In this interview you will learn how to start creating positive (glitter love bomb) change in your life and how to bust out of a funk. You’ll also discover why mindset and beauty play important factors in creating a life you love and a crazy awesome tool that’ll help manifest the things you want.

You are the fun and loving creator of Lucid Musing where you help unicorns believe in themselves, what made you venture down this path?

Oy vey, it’s a looooong story as you can imagine, but I’ll give you the nitty gritty. It’s funny because now when I look back on it, it’s as if I awakened from this intense trance or something…

I grew up being the good girl, dutiful daughter and rule follower because I sought approval and praise and accolades and high-fives to satisfy my ego. I did “everything I was supposed to do”—and it made me feel inadequate, unworthy, ugly, and like a freak show. It kept me frozen in my tracks.

I’ve always had this intense need to show other people how amazing and beautiful they are—to dazzle people by highlighting what’s best about them. I didn’t know what to do with that, and I had no idea that doing anything with it was even an option!

After years of corporate work and crying in my cubicle or in the hall on my way to the bathroom singing Bjork’s “There’s More to Life Than This”, I realized that I wanted…no, YEARNED to be a life coach! The idea scared the frick frack crapola out of me, and I was frozen, not wanting to take action, so I just hung out knowing that I really wanted to do this amazing work, but kept on plugging away at the “should”…

It hurts my guts to see other women totally missing out on their beauty and WOWness…everything that makes them magical unicorns! My mission with LucidMusing is to help women see how beautiful, dreamy, crushworthy, strong they are so they can go after what they want in life. Every woman is a magical unicorn, but so many of them don’t know it….

What inspired you to start teaching your message?

When I found out I was pregnant, I experienced a deep shift in my mindset. I realized that I wanted to be a bright-n-shiny example of “YES! YOU CAN LIVE YOUR DREAM!” and “YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY!” and “YOU CAN MAKE MONEY BY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE AND BEING OF SERVICE!” for my tiny human.

So, I grabbed my, well, proverbial cojones, and signed up to get my life coaching certification. Voila, the rest has been a result of that first mega important step!

Every single woman has amazing magical powers, beauty, strength, passion to be lived…and when I see them stuck like I used to be, feeling inadequate and/or seeking approval instead of doing what makes them gush with joy and giddiness, my first instinct is to show them all the WOW things they have going for them so that they can start truly living their lives, loving themselves and rocking all they have to rock with Technicolor confidence!

What do you believe is an important factor to creating an awesome life?

Well, I have two HUGE ones: First is MINDSET and paying attention to the thoughts that are keeping you from living vibrantly, happily.

If you lug around the mindset, “I’m not enough and life is hard!” then that’s the reality you create for yourself. When you shift this to, “I am perfectly me and I live every day with flow and ease!” it seriously is a game-changer!! YAY!

The second thing is BEAUTY. Focus on it, create more of it, see it in yourself and in others, give it away, feel it, touch it, smell it, be grateful for it. The more you do all of this, the more beauty you will float in, and the happier and more confident you will feel!

Do you have a daily ritual you like to do? If so, what are some things you do each day?

Girl, you know I do! My routine varies a little, but essentially I eat a lovely breakfast including a crazy juice mix (whatever I have available, in it goes along with some chia, ginger, flax seeds, cinnamon and loads of greens!) I often put on some music in the background to make it an event and set the tone for the day.

Then I do some meditating to open my heart and connect to the Earth and to the Universe/Source/Kosmos/God and set the intention for the day, like, “Today I am productive, but give myself space for fun!” I move my body to shake out any negative or yucky stuff. Most mornings I write a few declarations in my manifestation journal and/or spend a few minutes repeating some of the lovely things I would like to invite into my life.

Oh! And I always light a candle and some incense (I’m hooked on coconut scented lately, it is simply wowy zowy!!!!) Recently, I started doing exercise again, so after that about 20-minute experience, I do some kick-ass cardio or interval training. Voila!

What are your tips for someone who wants to start making positive change in their lives?

If you are truly ready to make change, the first thing you can do is accept that all things that are out of your circle of control (anything that is not decided/done/undone by you directly) is the way it is, and you cannot change it. Woooh, I even have to take a breath after that because it’s big.

Certain things, circumstances, people simply will not change, so why spend so much of your time, energy and mental space worrying about it? Just release it and know it is perfect as it is.

The second thing I would recommend is really focusing on today. The past happened, and the future is ahead, and that’s great, but what can you do *today* to make your existence a more pleasant one?

Instead of buying fast food and eating in your car thinking about how much your job sucks (I’ve been guilty of that, so I ain’t judgin’!), buy a salad, and take your headphones to eat at a nearby park and think of everything that *is* going right in your life. It’s these tiny experiences that actually make up the whole of your life!

Sometimes we don’t feel so fantastic, what are some of your tips to help get out of the funkiness?

When we feel icky, many times the first thing we want to do is just lie down, eat bad stuff and watch TV.

