In this interview you will learn how you can start to live a fabulous life on your terms, how possible it is to do work you love & travel the world and 3 core habits to adapt that will change your life! Leggo!

1. You are a FABULOUS living AND travelling coach! What made you decide to combine those two things?

It’s not really that I am saying I am fabulous, but saying that anyone can create their fabulous life. My fabulous life includes having lots of travel in it, which many be different than someone else’s definition.

Your job is to create the definition of what you think fabulous living is, and align your life with the definition, so that you are in harmony with it. I like to inspire people to live out their dreams through my travel stories and videos.

2. How is it that you can just travel around the world constantly? What’s your secret?

At different points in my life, I have travelled in different ways that are not traditional, which allowed me to constantly be travelling. When I was 16 years old I did an exchange program to Mexico for three months to learn Spanish. After high school I studied Hotel Management in Athens, Greece for three years at a Swiss hotel school, and in the summers was on the Greek islands.

Having studied Hotel Management, I then worked in the Cayman Islands for a year, following with a year in the Canadian Rockies. I was also an Au-Pair in Spain for three months the summer of 2009.

In 2011, I wanted to create a travel reality project/dream. I created a reality where I worked three weeks a month in Toronto and the last week of every month I went away on vacation blogging and vlogging.

I manifested cheap flights, and used couchsurfing and hotels for my accommodation to make this possible. It was a monthly adventure one after another having 12 vacation, in 12 months.

3. If I wanted to mimic a similar AMAZING lifestyle just like you, how do you recommend I should go about it?

Right now I am not travelling every month. My “travel reality” was a dream project that I had for one year. I think the best way to mimic this lifestyle is to take advantage of opportunities that are out there. Anyone can google and find a plethora of travel related things to do, and jobs to work abroad.

You need to want it and be open to it. In terms of the monthly travels, it doesn’t  matter what the work you are actually doing is, rather the schedule you have. If you have the space, you can create the lifestyle.

4. What is the craziest travelling experience you’ve manifested in your life so far?

I have had lots of crazy travelling experiences I’ve manifested from three months in Spain after seeing the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona and deciding the following day to leave, to creating a reality of going on vacation once a month.

One of my earliest manifestations was when I was 12 years old after returning back to Canada after a trip to Greece. I thought Greece was so beautiful, and I told my Mother after high school I was going to move there. I calculated the days to finishing grade 12 and make a calendar.

For the first weeks I would cross of the days. It wasn’t until a few years after I came back from living in Greece a few years later, that I realized I manifested and lived in Greece after high school from my thoughts when I was 12 years old. That was REALLY COOL!

5. What is your favourite country/city you’ve visited so far and where is somewhere new you would love to go?

I don’t have a favourite country because I appreciate different things for different reasons when travelling to places. I can’t compare the Canadian Rockies to Dubai, where you have natural and man-made land.

I do know that I prefer old places full of history and stories of the past versus man-made or new places. I LOVE European architecture. My two places that come instantly on my mind are India and Argentina for new places to visit.

6. Alright, let’s get deep for a moment – do you sometimes get tired of moving from place to place?

Yes, I do get tired at times. Not all of my travels have had me travelling constantly which helps. Last week I had a flight to Chicago, which I cancelled because I was busy with things in Toronto and was tired to go. Imagine being tired to travel? 😛

7. Do you believe that particular countries and places have a profound spiritual effect on you?

Whenever I travel to Greece, I have this feeling that I can’t explain. Being born in Canada, and being of Greek heritage I have a connection for sure.

I love Canada and feel it’s my home ( It will forever be my home. I always get so happy when I land in YYZ.), but when I land in Greece it’s my soul. It’s as if in front of ancient ruins all of my being, and soul rejoices. 🙂

8. What is one core thing you LOVE to teach your coaching clients who want what you’ve got?

I have 3 core things!!!

  1. I always teach that everything happens in baby steps. Don’t get scared looking at how big the goal is, but work on the small steps you can do today.
  2. Take ACTION. Nothing happens unless you take action. You have to use the words ending in ING!!!!
  3. No one just changes their career instantly from working to being a full-time entrepreneur. Things take time which is all perfect timing. You need to work while learning or taking a course, then you need to build for example a site, and so on and so on. Don’t think in your head you need to make x amount of money before you start working on your business idea.

P.S Entrepreneurs are always working!

9. Do you have any juicy tips for those wanting to start making change in their lives even if they don’t want to travel?

I don’t only do travel coaching, but personal life coaching. A juicy tip would be to start becoming clear of what your own definition of fabulous living is and live it.

No one can tell you how to live your fabulous life because they have not had the same experiences you have had, nor preferences of interests. Become clear and live it!