Playfulness. How often do you use it in your business? In your professional life? Personal life? By yourself on a Saturday night when you’ve told your friends you’ve got plans but really just wanted to Netflix and chill with.. yourself? (Get your mind out of the gutter!)


It shouldn’t be surprising not many people use playfulness in their every day lives? Or even know how to anymore?

I’ve been really lucky to always be tapped in to my playful side, and I’m not talking little spouts here or there, I’m talking full on daily integration. It helps me to create connectedness and trust in friendships, fun and closeness in my relationship, it helps me be relatable to others and have an all round sense of laughter and enjoyment. Which is what really lacks in a lot of adults these days. To be honest, I don’t think I ever really left 17 😉

So if that’s what it does for me in my normal daily life. What about in business?


The benefits I’ve found to using playfulness in business is astronomical. It helps me create connections with other entrepreneurs, I’m able to relate to my readers a whole lot more, keeps things fun when it becomes a bit of a drag and best of all, playfulness helps me tap into my creativity which is where I seem to bring about most of my brilliant ideas.


And this is something Elizabeth Gilbert mentions in her book Big Magic.


“Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest through collaboration with a human partner. It is only through humans efforts that an idea can be brought out of the ether and into reality. Ideas will spend an eternity swirling around us searching for available human partners willing to do the work. If you miss it, the idea will try to wave you down, maybe for a moment, a few months or a few years, but when it finally realizes you’re oblivious to it’s message it will move on to someone else.”

I think playfulness is a highly underestimated tool for business. The possibilities of where you can go in business when you open yourself up to more creativity, more natural fun and more spontaneity is literally endless.

I want to monitor this over time and come back to you with more findings. In the mean time, I recommend you to try adding some playfulness into your life and see where it takes you.

What playful things did you do today?

Elise xo