally up to you. Personally the incentives with deadlines create a lot more urgency therefore encourage your customers to purchase right away rather than waiting.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • When you mention your product link, mention the deadline on it too i.e 12 hours, 48 hours, 7 days etc..
  • Let your audience know that they have a set amount of time to purchase the product to be able to get the incentive offer too.
  • Be clear that once the set time has completed, the incentive offer is no longer valid.
  • Depending on the affiliate program software, you’ll need to provide further options on what the customers should do after they’ve purchased in order to receive their bonus offer.
  • Either advise them to email you their receipt or use the affiliate program software to track the emails of the customers so you can contact them after.

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3. START USING snapchat

Over the last few months I’ve been following bloggers like Elsie Larson, Miranda Nahmias and The Londoner because I wanted to see how they promote their businesses through Snapchat. The consensus? There’s many different ways you can do it. Go figure.

Elsie snaps like it’s a live blog post i.e touring through her house, sharing behind the scenes of photoshoots, her trips to plant barn, her thoughts and answering questions from her followers. Miranda shares her work days and a little bit of what she does when she’s out and about. Rosie shares her entire days i.e getting ready for an event, parading around in front of the mirror, on the way to the event, at the event, after the event… you get the idea.

More and more businesses are beginning to use Snapchat for Business – including me! add me at: elisemcdowell 😉 – and this is another great way to capitalize on your affiliate products in a deeper way.

Here’s how:

  • Sharing short and sharp product demos, reviews or unboxings
  • Previewing a product you’re a beta tester for with your affiliate link
  • Letting your audience know there’s special offers for the product i.e Bluehost’s $2.95 deal with Olympics
  • Doing a behind-the-scenes cover of how you use the product in your business


While this method isn’t as new as the others, there’s a lot of money to be made on Instagram if you know how to do it right.

As you may know, you can’t use links in your posts. However, you can have one link in your bio profile. Most bloggers will link to their blogs or a lead page, but more and more bloggers are starting to use this singular url box for an entirely different purpose.

A shop.

Say whaaaaaat?

There are several of companies that allow you to use affiliate links on Instagram by creating a shop-like page that you direct your followers to in your bio.

Here’s how:

  1. Find a company that lets you add links to your Instagram images. i.e Link in Profile
  2. Add your link to your bio. Use PrettyLink to make it.. well.. prettier!
  3. Continue posting on Instagram & be sure to refer to your bio link
  4. When you recommend or post about a product, make sure you add your affiliate link in your shop
  5. In your shop, they’ll see all your posts and can click the image like normal
  6. If you’ve linked to an affiliate product, they’ll be redirected to the product!

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This is really is as simple as it sounds. And loads of entrepreneurs are doing it as we speak! Obviously this way costs money, but it’s a great way to test your products and see if they do sell.

Here’s how:

  • Head to Facebook Business and click ‘Create Advert’ in the middle of the screen
  • Decide on timeline you want to give for affiliate product i.e 48 hours, 3 days etc
  • Create your ad, target your audience and create an image for your affiliate product
  • Ad affiliate link that links to sales page, product page or landing page
  • Test your ad, rinse and repeat.



Tell us in the comments below:

  1. Have you tried any of these 5 ways to promote affiliate links on social media?
  2. What’s worked best for you?

Elise xo

  • Great post! I love learning more and more about affiliate marketing. Thanks for the tips!
    -Rachel @ Tidy&Teal

  • Yami

    Hello Elise! I just joined several affiliate programs and am considering joining your Affiliate Affluence program. I was wondering if you show any sales funneling techniques with this course. I see that you have a Flawless Funnels course, but I wasn’t sure if you were going to include training on that for the affiliate course as well. Thanks!

  • What a great info you have here! Thanks for sharing this I’m overloaded with a ton of materials recently bug these is just purrfect!

    • Hey Janica! You’re most welcome! And I hope you’ve been able to navigate the overload of info since then! 😉