What if everyone thinks I’m a HUGE fraud?

Her blog is 5 trillion times better, why would anyone read mine?!

What if they laugh hysterically at my sales page?

What if people hate my work that much they send hate mail?!?

These thoughts creep into our minds when we’re least expecting.

What? You thought you were alone?

This is me on a good day.


Fear and doubt are always going to affect us in our life and business. Yes, even when we’re successful, even when we’re adored and even when we’re rich.

As Elizabeth Gilbert says, fear is like a necessary companion. It’s the reason you’re still alive today. Instead of trying to push it away or conquer it, it should be treated with respect and thanked that it has kept you from walking down dark alleys and swimming outside of the surf lifesaving flags.

Once we can get to a place of “making peace” with fear and invite it along on the ride with us, only then we can start to work with it in a way that’s easier for the both of you.

In this video I share my 5 confessions as an imperfect boss to show you that you don't have to be perfect to win at business!

What To Do When You Doubt Yourself In Your Business

Don’t Give Your Doubts Fuel

How do you keep a fire burning? By adding more wood. Don’t add any more wood and you got no fire. Same goes with those doubtful thoughts you love to drum around in that skull of yours. Our thoughts don’t really have any voodoo magic over us unless we’re adding a barrel of gasoline to the fire of them. Whatever you’re doubting you need to realize that it’s actually just one simple thought you keep thinking over and over again. It’s not actually real.

Interrupt the patterns

Every time a self doubting thought enters your mind, have a few go-to things you can do to interrupt the doubtful pattern right away. You could have a saved set of funny youtube videos on hold anytime a doubting situation arises. Tony Robbins says that in order to change your thinking, you’ve gotta re-associate new feelings to old habits by interfering the thought patterns. What’s one thing you could set up to do/watch/listen to the next time your doubts pop up?

Get your alter-ego on

I know you got one! She’s that sassy, sultry, fiery diva you keep locked away in your fantasies – perhaps letting her off her leash when you’ve had one too many mojitos – shhhh… I won’t tell 😉 Beyonce unleashed hers to the world and it made her famous, gave her a lot of money and she felt fully (and safely) self expressed. She described her alter-ego as “aggressive, strong and sexually confident”. It’s like playing a role of your “perfect self” or whoever you believe can get you to that point of being confident in yourself.

Worst case scenario?

Ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen if you just go through with it? If any of your answers affect your ego (i.e I’ll look stupid in front of everyone) it’s time to push that puppy outta the way and let YOU shine.

Focus on the good in your life.

Think about all the good things you’ve got going on in your life right now. And what about all of your past achievements? Who has helped and guided you along the way? Focus on the good as you take your first step into the unknown.

In a 100 years who’s going to give a damn?

Seriously. Who’s gonna care?
In the comments below I would LOVE for you to tell me one thing you’re gonna take away from this list and apply the next time your doubt starts popping up.

xo Elise

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  • Jane

    I loved this post! and really love the 'summon your alter ego' idea. I am totally gonna do that!

    Thank you Elise!

    Jane 🙂

  • My doubts almost kept me from posting a comment… Seriously, I typed up two or three things and kept deleting. Over thinking definitely gets in the way of making a contribution. I've been reminding myself a lot lately that just because a thought is negative doesn't make it more likely. (For some reason, I'd been holding on to this crazy idea that all negative thoughts = more possible than my positive thoughts.) So enjoyed this, Elise. Thank you!

  • Jessica,

    Thank you so much for sharing your comment with us!

    It totally starts off like that. Your ego or negative thoughts totally intercept your little wispy positive ones. Once I learned that you don't actually have to believe any of your negative thoughts it made it easier. Cause you don't!

    I mean, I have a lot of ideas about things and are they all winners? Nope. Not even close. So why believe every negative doubt that comes to mind?

    Getting suspicious and asking questions help as well. Become a detective with one eye constantly on your ego. 😀

    Elise xx

  • Lovely lovely post. So true… The easiest part is simply doing it.

    Thanks Elise!

  • I need to write the Lady Gaga quote down and pin it on my wall! LOVE IT!

  • Too true Ange!

    Ameena, what an awesome idea! New mantra much? 🙂

  • Hey Elise,

    Nige, my lovely hubby, sent me your way. He was absolutely right when he told me that you rock. I love your site!

    I especially loved reading the Gaga quote (who'd have thunk it?!) and the idea about summoning your alter ego. Powerful stuff! I sometimes recommend to my students that in a frightening situation (a speaking exam/interview/new class, etc) they imagine that they are not Cecilia from Spain, but Jane Smith from England, or Stasi from Russia, or whoever their alter ego wants them to be. Fab tip, and a great opportunity to unlock the shadow part of our personalities.


  • Hi Elloa (What a beautiful name!)

    Thank you so much for your comment!

    I LOVE your exercise that you give to your students. I was thinking about my international alter-ego and I'd totally take 'Anastasia from Russia!' sexy!

    Our journey is totally about diving into our shadows and discovering the "stuff" we've locked away in there.


    Elise x

  • Aw thanks Jane! Let me know how you go 🙂

  • DO it! 🙂 x