Doesn’t 2015 feel like it’s gonna be a year that it shines it’s luck on ya? Damn, it does! I hope you spent your New Years with people you adore – because you know what they say – what happens on NYE dictates how the rest of your year will go. No BS.

Now even if we promised we wouldn’t buy into the resolution thing that comes along with the dawn of a new year, we still find ourselves quietly planning things we’d like to do. I’d like to share my non-resolution goals & plans with you. That cool? Awesome!

Blogging + Business

Get my butt back into blogging: I’ve felt so out of touch with blogging over the last 2-3 years. It’s like being a uni student – you know what to do & how to do it, but you still procrastinate anyway. 2015 is the year I get back on it. Where’s the proof you say? Just wrapped up my day of blog + business planning for the year. BOOM!

Stick to a post schedule: Friends, you gotta help me with this one. I aim to post 3x per week. Not too stressful to begin with and not too pitiful that everyone will condemn my widdle blog forever. You have full permission to kick my ass if I don’t do it okay?

Collaborate more: The key is in collaboration, but moreso I just want to meet and hang with more like-minded bloggers and create some really awesome stuff together!

Build a community: This has been something I’ve been the most excited about. Getting to know you! It’ll take time, but I swear I’m a keeper. I’ll have your back in ‘who did it’ situations, make you chicken soup when you’re sick – okay not make, but it’s the gesture that counts! – and i’ll patiently give you feedback from work via email on the thousands of online shopping items you want to purchase.

Increase number of email subscribers: 1000 is the goal baby!

Launch secret projects: One is set to launch this month! 😉


Move to a bigger home: Scott and I are in a position where we’re able to afford more space, and where we are right now we’ve outgrown. I’m thinking somewhere near the sea…

Get rid of anything I don’t want or need: This is more about how much crap I’ve accumulated over the years. Crap I don’t need, and some I don’t even want, it’s all excess, and no person needs to have this much. I’d much rather it go to a person who does need it and accumulate experiences & memories instead.

Become debt free: I don’t have a lot of debt, but what I do have has been like a thorn in my side terrorising me in my deepest sleep for the past year. So I’m bringing it out into the light and tackling it bit by bit. I’ll have it paid off within the year no sweat.

Buy only what I LOVE: This is going to be quite difficult. We all know a good deal when we see it, but for me I love bargain hunting. So when I see a great deal, I usually get it! But the thing is, I might not even need, like or want the item. Here begins the practise of making purchases only for what stands out to me and makes me go, “HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOM! I LOVE THAT!”

Build strong relationships with family & friends: This is the goal I’m most excited about. I’ll tell you more later.

Visit to America with Scott: It’s been Scott’s dream since he was knee high to a grasshopper to visit the Americas. 2015 is the year we make that a reality for him. Bring on the Americation!

Philanthropy: I really want to start giving back. To begin with through regular donations, but eventually I’d really like to give my time. Volunteer at a chidren’s hospital, raise a seeing eye dog for the Blind Foundation or help out at a soup kitchen over Christmas. *warm fuzzies*

Eat, eat, eat: Weird right? Shouldn’t it be eat less? NO! I’m sick of eating sub-par meals that have no joie de vivre! I miss having an appetite for deliciousness, for gourmet, for pungent, for FLAVOUR. I want to eat real food instead of sticking to some kind of obnoxious meal plan that ensures I’ll be healthy but miserable foreverrrr.

What are some of your goals? Are they the usual get fit, fall in love and make lots of money?  Or are they different, unusual, aligned to what you’re really wanting? Tell me in the comments below!

xo Elise

  • Harmony, you never know your luck 😉

  • Love your goals. I have lots of bloggy goals. Debt free would be lovely but my mortgage isn't likely to disappear this year lol

  • Haha, let me guess – makeup is your guilty pleasure? Yeah I'm definitely have to ease back on the chocolate and clothes purchasing this year!