7 ways to practice self love

As you may well know, it’s important to give your love to your friends, family and partners but it’s also just as vitally important to give the good lovin’ to yourself .

The saying goes “You gotta fill yourself up with love, so much so that you overflow and have an abundance to give to others”. I read that somewhere but I can’t remember where! Here’s how you do it for yourself.

Create a morning ritual for yourself // Rituals are what you do every day, good or bad, that determine your life’s conditions. So it’s better to consciously do them than unconsciously. How to create your own morning ritual? Decide how you want your day to go and what you wanna feel like. Energized? Blissful? Badass? Sexy as hell? Then choose 1 – 3 things to do with your body, your focus and your words. So that could be getting straight out of bed, putting your trainers on and going for a run, or making a green smoothie, or singing your favourite song in your underwear. Whatever is gonna make you feel the way you wanna feel.

Eat and drink the foods that ACTUALLY make you happy! // I know you have them, so what are they? What beverages make you feel really good. Perhaps a soy latte? Maybe cucumber and grapefruit detox water? How about foods? What foods put you in a really good state? Is it carrots? What about sun dried tomatoes & feta on crackers? Monitor yourself for the next week on the food and drink you consume and how you feel after consuming them. Note down which of those made you feel good, then keep consuming more of your feel good foods!
Take breaks from technology // No BUTS! Too much of a good thing is always a bad thing. How often do you watch TV, listen to the radio, use the computer, laptop, ipad, ipod and cell phone? Every day I’m guessing? Shit, every minute I’ll bet! Spend some time apart. Not only does this make you feel really good but you actually get that time to indulge in what you like (shopping, coffee with friends, one-on-one time with your beau..) I usually take the weekends off. I’ll check the occasional email and fb update but I’m never on for more than 10 mins because the weekend is MY TIME.

Keep your negative thoughts on the downlow // A toughie but a goodie. Negativity can be like a virus, once you catch it it’s bloody hard to get rid of but if you keep yourself healthy and well nourished, you won’t get hit by the doom and gloom of it all. This TOTALLY applies to negative thoughts, negative talk, judging, gossiping and complaining – it’s all the same. If you have a negative thought pop up, intercept it by placing a positive thought there instead. You can only think one thought at a time so make your thought space a positive place. You do that by focusing on your surroundings and finding something small that’s positive to you. Maybe a flower, painting, the sky, a couple, anything.
Spread your love around with THICK layers // One of my favourites! Express your love to the people in your life. Whether it’s your mum, dad, bff, siblings, partner, friends, pets, aunts, uncles, the person you passed while out running earlier today or the birds you fed on your lunch break. Spread it around because it is infectious and it attracts the good stuff. Remember how good you feel when you do something nice for a person and they are so grateful you literally fill up like a balloon of hot gooey caramel air? Yeah that’s the good stuff, but imagine if it was 24/7??
Get your dancey dance on! // What girl doesn’t love to jiggle her ass around a room? It doesn’t have to be anywhere near perfect nor do you have to join a class. All you need to do is put on your favourite tunes and move that body in the most freely, loosely and un-co way. Go bat-shit! Go Will Smith!

Wear clothing that truly expresses who you are // None of these black, toned down layers BS. You are one hot, badass babe who has one sexy body to flaunt REGARDLESS of your size and shape. It makes a HUGE difference to a woman if she feels sexy in what she’s wearing, so don’t hide away or cheap yourself out of a hot outfit. You always deserve it.

What’s one thing you’re taking from this post and implementing into your life today? Get on it!