Over the last few months I have been experimenting with different methods and practices to see what would happen to my life when I added these new ways of being.

I didn’t really expect much to change, maybe a slight mood boost but that was about it. Little did I know how dramatic the results would be and how different I would feel.

Let’s just say I am (finally) well on my way to creating a life I friggin’ love.

I figured this advice may come in handy for you also so by all means, take these strategies and play with them!

How to Create a Life You Friggin’ Love

Cut your BS & start doing the things you keep putting off: It’s seriously like I was just waiting, waiting, waiting for something to happen so that I could go forth and finally live the life I’d always wanted.

Except that waiting gets you nowhere. Like waiting to get promoted, waiting to get proposed to or waiting to start writing again. It just doesn’t happen without action mate. If there’s something you want you gotta make some steps (even if they’re mini) towards it.

I have wanted to get back into sewing and crafting for MONTHS but kept putting it off for later as there were more important things to do like browse the web…… When I finally stopped making up excuses and sat my ass down to the sewing machine, I had so much fun!

Allow yourself to have what you really want: I went on a MAD shopping spree and rather than buying clothes that I kinda liked but bought because they were super cheap, I decided not to look at the price and instead go from first appearances.

If I saw something that made me gasp and think, “Oh. my. god. I LOVE that!!!”, then I had to try that on! Don’t get me wrong, it was super challenging to switch from cheapo wait-till-I’m-rich-and-hot mode. And some of the things I loved were damn pricey, but I shrugged it off and said ‘If I can’t afford it now I’ll save for it because I am worth it’.

When I owned that statement my ‘feel good’ levels raised dramatically! I was so used to playing small with my clothing that making that one little shift changed my whole vibration, permanently!

Change your environment: There’s a wonderful quote I heard my girl Sarah Jenks say and it goes, “One of the best ways to change your life is to change your environment. And this changes you.” (click to tweet).

I changed my usual routine of, wake up, eat breakfast, work, work, work, have dinner, watch some fave shows, bed, to, wake up, green smoothie, meditation, a little work, nature walk, a little more work, play time, some work again, dinner, relax, read, bath, bed.

My whole energy and presence changed, it was literally like I was living a whole new life. I felt so damn good about my days because i was doing something different! You see, I don’t think we’re meant to do the same thing day in and day out for long periods of time. I think we have to change our routines regularly so we don’t wind up becoming like caged animals. After years of being held in captivity you see their spirits die and they lose the fight in their eyes.

Get clear like a psychic: It’s like visualizing in High Definition. Everything is crystal-fricken-clear. Think about it, when you’ve been vague and unclear, you usually get vague and unclear results back.

Like that time you told that guy you kinda might like him and expected him to declare his undying love for you but instead he responded really awkwardly and you left the conversation not knowing if it was a good sign or a bad sign. I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

You need to know what you want, what you really want. Not what you think is enough, nor what others say you should want. Get clear and then embody it, cement it to you and then drop it.

It’s not our job to keep reminding the universe what we ordered, It’s our job to know who we really are and what we really want and go about our lives. The universe has got your back and the least amount of resistance you have to what you want, the better.

Talk to the universe:
I used to worry that I was bothering the universe when I was asking for things. I somehow got it into my head that you ask for what you want and no more because the universe has got bigger things to worry about. I seriously have no idea where that belief came from, but it was there.

I decided one night that I’d just talk to the universe (you can do it in your mind or out loud) and just chatted about random stuff like what I’m getting up to today and how bad I need a haircut. And what I found was that the more I talked to it, the more the universe became like a friend. It’s like we got to know each other.

The universe was no longer this busy working man strapped for time but an actual friend I could joke around with. When that happened, manifesting things became easier and things felt more flowing.

The universe is just another way to describe you and your source/infinite intelligence. What you’re actually doing is cultivating a relationship with yourself, your befriending yourself and therefore you are able to drop blocks you have with yourself which let’s the manifesting process slip right through the gap. Pretty cool huh?

In the comments below, I’d love to hear which strategy you’re gonna take on and how you feel about it!

  • Yay for sewing, Elise! I've been making tons of time with my sewing machine lately and finding it's such a great creative outlet–I like that there's the whole engineering part of it but that there are also so many possibilities. Totally agree that it makes a huge difference to dive in and do those things you've been putting off.

    I think I'll play with my routine next–it's been awhile since I really shook things up and your new routine sounds delightful.

  • Oh that is awesome Jessica!
    A new routine is a fantastic way to shake up the energy in a simple way.
    Please let me know how it goes! xx

  • Hi Elise,
    Fantastic post 🙂 I REALLY need to get clear on my intentions….I actually notice myself halfway through visualising getting really hazy and unclear, its super annoying and I cant seem to really zone in on it!

  • Vague and unclear thoughts get you vague and unclear results. Brilliant! I am going to get clear like a psychic and talk to my friend the universe. I want what I want (and I deserve it) and I want a better relationship with my self. Self-love, baby! Thanks Elise. You are wise beyond your years!!

  • Aw thank you Brooke, you're a darling!

  • OMG, I do that too sometimes! Like trying to visualize my ideal day, it starts off perfect and then gets a little hazy by the time I get to the afternoon. I find that usually means I still haven't found what I'm truly wanting.xx