Ahhhhhhhh… Jobs. They serve a purpose and fill a need. Like a waterproof goose down jacket when you’re snowboarding the Southern Alps. When we’re in the first stages of building our business, 9 times out of 10 we’re still going to be working in our jobs. The tricky part is juggling both of them when you’re not making enough from your business to leave and are needing the income from your job to live and function on. This, if done right, can be really easy and in fact enjoyable!

My part time job had hours that really suited me. It allowed me to work for two to three hours in the morning and two to three hours in the afternoon. I’d wake up early, get my morning routine done and then work on my business. It kept me excited throughout my day knowing that I could return to it once I finished work. A year or two before that I was using my job as an excuse of why I wasn’t putting the time into my business. The truth is I had major limiting beliefs and money blocks. I just didn’t think I was good enough to do it.

If you’re one of those people who says they can’t find the time to work on their business, don’t have enough energy after working all day or busy doing other things. Here’s three examples of multi-million dollar entrepreneurs who built their businesses while working in a job. Leonie Dawson worked a full-time government job while hustling on her business. Marie Forleo did bartending while building her life coaching business. Denise Duffield-Thomas had a corporate job but decided to go out on a limb and ask her husband to support her for 6 months while she tried to build her business.

Whatever your excuse is for not working on your dreams yet, it’s costing you more than you know. So get over yourself – lovingly so – and get your butt working!


If you’re working 40 hours a week and you’re finding it’s too much for you to be able to do that and work on your business, have a chat with your boss at the possibility of lessening your hours down to 30 or 20. Yes the income decreases a little bit, but you’re opening yourself up to more time, energy and creative space to put into your business to make double your income!


If you’re unable to lighten your workload without pissing off your boss, another thing to try would be looking for a bridging position. Something that doesn’t take up as much of your time or energy that will allow you to be able to work on your business. This could be a part time role working as a Nanny for a few hours a day, or maybe check out if there are any Virtual Assistant roles up for grabs in your network. There’s always a way, don’t forget that!


To truly live in alignment with the rich, fearless and free lifestyle, you need to be responsible in your business from Day 1, and that means living your life the way you would once you were successful. You need to stay as balanced as you can. Of course you’ll overindulge when it comes to working on your business, when it’s something that excites you that you love and you’re passionate about who wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in it 24/7!? But try as hard as possible to live your life and enjoy it. Keep up your date nights, your coffee dates and family catch ups. Without these your life will be just that little less sparkly. And I said it once and I’ll say it again, you don’t need to suffer in order to live your dreams.

Let us know your personal tips! How are you juggling your 9-to-5 while working on your business?

Elise xo

  • steviesun

    You article has helped progress my thinking. I’ve been struggling with finding time for my business around working 55 hours a week in my day job. But putting specific times aside – seems obvious but apparently isn’t so much. I keep a bullet journey so rather than tasks I think I need to plan time slots into my day too. But more importantly I need to schedule time for myself to rest and recoup too.

    • Glad to have helped Stevie. That is a pretty hefty chunk of time you’re working in your day job! There are ways to work with it. All you need is one highly productive hour a day, even half an hour, and you can make a real difference in your business. It’ll also train you to focus on the tasks that are the most important, essential and income producing. 🙂