I am a terrible procrastinator. It’s something I’ve struggled with all my life! If there’s no urgency to get it done or if my deadline is still a while off, I will take my sweet time. I guess I’m just a bit of a rebel like that. 😂

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago while I was in the midst of a procrastination session, I came across a stunning flat lay photography image on google while searching for something else. I had instant graphic envy and decided to do a little detective work to find out where it originated from.

Without trying to I had discovered a whole new world of stock images. Beautiful, bright and feminine images. Brilliant and branded insanely well. How did I not know about this?!? I scoured for a few more hours and found even more amazing resources. Several of which I now use on House of Brazen.

Want to know what those resources are?  Well, if you’re a sucker for beautiful graphics, here’s my 5 favourite desktop & flat lay photography stock photo resources of ALL TIME. Yes, ALL TIME.

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Price: $30+

I fell in love with Elle’s photography style pretty much instantly and have been using a lot of her images in my latest graphics for the blog and social media. Her stock images are so beautiful and feminine, and I love the softness to the images she creates. Some stock images can be quite harsh or a bit grey lighting wise, but I really like the light hers give off. She also offers 10 free stock images to start off with so go and grab those first! You’ll love them! 🙂

Get Elle’s 10 FREE Stock Photos


Price: $12+







I’ve known Yami for a while now, and she is such a fantastic entrepreneur and a real hustler. She recently started her Posh Stock Photography service and I was absolutely blown away by how professional and beautiful her images were. She has monthly packages but my favourite thing is that she offers a month-by-month service for only $12 dollars which makes it insanely cost effective for bloggers just starting out.

Get Yami’s 10 FREE Stock Images


Pink Pot

Price: FREE

Pink Pot - Free Desktop & Flat Lay Photography Stock Images
Chaitra from Pink Pot was who exposed me to my first set of stock photos. In fact, her first collection of images is what I predominantly use in House of Brazen’s branding including the blog header & the header for Flawless Funnels.  Chaitra usually sends out a free photo pack every month or so with several high-quality vertical and horizontal images – go and sign up for them today!

Get Chaitra’s Free Photo Packs

Creative Market

Price: $5+ per image

Creative Market - Desktop & Flat lay Photography Stock Photos
I love Creative Market. Don’t you? They have so much you could possibly want as a blogger, so if you’re starting out or you’re wanting a little more variety than the previous two options then Creative Market would be your next super affordable option. Images starting from as little as $5, you can find some very beautiful desktop and flat lay photos that are in alignment with your website and blog branding.

Get Flat Lay Photography Images from Creative Market
Get Desktop Images from Create Market

Haute Chocolate

Price: $75 for 3-month membership + 2 other options


I have been on Rachel’s list for a few months now and I am really loving the stock photos she’s bringing out. If you want a step up from Creative Market for more on-brand and niche styling, Haute Chocolate is your next best bet. I the prices to be very reasonably priced for what you have access to. If you want to know what you get access to when you join, click here to get a sneak peak into the styled stock library.

Get Access to Rachel’s 700+ Style Stock Library

And there you have it! Those are my 5 favourite desktop and flatlay photo resources for bloggers. Now it’s your turn! Let me know in the comments below:

  1. Which of these recommendations are you going to try out?
  2. What stock photo resources do you currently use for your blog?

Note: Before using any of the desktop & flat lay photography resources listed above, please make sure you read the terms and conditions of the individual’s work before using their images.

Elise xo

  • Stuart Miles

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