We mope and it feels like our body can barely keep itself up! An easy peasy and really effective fix for this is to MOVE! Put on a song that you find irresistible to dance to, and make yourself stand up and start dancing. Once you get over the whole, “but I don’t feel like dancing”, the song’ll getcha, and you’ll get your groove on.

Make sure to jump and shake out your hands and legs to move any stuck energy around. If you don’t have music available, jump up and down shaking your arms and legs and throw some hip swivels in if you can. Another thing that works like magic is taking like 2 minutes to list 10 or 15 things that you are grateful for, that make you feel abundant, and that are good in your life.

They can be really mega simple, like, breakfast was delicious this morning, my neighbor told me my hair looks nice, the flowers I bought smell delightful. It shifts your focus and cures yuckiness stat!

What are your 5 FAAAAAAVE things to do on a mellow day?

Ooooh! Let me think, you good question-asker! I’m imagining this mellow day as rainy..

Here’s my list in no particular order:

  1. Craft! I love to make things out of scraps and what may seem to be junk. The hot glue gun is my pal. We go way back.
  2. Read and write.
  3. Play with my tiny dancer.
  4. Have a spontaneous dance party or magical meal (candles, music, even dress up sometimes)
  5. Go on a dreamy enchanted forest/river/urban paradise walk

What’s a magically amazing thing that has happened to you in your life?

Right after college I decided I wanted to work and live in France for a year. I bought my plane ticket and committed to sharing an apartment with a friend even though I had no idea where I would work, or how I would get my visa to stay for an entire year. I contacted the US Embassy in Paris to see if they had any jobs I could apply for, and they had nothing. Also, I had no money to take with me.

It was one week before I was supposed to leave for a year, and I was, uh, freaking out! No job lined up in France, no visa, no mula. Yowzers. So, I decided to chant like nobody’s business. I did it every single day, multiple times believing that I would magically get a visa, a job and money and that everything would be ok. Three days before my departure, I got an unexpected and beyond generous check in the mail from an old high school teacher as a college graduation gift—I was stunned and sooo grateful. A total shocker. Money—check!

Then, a couple days later I received an email about a job as an assistant that would allow me to apply for my work visa. It came from someone who I would have never thought to ask. Job—check! I contacted the embassy to let them know I had a job, and the employee said that even though I had a job lined up, it would take at least a month to process the paperwork for my visa…OH NO! A frick frack month? I was panicking because I had no money to change my ticket and would need to send my friend rent for the apartment.

I’m not sure why, but she called me later that day and said that she had called in a favor and would process my visa THE SAME DAY and overnight it to me. I got it the morning of my flight!!! Visa—check!!!! It worked out beautifully because I stopped and just believed (while taking inspired action, of course!) Manifestation at its finest! Toots, I still get goose-bumps just thinking about it!

Where is your favourite place to go in the world and why?

My grandparents’ house in Mexico City. I would go there every summer when I was a little kid.

There was always singing, dancing, piano playing, dress up! My grandmother is the one who taught me all about showing others how to see and showcase their beauty. She also taught me about manifesting and believing that anything is possible as well as making the moment as pleasant as possible.

I remember there was a hammock outside in the backyard, and I used to swing on it and would imagine swinging so high that I’d shoot up to the sky and start flying. It’s still an overall magical, creative place for me.

What are 5 essential habits/beliefs you believe women should adapt in their lives?

Man alive, this is a good one! Here goes:

  1. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Find a word that means “beautiful” to you, and OWN IT! It doesn’t matter if you’re not “perfect” or if you think you don’t meet someone’s expectations—all that matters is what YOU think!!! Seriously!
  2. Make decisions + take action from a space of LOVE not FEAR. Love for yourself, others, life… When we do things based on fear, the outcome ain’t pretty! We end up doing things that don’t feel good, and that can get messy and mucked up. Acting from LOVE can be difficult at first, but it’s wonderful for your confidence, self-love and overall happy dappy living.
  3. Kick negative self-talk to the curb. Pay attention to yucky thoughts you have repeatedly that make you feel like crapola, and replace them and breath. They aren’t “real” or “true”…but they make you react and live as if they were. Choose positive, uplifting, kick-ass motivating thoughts that make you feel lovely and all “hell yeah!” instead!
  4. Be grateful! Look around you every live long day and make note of all the dreamy, floaty, wow in your life! If you can keep it logged in a gratitude jar or journal, all the better for easy reference when you’re having a yuck day or moment.
  5. Send glitter bombs of love. When you want to talk smack about or to someone, or when you find yourself annoyed, send the person (or yourself!) a blessing and some light instead! You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel about the world and yourself.
  6. BONUS!! I just couldn’t resist this one because it is SO important! Remember to HAVE FUN!! It’s sacred and vital to a happy and healthy life! Make room for it in your agenda, seek it out, create it, invoke and invite it in, say yes to it! FUN is just as important as being productive, working, honoring your commitments, etc. So off you go to have some!!!


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