How to Easily Practice Gratitude on a Busy Schedule |

How awesome is it that we have the gift of gratitude?

The reason I call it a gift is because whatever you bestow your gratitude on becomes more in harmony with the universe.

Now that’s amazing right?!

So how often do you practice gratitude anyway? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? (Even if it was once a year that would still be enough).

Sometimes it can be a little hard to remember to practice gratitude everyday. What with uni, work, sports, hobbies, family, relationships and ‘you-time’ – it can fall a little to the wayside.

I’ve found that in my own busy life, there are ways to get your daily gratitude fix without trying to find and force time for it.

The simplest way to practice gratitude is…

At the end of your day when lying in bed and ready to fall off to sleep, go back in time to the moment you woke that day and slowly go through your day thanking life for all of the beautiful things that happened.

You may even find you’re grateful for things you didn’t notice at the time but sub-consciously registered.

Start off slow at first, spend maybe 1 – 2 minutes going through your day. If you’re a rusher like I can be sometimes, spend the first week only taking short amounts of time.

As you progress, you’ll find you can recall more detail and even savor the moments all over again. You may become more excited about delighting in these moments that you go to bed earlier just so you can spend 10, 20 or even 30 minutes appreciating the day you just lived.

The added benefits are, not only are you re-training your mind to automatically find the good in every detail of your life, you’re also improving your memory and guaranteeing yourself a harmonious sleep. Waking in the morning feels joyful, energizing and centering.

Action Step: In the comments below, tell me what’s one thing that happened today in your life that you’re grateful for?

  • Thank you Elise! i know i should be doing this alwaysm but yes, i forget sometimes, so thank you for the reminder- we must put into the universe what we are thankful for .. for that energy simply moves outward and then ultimately comes back and washes over us. i like the idea of the "toroidal flow." i love this video from spirit science where it explains it: "

  • Thanks for your comment lovely! And yes, so very true! Love the vid!x