I remember the days when you had to request to be invited to join Pinterest, when it was mainly all DIY & craft projects and there weren’t that many pins circulating around so you would literally pin every post there was. Oh my how the times have changed!

Pinterest is an amazing tool you can utilize for your blog (if you didn’t know that already!) The biggest attractor is the amount of traffic it can bring to your blog consistently. For me, Pinterest my third biggest traffic driver for my blog. I’ve only started using it properly for my business for less than 3 weeks and I have an inkling it will become number one traffic driver before the end of December. So if you yourself are interested in getting more traffic to your blog through Pinterest, here’s how:


What is your blog topic? Social media. Recipes. Self love. Knitting sweaters for penguins. Okay maybe not sweaters for penguins (believe it or not they actually exist). The reason you want relevant board topics is so that people start to trust that you’ll share content specifically around the topic they’re interested in. Create a few key categories out of your topic. So for instance you have social media. You might want to have a board solely dedicated to Pinterest, and another solely to Periscope and maybe another to Twitter.

Bonus Tip! Don’t forget to make your first board, your own board with all of your blog posts!


BoardBooster is a scheduling tool for Pinterest that allows you to automate your marketing process on the platform. 

There’s a lot of incredible perks to using BoardBooster. First of all, it eliminates you having to be on Pinterest ALL OF THE TIME just to get your pins in front of the right people, your followers increase consistently once you start using it which gets your pins in front of more people and (my favourite) the traffic to your blog skyrockets!

Check out my growth after just one month of using BoardBooster:


All of this comes with far less work (and frustration) than your current pinning strategy. 

I spend a few minutes each week topping up my boards with new pins, and they roll out on a schedule I’ve preset throughout that week.

Since I joined BoardBooster, my pins are getting repinned 32% more than before, and once the platform has gathered more data from you, it will tell you the best times to pin to your different boards for maximum engagement, clicks and repins!


Millions of people are using Pinterest’s search engine every single day. And they’re using keywords to find the content – your content. I don’t know how many times I have searched ‘brunette balayage’ to find exactly what I’m looking for – I still haven’t had the guts to get it done yet! Use keywords in your pin descriptions. People will find your blog so much quicker when you add keywords! For example, if my blog theme is around food I may want to use cooking, baking, recipes, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free etc in my descriptions. Doing this gets traffic to your blog life a mofo!

Bonus Tip! Add keywords into your board descriptions to give your pages that extra boost.


Yep, surely you’ve heard by now how important group boards are for rapid success on Pinterest. The reason being is that with the number of contributors on those boards, you have the attention of a much larger network coming across your posts. To use groups boards you generally pin different posts/products to the board that relate to the topic. Yep, that includes your own posts. A good rule of thumb to stick to is 80% other peoples work, 20% yours.

Bonus Tip! If you’re looking for a fantastic group board to start with, join House of Brazen’s ‘Brazen Biz Bloggers‘ group board! To join, click the image below and follow the directions. 😉



Pinterest users love bright and pretty vertical images with text. They’re like flies to a cake! These types of images get repinned over and over and over again. The easiest way to create an image like this is to use PicMonkey, Canva, or for the more experienced, Photoshop. It’s important to be consistent with your branding and colouring when doing this – otherwise it gets a little confusing.

Bonus Tip! In your down time go back through old posts and re-do them with pin-worthy images.


This part is the least fun, because it means you’re going to be deleting a whole lot of pins. Say whaaaaat? Yup, any pins with less than 5 repins have to go. Why? To put it simply: Pinterest rewards your account for having less crap. Yes, you literally get more repins by deleting most of your pins. I still don’t fully understand this, but it really does work. If you’re not totally convinced yet, give Sarah Titus’ 9 Reasons You Should Be Deleting Your Pins a read. When you get some free time, trawl through your account and get deleting. You won’t regret it!

Bonus Tip! After you have “trimmed” your account, try pin less than 30 high quality pins a day.


This is a fantastic way to get super valuable analytics data for your account. You get to see the people who are pinning from you, which boards they’re spending most of their time in and what they’re pinning.

Bonus Tip! While you’re at it, set up for Rich Pins as well! Here’s how to set up for Blogger and WordPress.

Pinterest is definitely becoming my favourite method for marketing and getting more traffic, I can’t wait to share further info and stats with you along the way. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll help you out. Till then, share with me..

Now it’s your turn!

  1. What are your favourite pinterest strategies?
  2. Which one of these 5 tips will you start with first?

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    I use PinPinterest com to automate and manage my pinterest account, and thereby attract traffic to my pinterest and my blog . . Its the best pinterest tool out there.