So, you got flaws?

Damn girl, I got them too! If we really wanna get into a contest about it, I’ve had mine since I was 8-years-old. What about you? Can you beat that? Can ya? Can ya!?

Okay, childishness aside, can we have a REAL conversation about this please? Body image. Argh! Single most important thing to a woman’s mental health is how she feels about herself. Takes years to build confidence up, and a moment to tear it down.

That ‘tear down’ infests every area of a your life from the clothes you wear everyday, how you interact socially, when you see your friends, how often you have sex, how well you perform at your job, your own personal happiness to the relationship you are constantly creating with yourself.

How To Love Your Flaws & Adore Your Body
Adoring your body, loving your flaws & seducing yourself goes far beyond self love. It’s about creating a healthy body image regardless of your size.

When you learn to do this (through my AWESOME steps below) you will touch every part of your life. You’ll gain strength and lighten the load of your heart with each step you take. Think of how much more time you’d have on your hands if you can successfully replace your self-loathing with joy, bliss, love & fun!

Another point I want to make out is that everyone no matter how thin, thick, short, tall or ‘normal’, have body image issues. Let’s start changing that today shall we?

    • Whatever your flaws are, FLAUNT THEM: Oh god *cringe* – “I can’t stand looking at them, why the fuck would I want to flaunt them!?” you say? It’s in bringing those things that we hide, are ashamed of, make us feel less out into the light to heal, and be okay with. Turn what you can’t stand into your greatest asset.


    • Buy clothing & underwear that makes you feel uber sexy/happy but also FITS: If you’re worried about how big you are, but you’re still cramming your voluptuous frame into a tiny piece of material, it’s time to go out, honor your body & buy yourself some bigger clothes that look sexy as hell on you & make you feel so comfortable. If you’re worried about how small you are, you get yourself some stunning numbers that’ll make you feel beautiful! In other words, STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE SIZE ON THE LABEL. It doesn’t matter!


    • Drop the story & write a new one: “Soooooo like, I’ve had body image issues since I was 8-years-old…” It’s time to let this story go hun. Plus, it’s probably gotten a little boring and repetitive. Invent a new story, c’mon we could do it a thousand times a day when we were kids! How do you wanna feel in your body in this new story? What’s the kinda relationship you wanna have with your body?


    • Move your body. I don’t mean go to the gym and run on the treadmill for 3 hours while you simultaneously slate every inch of your body. No no. What I mean is make your body active. Dance around your house, do some zumba, go for a lovely bush walk with your hunk-o-manflesh or take a shopping/gossip date with your girls. Do things that make you happy, that also combine being active. You will feel amazing for it!


    • Learn the art of Charm & Cheek: Kitty Cavalier’s School of Charm & Cheek is for women who want to learn how to reclaim those two elements as a source of power and to know themselves more deeply and intimately. She explains that Charm is the sensation of pleasing or delight, and Cheek is endearingly irreverent. They’re the Ying & Yang of living a really fun & joyous life. Too much charm can be cute & pretty but you always need a little cheek.


    • Ignore the haters: There’s one in every town. But that in no way means you should buy into their crap of what they say about you. If someone in your life doesn’t make you feel loved, beautiful or worthy it’s better to distance yourself from them than put up with their own insecurities they’re projecting on you.


    • Join a Burlesque Class: Burlesque is such an intriguing, alluring form of entertainment that involves getting on stage and flaunting EVERYTHING (& yes includes a strip tease). Before you say “There ain’t no way in HELL that’s happening!” you can first learn Burlesque from the comforts of your own home (or bedroom with all the curtains closed if your so inclined). Channel your inner Carmen Electra or Jo Weldon. Burlesque isn’t just about stripping, teasing or seducing, it’s actually a form of therapy exploration for someone whose dealt with body image issues, eating disorders or just feeling dirty because your a woman. It helps heal those wounds.


    • Be unapologetically YOU: You are who you are and as much as you want you can’t change that (unless you really try too). Living an authentic life isn’t about ‘being the best version of yourself’, it’s actually about living in the polarity of your flaws and assets and not making either one right or wrong. It’s about wearing both of them unapologetically & having a wild time!


    • Love what’s unlovable: Re-tune your relationship with those parts of yourself that you find unlovable. If you struggle with a particular body part, say your belly. Start telling yourself your belly is the hottest thing about you. Or if it’s your thighs, tell yourself your thighs are your sexiest asset. The only thing less attractive than “flaws” is not liking those parts of yourself that are considered flaws.


