How are the next 5 years going to play out for you?

In all honesty, I can tell that these next 5 years are going to be the most transformational in all areas of my life.

I see a lot of travel happening that is both work and life related, as well as a career in travel unfolding veeeery nicely.

I see this online space growing enormously to the point where we (you and I) have built a wonderful relationship and community together as well as it becoming a very profitable micro biz.

In terms of where I’ll be, I 100% see myself living on the beachfront in a beautiful modern beach house with Scott (and yes, it’s a high possibility I’ll be married!)

I will also be my healthiest and fittest and will have built new nourishing relationships with wonderful people who are incredibly like-minded.

To put it simply, the next 5 years is going to be AWESOME. Lots of positive changes as well as big scary challenges that are great for me in the long run.

After the last couple of years having broken down, slowly built myself back up and used that time to build a solid foundation for myself, I can 100% say I am right where I need to be.

I believe that good things are happening for me, I believe that I will achieve every single thing I really want to achieve and I believe with all my being that I can create for myself the kind of life I want.

Now tell me about you m’lovely! How do you believe the next 5 years are going to play out for you?

  • In the next 5 years, I expect a lot of things to happen.

    I expect to have a 6-figure income in 5 years. I expect to have an talent agent for my singing, dance & stunt work. I expect to be in a musical. I expect to be a motivational coach to others.

  • Ha i love it!
    In the next five years ill be a flight attendant and successful lifestyle blogger! That means im going to travel a lot and see lots of different things!

  • Love it Udoka! I see that happening for you too! And you do stunt work!?!? That is SO DAMN COOL! I did a Stunt Workshop last year and it was soooo freakin cool!! x

  • OMG Steph, a flight attendant!? Seriously, we need to be bffs! I can't tell you what I'm doing just yet, but in the next few weeks I'll reveal it all! (hint: it's completely travel related!!)