I remember very vividly back in 2010 sitting on my bedroom floor feeling helpless, irritated and disappointed that I had no money for the umpteenth time.

It wasn’t like I was incapable of making money and keeping it. I had many periods throughout my life where there was an abundance of money, where I was able to save hundreds a week, where I could afford to go out to dinner with friends, take regular holidays, pay my bills and still have cash in the bank.

It was just that it never seemed to be enough. What went up, came down. And I just couldn’t get ahead with savings or excess money in the bank no matter how hard I tried because some expense ALWAYS came up. I knew about The Secret and had followed Abraham Hicks for a while. I knew the principles of the Law of Attraction, I visualized as hard as humanly possible and yet I was still broke.

And it wasn’t until a few years later that I read Denise Duffield-Thomas‘ book Get Rich, Lucky Bitch that I realized no amount of visualization and “wishing” could compensate a weak money mindset. It was clear that I had quite a lot of emotional baggage to around money and that until I cleared it, I wasn’t going to be able to make any real strides with my income. I had to clear out all of my money blocks first.

What aRE money blockS?

Money blocks are the limiting beliefs you consciously and subconsciously tell yourself about money. Things like, “Money is evil, having lots of money is bad, all rich people are greedy.” Sound familiar? They are your own personal brand of sabotage and if you don’t work on them, they will continue to limit the way you work with and receive money on a daily basis. Some other beliefs include..

  • I’m bad with money
  • There’s never enough
  • I can’t make enough
  • You have to work hard
  • I have too much debt
  • It’s a struggle to save

Your actions can also be another form of sabotage. Some examples are, giving away your services for free, swapping your products when really you want to be paid for them, bartering with the universe what you’ll “give up” in order to have what you want, being way too generous with everyone else but yourself, overindulging and spending every cent you’ve just earned or my absolute favourite, sending mixed messages to the universe – which I used to do all the time! It looks like this, “I want $50,000 dollars… but I’d be happy with $10,000!”

Most of these thoughts are subconscious, but with your most predominant beliefs you will catch yourself saying them far too many times a day to count. When you add those days up you’ll notice just how much you’ve let these thoughts rule your entire relationship with money throughout your life. You’ll be able to relay events that played out in favour of your limiting beliefs. And you’ll realize just how much they’ve held you back from progressing further.

How do you clear your money blocks?

Believe it or not, 80% of your work in manifesting money is clearing your money blocks. And it will never end. Just when you think you’ve cleared a belief and levelled up, a new one appears. This is totally normal and will get less frustrating over time and become familiar with your self-sabotaging habits around money.

In a few short moments I’m going to share with you how I clear my money blocks and break through to new income thresholds. But first I want you to head over to Denise’s site and watch her FREE money blocks webinar replay. I want you to do this because she talks specifically to OUR industry and the many blocks that business owners like you and I come up against.

You’ll get such a better understanding and deeper knowledge of just how much these money blocks affect our businesses. And once you’re done come back here and read through how I clear my blocks.


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When I did my first clearing on my money blocks, I had a gargantuan amount of negative thoughts, beliefs and memories to clear. And I’ll be honest, some of the stuff I did I thought was going to be an absolute waste of my time but I gave it a chance. Once I did all 6 tasks, it’s like the floodgates opened for me.

Within a month here’s what I had manifested:

  • I won a $10,000 trip to New York to meet Taylor Swift
  • I was given $500 worth of gift vouchers to my favourite store
  • My previous boss begged me to come back & work for her
  • I found a new & totally affordable place to live in that I absolutely LOVED near my workplace
  • My Mum bought me a new car worth $2400!
  • And I manifested an amazing boyfriend! (Not directly money related, but he does buy me chocolate all the time!) 😉

To be a “money magnet” and to manifest money, you have to stick to a formula. Like with any freakin’ thing you want to achieve, you have a process that you undergo to achieve it. No matter what you do. Think marathon runners vs. couch potatoes. Unlikely opponents but they both have their own ‘recipe’ for being successful in their “industry”.

1. clarify exactly WHAT & how much YOU want + WHY

In order to manifest money now, you have to know what you actually want, how much and why. Yeah, we all wanna win lotto and travel the world, but that’s way too vague a goal to hold on during the rougher times with your limiting beliefs. You need to be so damn clear and focused to make these goals happen initially because at any moment your money blocks can and will appear. And if you’re vague on what you want or it’s not a MUST for you, your limiting beliefs will beat you every single time. So get specific! Where focus goes, energy grows.

Get clear on exactly what you want right now and stick to it! How much do you want to earn this month? Is it $10,000 dollars a month or $1000 a month? Energetically does that number feel good or icky? What are the avenues that this money can come to you? From anywhere and anyone or solely through your business? And why do you want it? What’s the money going to be used for?

Daily Task: Write down your money goals every single day. This helps you stay laser focused and tells the universe how serious you are about making this happen.

