It all began with the viewing on New Years Eve.

Who views a house on New Years Eve you ask?

No one.

Except the people bonkers enough to do it.. AKA us.

We knew that January was a busy time for people looking for rentals, with new students starting their semesters and newcomers moving into the city wanting to give the ‘big smoke’ a try still drunk on the idea of new possibilities.

But New Years Eve wasn’t a busy time. In fact it was a deserted buffet with an abundance of delicacies ready for the taking!

We knew we loved it the minute we walked down the foyer to the entrance. And as we moved through the house, it wasn’t about what we liked about it, it was about what we were going to do in this room and that room, and what we’ll put here and decorate there. And then it was the view. The view that enraptured us all.

The house was ours in our minds.

And two months later, it was ours.

Here is what we did:


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How We Manifested Our $2.1 Million Dollar Home

  • Wrote in my gratitude journal how much I loved living in the house, If I didn’t journal I’d say what I was grateful for about it when I went on my daily walks.
  • I visualized myself in the house, pottering around, cooking, working, just regular day to day stuff that I already did anyway.
  • Talked in detail about the house with my partner and our friend living with us.
  • Drove by the house at least three times a week so I could soak in the view, and imagine myself in the house once again. Yeah I was getting borderline stalker around about now.
  • When friends came to visit, I’d say “Let’s go see our new house!” and then I’d drive them to the area and we’d marvel at it’s beauty for a few minutes or so.
  • Scott and I went for a few walks around the neighbourhood to suss out the vibe and people.
  • We went to every viewing of the house. Just to get a few more minutes of good visualizing juju in.
  • We also started buying up furniture for the new house. I found a killer 3-piece lounge suite for a steal!
  • We frequented the local shopping centre and bought groceries at the supermarket.
  • I got my finances in order ready to pay for the bond.
  • Started to appreciate where I was because I knew the house was ours.


Simple practical steps right? 

When you add them all up, throw in repetition and almost no resistance. It can happen that quickly.

In saying this, I think it’s important to note that some things will manifest quicker than others, easier than others and with less effort than others. And some things will just take longer no matter how hard or little you try.

I didn’t plan to do any of the things above, they just happened naturally. And yes, we even had a bit of resistance and freaked out that maybe it wasn’t going to happen. But overall our vibe stayed positive.

The biggest thing is to get out of your way and not be attached to the outcome. If you can do that, then you’ve won the battle!

So to send you off, I’ll leave you with a quick sunset snap from our deck that I sent my friends last night.

Your turn! What’s something ‘big’ that you have manifested with quite a bit of ease?

Elise xo

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