Earlier this year, I realized I needed to expand my client base for my Virtual Assistant business. I decided that I was going to do some research online to see if I could source some VA networks to interact in. This is where I learned about using google plus for business and just how powerful this platform can be. And guess what? If you have a Google Plus user ID, you could have success with this platform too.

Yes, it’s true. Most people tend to ignore Google+ because they think nothing really happens there. I myself wasn’t sure if making new connections there would yield any results.

Boy was I wrong.

The truth is it’s still an untapped market with loads of potential clients waiting for you and your product or service! I know this because within 3 months of using Google+ groups for business, I had already landed my first $800 dollar client.

Let me show you how! It’s super simple, promise! 😉


1. First things first, log on with your google plus user ID and click on ‘communities‘.

2. Take the time to research and find out if your industry has an active community on that here. Use keywords related to your niche and explore the different groups.

3. Next, pay attention to the groups member to active user ratio and content to promotion ratio.­ Does the group have a lot of users but little to no interaction? Give it a miss. Is it quite an engaged active community? Definitely join. What about the content being posted? Is it real and genuine content to help you or is it just spam?

4. Once you’ve joined a few groups, start mingling! Introduce yourself, talk about what you do, help others out and be genuine. Honestly, it’s just like facebook groups!

5. Eventually, someone will be looking for help from the group and wanting to hire. If you’ve been a consistent presence in there, they’re going to trust you and what happens when they trust you? They pay for your services!


One Google+ group I found was specifically for Virtual Assistants. I decided to join since it looked like an active, friendly community. I introduced myself, posted my information in the appropriate area, and made sure I was attentive to the posting alerts.

Within a few weeks of joining, there was a post from another VA looking for a sub­contractor. I responded immediately, and since February she has been a client of mine.

About a month ago, another alert came in from a different VA looking for support. Again, I responded immediately with my information. After a brief phone interview she contacted me a week later and said that I would be perfect for a different position she had opened.

To date, from those two new clients I have earned an extra $800 in extra income through Google+ groups (not including next month’s payment which will increase that total to $1400) .

Each month the income varies because it depends on how much work they have for me. The nice thing is that I’m able to charge my full rate and do not have to pay any referral fees (like on Upwork, for example).


When I first decided to do some networking online, I spent no more than 3 hours researching. So, for less than 3 hours of research, and a minimal effort on my part (all I did was respond quickly and had all my info ready to email), I gained 2 new clients.

When you join a Google+ plus group, be sure that your notifications are on. They are delivered to the email associated with your account.

Another thing I’d like to note is that unlike Facebook, some groups on Google+ don’t have a lot of users. What this means is that you’re more likely to have your posts and comments be seen and read by other members who are active in the community. I have found that in some cases the quality of connection is actually better than in a Facebook group that has over 2,000 users.

On the flip side though, joining very specific groups, even on Facebook, can yield great results. I was recently contacted by a fellow member of a private group I’m in and was asked to submit a proposal.

In fact, I’m writing this guest post because I was lucky enough to connect with Elise in a different group that we’re both in. All I did was take the time to join the group, read through the posts carefully. From there, I choose who to respond to based on any opportunity they have posted that I think I may be a good fit for.

I like to turn over every digital rock I find. Don’t turn down or shy away from groups because you think it might be a waste of time. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Participating in groups allows you to connect with a highly targeted audience that could very well be your next best awesome client!

Can’t wait to hear about your results!


miss-monicaI’m Monica! I’m virtual nomad currently living abroad. So far I’ve been fortunate enough to live in Hawaii, Belize, and Mexico and all over the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m an undergraduate from the Academy of Art University and have about 20 years experience as an Executive Assistant. After some signficant life altering experiences in 2014, I realized I hated working in an office and dealing with getting up to go to a job that simply sucked. So, I decided to go all in and make my dreams come true by starting my own business and traveling. To say I’m super grateful would be a huge understatement!


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    Hi Monica, Wow! Loved that you just JUMPED IN and left the cubicle! I did the same with Teaching…love working from my laptop with afffiliate marketing…really enjoyed poking around your blog! Stellar content and LOVE your style! Have an awesome Wednesday…Kristie