2. DECLUTTER Like You’ve Never Decluttered Before

Think about your house and the satisfaction you have after cleaning it. You feel lighter, brighter and expansive. I always feel very calm and settled and that everything in the world is in order because their isn’t a single crumb on the floor! 😂

Just like the change in energy you feel in your home after you’ve cleaned, the same goes with money when you allow fresh money energy in. To do that, you’ve got to clear out the old stale energy that’s hanging around you. That means it’s time for a spring clean, literally!  Start with your wardrobe and clean out any clothes you don’t love, don’t fit or don’t match the new abundant person you are becoming. Then move onto your kitchen, then your books and clean out your wallet too! In fact, this post by Denise on more things to declutter could help you immensely!

Today’s Task: Buy some big plastic bags and place everything you no longer want into them. Be ruthless about it and then once you’re done you can donate them to charity or give them to family, but you need to get rid of it all ASAP. No point bagging it and then keeping it in your wardrobe! The old stale energy is still there even if it’s bagged up!!

3. clear out all of YOUR MONEY BLOCKS

Now this step is where most people get stuck, do once and never try again or just completely bail on. This is where the real work is. You’ve got to declutter your money blocks too. There’s two ways I do it that really REALLY work for me and that is doing a forgiveness exercise. It does sound a little airy fairy, and believe me I ridiculed the idea of them both until the evidence was crystal clear.. it works!

How the forgiveness exercise works is that you list all of the limiting beliefs, thoughts and memories you’ve ever had about money on a piece of paper. Your first “session” could be pages long so you might want to set aside a good chunk of alone time to do this. Next you read through each item and say, “I forgive you, I love you, I’m sorry.” You go through the entire list and that’s it. You’ll find you won’t even be able to remember a lot of the beliefs and memories you had. Some will still be there and you work through them again at another time but that’s literally all there is to it.

Daily Task: After you’ve done your first clearing, keep a notepad on you and whenever you trigger a negative money block or memory or you find yourself saying or thinking something negative about money, put it in your notebook to clear during your next round.


Oprah said, “The quickest way to change your life is by using gratitude”. And she was right! Practicing gratitude daily is really about seeking harmony with the universe and with yourself. We’re always fighting ourselves on something, our decisions, our appearance, our intelligence, you name it. Gratitude completely eliminates all of the fighting and allows you to become aligned with the universe which means you are aligned with your goals.

When you express gratitude for something, it enhances what it’s being directed at. Love for your family, your friends, your personal items, your future etc. Remember, it’s not actually about the words but about the energy you’re harnessing. If your affirmation is “Thank you for all my abundance” but really you feel like crap because you just got hit with an unexpected bill, it’s not going to be as effective as say when you just got home after a walk and you’re feeling really good with the endorphin release!

Daily Task: Start a a gratitude practice immediately and don’t stop until it becomes a habit. Do it first thing in the morning when you wake or carry a notebook with you. Write about everything you’re grateful for and feel the positive energy from it. If writing isn’t your thing, try gratitude meditation or creating an excel doc on your computer.


This is another awesome thing I learned from Denise was about making incremental upgrades, (oh and I highly recommend you to check out her Lucky Bitch Bootcamp if you really want to upgrade your income and life!). The idea is that some of the stuff we want we can actually have right now. Think about software programs or equipment you might want for your business but have been putting it off until you earn XYZ in your business. A lot of that stuff you could have right now because it’s actually quite affordable. You’ve just put this mental block up that you can’t have it until you have more money.

When you decide to make an incremental upgrade before you even manifest the money, like upgrading your Teachable membership or outsourcing your blog writing on Fiverr, you’re actually showing the universe how serious you are about levelling up to the next income level and making your goals happen soon.

Daily Task: Take a look at your business and ask yourself what could you actually upgrade right now if you wanted to? Is it designing a new style of blog image in Canva for free that makes your blog look more polished? Is it adding SEO to boost your traffic? Is it purchasing that lead generation tool to help you grow your list? Is it investing $15 a month into Sendowl so you can distribute your ebooks and create an affiliate program effortlessly? I challenge you to make one upgrade today!


When most people take forced action on their money goals, it’s really coming from a place of scarcity and desperation rather than lightheartedness and abundance. That’s why it’s so important to take inspired action, because when it’s inspired it’s leading you down the quickest route because you’re not trying to force it.

List 50 ways that you could take action today to create your income goal. You could market on social media and make a sale on your course, run a free discovery session and book a new client or you could send an email to your list and make several affiliate commissions. The point isn’t to do everything on the list, the point is to get your mind thinking about the many different ways that money could come to you. And from there if something on the list jumps out at you, you take that as inspired action.

Daily Task: Create your list with 50 ways you could take action, but also do another list of other ways that the money could come into your life. You could inherit it, be given it, find it etc. Have fun with it because it’s about the feeling behind it, not the action action. The key is to focus on feeling good and everything becomes extremely straight-forward from there.


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Elise x

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