I’m sure you’ve heard through the grapevine by now, but just in case you haven’t, you can use affiliate links on Pinterest again! Can I get a woop woop!!!!

Pinterest banned the use of affiliate links back in 2015, which was pretty heartbreaking for some bloggers because they were making 90% of their income from the platform. Yikes. But there’s no need to cry over spilled milk any longer because IT’S BACK BABY!

This is FANTASTIC news for us bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Why? Because now we can utilize the platform to extend our reach to the 70,000,000+ million yearly users! To fully grasp that number, even if you got only 0.01% of that reach, your links and posts would still get in front of 700,000+ users. Can you say cha-ching!?

All jokes aside, the possibilities are endless. In fact I made my first affiliate sale within 24 hours of posting it on Pinterest! And shortly I’m going to tell you some of the ways you can use affiliate links on pinterest for your business.

But before we get into it, you’ve heard me harp on about the importance of joining group boards and how they grow your reach and bring loads of traffic back to your website (pinterest is currently my #1 referral website) – then come and join House of Brazen’s ‘Brazen Biz Bloggers‘ group board!

How Other Bloggers & Business Owners Use Affiliate Links on Pinterest

Okay, so since this idea of placing affiliate links on pinterest might be totally brand new to you, here’s an example of how Kelly Mindell uses her affiliate links for Studio DIY.

Below we have a total of 12 boards. Each of these boards has a clear purpose and theme and Kelly ensures that the boards stay on-brand and on-topic relentlessly.

studio diy pinterest affiliate links
You can see immediately she’s got a lot of fun, brightly coloured images going on here with a ton of potential affiliate links embedded in the mix.

If you take a deeper look into each board, you’ll find there’s a mix of everything. Here’s what I found:

Sweets + Treats: Features bright colourful recipes that link to the Studio DIY blog as well as others.

Want it. Need it: Lists on-brand products with embedded affiliate links through ShopStyle only.

Free Printables: A board that hosts links to free printables created by Kelly and others..

Things That Look Like Donuts: Features loads of colourful images around the topic of donuts with links to products on various images.

The reason I love what Kelly’s done is because she’s made it look natural. There are links to her blog posts, to others blog posts, pretty images she loves that relates to her brand and product images sprinkled in between that have her affiliate links. This is how you should aim to keep your pinterest account – balanced and natural looking.

To help ensure that you don’t get yourself in trouble, please make sure you read Pinterest’s requirements and follow their Acceptable Use Policy before you begin loading your account up with links. Let’s keep it legit! 😉




Just incase you happened to skip over the Acceptable Use Policy, it’s important to note that you cannot use link cloakers, they’ve gotta be the full (super ugly) link to the product. And also place an affiliate disclosure in the description where necessary.

First, you need your affiliate link (with your unique url, or ID) and your product image. Then you can either pin the image and edit the url in the ‘Website’ row (where it says *insert affiliate link here*) or you can pre-schedule your pin on Boardbooster and then add your url in before the pin is posted.

how to add affiliate links on pinteresr

Once you’ve done that, your pin with your affiliate link is live and ready to be re-pinned! And now you can get more creative with how you pin your image..


  • The best place to start is to add affiliate links to the pins that are already posted on your account. If you’ve already got products you’ve pinned, find out whether they have an affiliate program and then link to it. Oh, and don’t forget to rewrite your descriptions to be keyword rich for people to find you image! My friend McKinzie teaches you how to do all this and more in her course Pinterest to Profits.
  • Try creating a product only board, just like Kelly did. You can fill it with anything related to your niche. Are you a fashion blogger? Add your favourite style items. Are you a food blogger? Link to your kitchen equipment and cook books. Are you a business blogger? Fill your board with the products and services you’re currently using in your biz.
  • If you’re promoting a software product or an online program, create your own pinnable images that also compliment your branding and then link to the affiliate product page. I show you exactly how to do this in my super affordable ebook How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours!
  • If you run an affiliate program of your own where you sell your course through affiliates, design some images that they can share with their affiliate link and a keyword rich description for each pin.
  • If you’re an Amazon Associates affiliate, you can link straight to the product from amazon. Just don’t use the short amazon.to links because they’re considered cloaked as well.

Like I said in the beginning, there is so much more possibility now that Pinterest has allowed us brazen entrepreneurs the opportunity to utilize affiliate marketing on their platform. If you stick to it, experiment, learn and keep on testing, you will be seeing results in a short matter of time!



Now it’s your turn:

  1. What ways do you plan to use affiliate links on Pinterest?
  2. Any other strategies you currently use that you’d like to share?

