1) Tell us your story and why you’re on this path?

A couple years ago my Aunt asked me what makes me happy. And I was stumped. I really had no idea. I was like – I guess my friends, music, my job?? The answer didn’t feel authentic. I just kind of figured those are the things that make people happy. My aunt told me how she has a post-it with a list of things that make her happy and picks one of those things on the list to do every day.

I thought it was a pretty neat idea and figured it would help when I’m upset so I decided to go soul searching to find out what does make me happy. I started paying attention to my daily routine to notice what things made me feel good inside. I made the list too and I am still living by this list today. In fact as I write this, I just completed one of the items on my list about an hour ago.

I’m on this path because I know that life can be better than how most people or society portray it. I want to have an extraordinary life and I’m going to keep trying new things to make that happen and help people around me on the way!

2) Why did you decide to pursue the art of joy?

I decided to pursue the art of joy because I think it is something everyone would like more of in their lives. I meet many people who are like living zombies, they wake up in the morning, work, come home, maybe workout, eat, sleep, and repeat 365 days a year without much excitement.When you live like a zombie you are on auto-pilot and living in a neutral feeling state also known as ‘numb’ and they feel ‘eh’ about their lives. I think that many of us are missing out on a beautiful life that is flying by without us.

I made it my personal mission to find ways to live with joy in my own life with the hope that it inspires others to do the same.

3) How do you manifest joy in your life?

I manifest joy in my life by choosing it. When I am in a bad mood, I allow myself to feel out the emotions I need to feel and then I choose a better feeling for myself. I engage in activities that light me up and make me feel calm within. I make it an intention to surround myself with like-minded positive people. By surrounding yourself with positivity, you tend to attract more of it into your life.

4) Time for some honesty, are you joyful 24/7?

Haha. Definitely not! People tend to think since I am the joy girl that I am always happy. This is not the case at all nor do I feel that should be the aim.Ironically, this evening I had a bit of an episode of anger with a few individuals in which I usually found myself ruining my whole night because of it. But instead I ended up leaving the situation and attending a Jazzercise class and when I came home I did one of the things on my joy list, and now I am back to my normal state.

I think it is important to feel all sorts of emotions but how we deal with it and bring ourselves back to our inner joy is what matters. I would consider myself a girl who is on a journey to find ways to bring her back to joy and help others find their way back to joy too rather than someone who is joyful 24/7.

5) What are you tips for others desiring more joy?

I think one of the main things is to do what my aunt told me to do. Find out what makes you happy. Most people cannot answer what makes you happy just like I couldn’t when I was first was asked.

Pay attention to this upcoming week and see what makes you smile or tingle inside.Write it down in a list and post it up on your mirror. Pick one thing on the list each day and do it. The good thing is that it won’t feel like a chore because you actually enjoy the things on the list! By engaging in activities that make you feel good on a consistent basis will make a big difference in your life.

Second, pay attention to your thoughts. Are you constantly beating yourself up about things? Are you constantly judging people around you and finding yourself only feeling worse? Notice these thoughts. Forgive them, and pick a better feeling thought.

Changing my thought patterns is the single most thing that has benefited me in having more joy in my life as well as bringing more success into my life. Thinking good thoughts helps your creativity flow better and think clearer. Negative thoughts block a lot of the good ideas that are floating in your mind from coming up.

6) For the times we’re ‘less than joyful’, do you have some tips on getting through?

Once you have your joy list (from question 5) ready, it will make those less than joyful moments easier to get through. Pick something from that list and do it!

Another thing that helps me when I am not feeling so great is I decide (sometimes force myself) to be more thankful for things I DO have. Even as simple as thanking the room for protecting me with its 4 walls or thanking the sun for giving me light today. I had a low point this week where I was dragging my feet and I decided to practice more gratitude and was eventually able to get myself out of my hole.

Another profound thing I learned recently from a conference I attended was from a man named Michael Chase. He said to us, “The missing element in self-help is helping others.” He went on to tell us that when we are feeling depressed, we should help someone else who is depressed.

Or when we are down about a certain situation, we should help someone else who is going through a similar situation. I tried this idea this week while I was down and it worked wonders. I was upset about my job situation but I ended up helping another person spice up their resume and interview skills and by the end of our meeting we were both empowered and re-energized. I would strongly suggest this technique when people are feeling less than joyful! 

Interview with Aditi Ranmchandani