So you wanna make passive income online?

You’ve got the passion, you’ve got the niche, you’ve got the blog. And you do alright navigating your way around the world of social media marketing. You’ve made a few blogger friends, even joined a few facebook groups, but the one thing you’re struggling to figure out is how to do is put it all together to make passive income online from it!

I can understand. I spent 5 years dilly dallying around with my blog making a few bucks here and there but never really making a steady stream of income from it. Not because I wasn’t trying, but because I was inconsistent.

And why was that?

Because I didn’t really know how to make money online.

Sure I used a few affiliate links blindly, but that was about it. I had no strategy, no clear plan, no access to the kind of information I needed to be able to excel in my business. Until a few years later.

And now that I know this valuable information, I’m here to share it with you – for free.

But before we get into it, I want to know from you what it would mean to make passive income online? What would it mean to you to be able to make a sustainable living from your blog and business?

Would that mean..

    • “Being able to work from home so I can care for my little girl and not have to rely on going to a job I don’t love.”


    • “Having a job which allows me and my partner to keep travelling for a few years to come without having to stop to often to work.”


    • “Spending more quality time with my family and children and contributing to the family.”


    • “My boyfriend could move down to part time hours and do more of what he loves.”


    • “Being able to do what I really love and giving my skills to bigger heart projects of mine.”


    • “I could write for a living. Nothing makes me happier than being a writer.”


  • “Creating stunning new products for your customers without burning out.”

What would it mean to you?

The answers above are real-life responses from the House of Brazen family who have taken my free 6-day course – Blog Your Way to Passive Income – an action packed course and a complete guide that will give you the strategies and tools to start making passive income from your blog today.




In this FREE 6-day course, you are going to learn:

    • Valuable list building strategies to gather subscribers rapidly


    • Investments under $100 that will light a fire under your sales processes


    • How to use affiliate marketing to start you earning money today


    • The best way to create and sell ebooks & ecourses on your blog


  • A super simple sales funnel sequence to sell your products on autopilot

So what are you waiting for? Join the course already!

And let me know in the comments below: What would it mean to you to be making a living from your blog?
See you in this course! 😉

Elise xo