You know growing your email list should be one of the top priorities when it comes to building your online business. If you didn’t know that, oh my gosh where have you been!?!? It’s time to start one my friend.

The easiest list building provider I would recommend to start with is mailchimp which is what I use and love. You get 2000 free subscribes before you start paying.. yadda yadda.. that’s a post for another time!

ANYWAY, you can literally grow your list in a multitude of ways. Today I’m sharing 3 of those strategies with you in my very first podcast below.

(Sidenote: Ahhhhhh!!! My first podcast!!! Talk about exciting/nerve-wrecking/lots of sweating *cue monica* OH MY GOSH. Please hang with me as I work out the kinks, learn to be less awkward and  settle in. It won’t take too long I’m sure.)


So after listening to those short and sharp tips I would love to hear what’s one action point you’re going to take away and implement into your blog and business today. Is it more promoting on social media? Being more diligent with following up when you’ve mentioned your influencers or are you going to give creating a few content upgrades a try?

At the end of the day, behind all of these list building tactics, nothing can replace adding genuine value to your readers lives. If you follow those principles, your business will grow rapidly and your list will grow substantially.