Elise xo

P.S – Don’t forget to join the Brazen Biz Bloggers group board on Pinterest! 😉

  • Hi Elise! Thank you for the info! Just one question, I am a bit confused I guess. I did see the message that affiliate links are now allowed, but is it the link in the post itself? So when I pin something from a website, the link gets included automatically (when the website is claimed on pinterest). Or do you mean adding in another link in the description that’s an affiliate link? Because, if it’s the link of the picture itself, how do you get this link as a pin? Well, I am just confused hope you can clear this up for me (I am kinda a Pinterest newbie haha)

    • Hi Iris! No I totally understand your confusion and will actually update the post regarding this. To add your affiliate link, you will need to go into pinterest and click the little edit button in the top right corner of your pin. Where it says ‘website’ you insert your affiliate link there. Hopefully that helps! 😀

  • Ina Petz

    Hello Elise, thanks for the this great advise, but I just want to make sure I’m doing this right- when I post my affiliate link in the “website” row, does it go directly to my afflink page? Is it supposed to do that instead of going to my blog page?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hey Ina! Yes, it goes directly to your affiliate link page (the sales page for the product). However, if you’d like the person clicking the link to go to a post of yours that features the affiliate link then by all means add your post link in instead. Just make sure you’re not using the promotional material for the product and linking it to your own page, create your own! Hope that helps 🙂

  • Hi there, this is great advice thank you! Do you know which affiliate programs actually allow you to use them on Pinterest? I read that Amazon does not, so I was curious which affiliate programs actually allow you to use them on Pinterest (versus a blog). Thank you!

    • Hey Monique! So far I only know of Amazon not allowing affiliate links on Pinterest. It seems the rest are a-okay! I personally only promote private affiliate program links on Pinterest (meaning, they’re not through affiliate networks). However, people like Kelly are using Skimlinks, Shopstyle and Rewardstyle affiliate links on Pinterest. And I know Creative Market allows affiliate links on Pinterest too.

      Also, just an extra tip: Don’t shorten your affiliate links with a link cloaker like Bit.ly or PrettyLink. Pinterest doesn’t like it and tends to not track the clicks. 🙂

      • Thanks so much for the advice, Elise! I am just starting out on this and I do have an account with Skimlinks, so that’s wonderful. But I’m confused as to how to pin the products I like from the affiliate program. Do I create a pin with boots I like, and then link it to the page where those boots are sold with my affiliate link? Or do I just pin the boots from the shopping site itself and insert my links? I’d love to see an example of this in action on Pinterest but it’s taking me awhile to find. I appreciate your help, been reading a ton of articles and trying to make sure I do things right! Haha 🙂

        • Haha, yes it can be a little confusing when starting out! Take a look at this board by Caitlin Cawley: https://pinterest.com/caitlin_cawley/i-like-clothes/ every pin is an affiliate product. If you check under the image you can see Reward Style and Shop Style links. Those are her affiliate links. How she does it is: She saves the picture of the product to her desktop then uploads the image herself to the board and then adds the affiliate link. Let me know how you go! 😀

  • Sarah

    Hey there! I was extremely bummed to find out that residents of Missouri are unable to be a part of the Amazon Affiliates program, but being able to use pinterest will definately make that better:) I am such a newbie at all of this, but am so excited and have so many ideas for things to write about. Thanks for all you tips!-Sarah (Nogoingbacknow.org)

    • Hey Sarah, yeah it’s unfortunate that certain states won’t allow affiliate marketing for certain programs. But like you said, there’s Pinterest 😉 And once you start using it you’ll find it more than makes up for the inconvenience! It’s awesome that you’re new, I love that people are still getting started in this industry each and every day, keep those ideas alive by testing them out and experimenting. That’s how you’re gonna find YOUR thing! <3

  • Jess Waldeck

    Hi Elise, You mentioned RewardStyle, ShopStyle and Skimlinks as options for easy link management (Viglink too). Have you used Mavenx.com? Much like these, they append affiliate links to any product added to the environment and provide very easy to use sharing tools to any social network – including Pinterest. And for those familiar with Pinterest, the interface will feel very comfortable. Maven then pays users out each month when the account reaches $20. To boot, they offer regular influencer branded campaigns for users interested in earning from their network beyond just affiliate revenue. I am the CEO, but I would love for you to check it out and let me know!

    • Hey Jess, I haven’t heard of Mavenx so thanks for sharing that with us all!

  • don curtin

    Hi Guys just thought I would drop this in here https://amazon-affiliate.eu/en/affiliate-links-allowed-pinterest/

  • I didn’t even know this was a thing, thank you!

  • Rosalie Markovics

    Thanks for this info-I read it earlier and came back to reread it because I am doing all that’s required but they will sometimes block a pin completely or show a white screen for 3 secs before being directed to affiliate sales page.This is inconsistent as sometimes goes through with no problem!