    • Sweet talk yourself. Okay, TMI time. Before my shower every night, I spend some time just being naked in my bathroom. I turn on my fancy shower radio I got when I was 14 and I dance andflip my hair round (it actually feels AMAZING on the skin of your back, did you know that?!). I take time just to enjoy my body and talk to it sweetly, tell her she’s beautiful and that she’s sexy as hell. Doing this has greatly improved my body image, so I dare you to do it too.


    • Seduction = attraction: Oh yeah, seduction is actually a great tool for law of attraction! But first you gotta change your personal definition of seduction (which will more than likely be about sex, being perfect, a way to get what you want or being cold). Seduction as a way of life is living with the utmost authenticity, boisterously. And when you do (be) that you naturally attract or seduce what you really want. You bypass your egos need for control and you attract your souls true desire.


    • Give up the bitch fest: Sitting round with your friends, family and colleagues bitching about your bodies is the WORST thing you could do to yourself. It psychologically affects you deeper than you realize & completely warps your relationship with your body. STOP IT. If you’ve got nothing nice to say about yourself, don’t say it! Instead, print this page out and do at least ONE of these steps to making yourself feel better!


    • Love yourself no matter what size you are just for the f*ck of it: Be a rebel without a cause. Love yourself till the end of time, just because you f*cking can!


Are you yourself dealing with your own body image issues? Or have you worked through your body issues & have a great relationship with your body? Please tell me in the comments below!

Oh and if you know of someone who is struggling with her own self image, please share this post with her. It may just change her life.

Elise xx

  • This is a beautiful and inspiring blog post!!! LOVE it!!! I totally agree with 'moving my body'. Running has tremendously helped me to get and be comfortable, when running I am one with nature in body and soul and I am thankful for my body to carry me through. And oh yea, the shower dance times…I admit, when I am alone I often jump around naked or not in my bedroom, feeling free and content. 🙂 Thanks for this post.

  • Thank you Kat! You know what? I've always wanted to get into running but it's always terrified me. I dunno why. Just that freedom to blitz through tracks with the wind on your face sounds like bliss!

    And I am SO GLAD you admit you have naked shower dancey times! Makes me feel less like a complete dork!

    Thanks for your message love 🙂 xx

  • Hi Elise
    Thank you for this beautiful post, and thank you for including everyone in it. I always have a hard time admitting that I don't like my body because I am thin, so what's not to like??? That is definitely not the case, and I am glad to hear that be recognized. Just because I am thin, does not mean that I should be completely happy with my body. I feel a sense of relief now that I am finally being open about it, and just that alone is helping me immensely. Thank you for all the tips, I can't pick one that I like more than the rest! I think the biggest problem is comparison, so I love the idea of wearing what is sexy for YOU, and not for someone else. EXCELLENT!!
    Thank you so so much!!

  • Hi Krista, wow it humbles me that you would share that with me here on the blog. Thank you.

    You are 100% right, thin people do have body image issues too. My friend who is what most girls my size dream to be yet she's on a new fad diet every week or she's juicing or starting some new workout regime.

    I'm only just starting to enter a realm of having a healthy body image. While I'm not 100% there yet, I've come a long way. I think it's so important to unwrap that warped vision we have of ourselves as soon as we can, because it really does hold us back from A LOT.

    Thank you so much for admitting how you feel, I hope that relief helps propel you onto a positive journey back to a healthier image of you.

    Here's to our success!

    Elise xo

  • Hi, love the article.
    Posted the link to it on my blog
    xoxo from Vienna, Austria

  • I wouldn't agree more, great inspirational post on how to be yourself no matter what. But it is so hard, especially if the close people hurt you everyday because I am fat and not skinny. I love the way I am, I am feeling good – why everybody else do not understand this?

  • SOG

    To keep it simple: Fat is Toxic and the nature of it depresses your mind in order to impel you to take action. That is the simplified Truth. And btw, running is bad stress for the body.. walking is natural.. Learn about Wild-foods, juicing, natural hygeine, walk every single day for a few miles, do a few enema's a mounth, drink tonnes of water, practise proper food combining, f*ck all chemicals and unnatural sh*t as much as you can.. and get to a beautiful environment if you can, surround yourself with beautyyyyy! :D.. (p.s I found enema's to be the only solution to that stubborn lower-pokey-belly problem we have going on.. everyone's basically full of sh*t and it literally comes out of their mouth in many ways.. everything is connected).,.. I send my Loveeee Yo! 😀 😀 <3

  • thats a story of courage, passion n determination..