Happiness, I believe, belongs to those who define it. Because without stating precisely what it means to you, it becomes an elusive esoteric god-like feature that only the special among us ever get to taste.

Because even if you had it sitting right there in your sweaty little lap, you wouldn’t see it. Because you’ll already be looking for the next “thing” to make you happy.

But when you define it as clear as the Mediterranean sea – it’s yours for the taking.

Happiness is really simple if you let it be. So for now while your complexly beautiful infuriating mind is off calculating how many lattes you need to stop drinking and thank you’s you need to start saying. Just start here.

Because this is happiness and it’s most simplistic.

Save it as your desktop wallpaper, pin it to one of your boards on pinterest or share it on twitter and facebook. Let this be a reminder of how simple happiness can be.

Elise xo


  • I used this post/pic to change my life in little ways every day. I plan on starting my own blog soon, so if you have any suggestions just email me at weirdbuddies237@gmail.com (sorry about the strange email)(:

  • Hi Mikalia (beautiful name btw!)

    That's so great you use this little schedule of heaven each day! It really does help in so many ways!

    I fully encourage you to start your own blog! If you need tips on how, just type 'how to start a blog you love' and 'how to make your blog more attractive' up in the search bar above and you'll find lots of great tips for starting your own blog.


  • You completely forgot to add:

    Spend time and mental energy simply being happy.

    In fact if you do nothing but that on a regular basis you'll be amazed how much happier you are overall.

  • Love it maria!x