Are you thinking, “An abundance diet? That’s the last thing I wanna be doing! I wanna be having an abundance banquet!!!”?

Well that makes absolute sense, I don’t doubt everyone feels the same way!

However, the kind of abundance diet I’m talking about simply means that you’re cutting down on the amount of work you have to put in and getting 10x healthy and nutritious results.

Have I tickled your fancy now? (Totally wrote that in my Mum’s voice!)

Whatever you have learned about manifesting and whatever you believe you need to do to bring more of the things you really want into your life, there are actually only 2 things you need to do in order to create more of it. Two things!

So now are you ready to go on an abundance diet? Awesome-sauce!

Before we get into the ‘how’, majority of us are first going to have to deal with the ‘what’. In this case the ‘what’ is our fears, blocks and self sabotaging habits such as scarcity, debt, lack and a ‘not enough’ mentality.

Imagine if you suddenly had 10x more money in your bank account, how would you really feel? If you’re wired in scarcity chances are you are going to feel even more anxious and stressed and become insanely impulsive.

You can combat this by really knowing that you don’t have to get it perfect every step of the way. You can create abundance no matter where you’re at (yes, even if you’re in a lot of debt) because the key to it all is about it being fun and lighthearted!

Decide now that you are going to withdraw the negative power from your scarcity thoughts and decide to focus only on abundance in a pleasurable way.

Abundance Mantra: “I have the power to create anything I want!” – click to tweet

Now that you know (and I mean know) that you can create an experience of abundance no matter where you are or what ‘state’ you’re currently in, we can get onto the juicy stuff! How to actually create abundance!

    1. Daily Gratitude: Holla! How grateful are you in life atm? Could you be more grateful in areas? Get on it!

      Focus all of your attention on the things you’re grateful for that you already have and that’s already in your life. If you’re feeling the scarcity, intercept your thoughts back onto appreciating the abundance you’ve already got. Then also be grateful for the new things you want to experience.

      I tested myself for two weeks of adding a simple morning gratitude routine. Every morning I would wake and lie there for 3 – 5 minutes and just go through what I was grateful for. Whether it was my lungs, my cat Binka or my Mac. I lay there and I felt it out.

      Within those two weeks I managed to lose 2lbs, money started coming out of nowhere, my friends were giving me extra love, Scott was treating me extra special, even Binka was smooching up to me more! I actually began to feel like my true self again. All within two weeks!! So yeah, try it out!


  1. Evoke + Feel: This is always such a fun and juicy activity for me! Set aside 15 – 20 minutes each day to sit or lie down, close your eyes and imagine the new reality you want to experience.

    It takes practice but aim to imagine it as real and life-like as seeing it all through your own eyes, not like you’re an audience member observing yourself. Be it. It’s not the visualization that’s not important but about what you feel like.

    To get you in the mood, ask yourself ‘If I was already there. If I already had all the money I needed, lots of loving and nurturing friendships and relationships, a happy and healthy body and mind, how would I feel having a life like this?’.

    The goal is to get good at doing this evoking & feeling exercise every day. Start where you are. I’ve already had the most amazing luxurious holiday in Hawaii as well as bought my own beach house for my own spiritual retreats. What about you?

You’ll notice as you do this each day, you’ll start to feel changes happening in other aspects of your life. Usually where there is least resistance but everything will start leveling up slowly.

The point of getting into that place of feeling every day is that we want to make feeling abundant our default state of being.

When you wake up in the morning, when you go about your day and even before you head to the land of nod, these feelings will infect your daily life.

Less work + more gain = the abundance diet!

  • Just discovered you blog,love this! To have gratitude in life is so important! x

  • Elise! I love this! Going to do both steps right now before I get ready for my work day to begin! 🙂


  • Hey bexy! That is absolutely spot on! So glad you found me. I look forward to seeing you round here more!x

  • Hey Ashlee, that's awesome-sauce! Please do let me know how it goes for you!x

  • Whatever you have learned about manifesting and whatever you believe you need to do to bring more of the things you really want into your life, there are actually only 2 things you need to do in order to create more of it. diet and weight lose