How many times have you written down ‘get fit’, ‘be healthy’ or ‘lose weight’ on your manifesting lists?

How’d it go?

Like I said in a previous post, when it comes to manifesting some of your desires you’re going to need a little help.

So, how would you like some help in achieving those awesome body and well-being goals?

Today I am SO excited to share with you my fabulous interview with the incredible Lyn McFarlane of Stilettos and Green Juice.

In this interview, you are gonna learn some juicy secrets to help you start manifesting a fit and healthy life. So without further ado, let’s welcome Lyn!

Lyn McFarlane Interview | Stilettos and Green Juice |

1) You are a super intelligent and ultra hot health and fitness expert, what made you decide to get into the industry?

Haha, wow can I add that to my bio?

Good health was not something that came easily to me and in my teens and early 20’s I battled and conquered several chronic illnesses. It was an incredibly hard fight but I was determined to heal myself so I delved into learning as much as I could about health and healing the body naturally.

Once my body was fully healed I became as active as I could be. I went from not being able to get out of bed to being a complete gym junkie. Every time I lifted a weight I was so grateful for the strength I had!

I had been working in the media and marketing industry but was feeling really deflated by all the huge egos and bullies. I was desperate to move into a career that was of service to people but I was scared to make the change.

I had been training at the gym for 10 years and had toyed with the idea of personal training but the past 12 months I have had so many things align to lead me towards turning my passion into a career. I have learnt so much about nutrition and have personally overcome a sugar & junk food addiction and totally transformed my diet.

I feel so amazing having overcome my addictions that I want to help as many people as I can learn to live a healthy life. I was also seeing a lot of health and fitness programs out there that were focused on trying to look a certain way. You know the typical “Get a bikini body in 12 weeks” BS and I wanted to teach women something different.

I wanted to lead the way in educating women on how to be kind and nurture themselves and to set an intention to be healthy rather than try and look like a bikini model! That was the main inspiration behind my blog and becoming a PT and health coach! 

2) Can you give us a sneak peek into your daily well-being routine?

My daily health formula looks like this:

meditate + green smoothie or juice + eat healthy + exercise + give thanks = happy healthy me!

If I don’t follow this formula I am off balance, lack energy and feel unhappy. If you can only make one change to your diet I always advise people to start with a green smoothie. I make a big batch of green smoothie once a week and freeze it and have my smoothie every 2nd day. You can see my green smoothie recipe here.

Every other day I have green juice (which I buy). I also have a shot of apple cider vinegar every day for digestion and I alternate between spirulina, chlorophyll or a super green supplement (whatever is on special at the store!).

3) What does a typical day’s diet look like?

Diet is the main factor in health and fitness so it’s important that I stick to clean eating, this means no processed foods, sugar, white flour or dairy (or at least a reduction in these things).

I try to eat good health nurturing foods that are close to their natural source as possible. I actually eat a fair bit as I lift heavy weights so not everyone needs as much protein as I consume!

A typical day of eating looks like this:

  • Meal 1: Organic pea protein shake with cacao, banana and chia seed
  • Meal 2: Green Smoothie followed half hour later by 2 eggs and 1/4 cup of egg whites scrambled, 2 pieces of spelt toast with avocado
  • Meal 3: Chicken or fish with salad, quinoa and wholemeal or spelt bread
  • Meal 4: More eggs! Usually 1 whole egg and half cup of eggwhites
  • Meal 5: Lean meat, fish or chicken with sweet potato and lots of vegetables Snacks – Almonds, organic dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, coconut oil and cinnamon on bread.
 Manifest a healthy lifestyle through meditation |

4) Do you believe that spirituality and food/fitness are related?

Absolutely. I am the type of person that looks at everything through spiritual eyes.

Food addiction is something that comes from fear based ego thoughts and these thoughts are what separate us from love. Separation from love is a downward spiral that is really hard to climb out of but when you let go of fear you let go of your excess weight.

Marianne Williamson states in A Course in Weight Loss that, “Neither poor diet or lack of exercise are the cause of your excess weight. Mind is cause; body is effect. The cause of your excess weight is in your mind”.

It’s a really in depth topic but I really believe people’s struggle to stick to a health of fitness plan is due to lack of self love which is often due to a disconnection from their higher self or a higher power.

5) Alright, now we want the truth! Are you ALWAYS exercising and eating right?

Well I do always exercise. I love it and have to force myself to sit still! (I know I am super annoying like that) BUT- now it’s confession time – I just ate a McDonalds cheeseburger meal!! I very rarely eat McDonald’s (although I use to be a total addict!) but decided to indulge today.

I eat clean 90% of the time which means that I also enjoy a cheat meal at least once a week. Usually it is something like a burger and fries although I usually choose a healthier version than McDonalds!

I have to be careful not to have sugar every cheat meal because it is so addictive it would be too easy to slip into old habits, but in saying that once you give up sugar you won’t want it as much. I think people always assume eating healthy means denying themselves of foods they enjoy but eating clean is a way of life, it is not a diet.

I love to enjoy my social life so I eat clean most of the time so that I can go out and not worry about what I eat or drink. I never want to be that girl who goes to someone’s house for dinner and won’t eat anything!

6) What are some tips for others wanting to manifest a fit and healthy life?

  1. Believe that you are worthy and deserving of vibrant health and a beautiful body.
  2. Be kind to yourself.
  3. Start thinking and acting like a skinny person. Act like you already have your dream body and do the things that you think you can’t do because of your size Meditate on feeling vibrantly healthy.
  4. Spend time in meditation repeating the mantra “I am perfect health” or “I am beautiful” or “I am my perfect weight” and visualize yourself living the life you desire in the body you desire with the energy you desire. When I was chronically ill I use to meditate every day visualizing myself roller-blading by the beach with lots of every. I don’t doubt that this played a part in my healing!
  5. You also need to really dig deep and ask yourself what is stopping yourself from achieving your ultimate health and weight.
  6. Ask yourself how your situation is serving you and start journaling your thoughts on this. This is a big eye opener!
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7) On those days when we are less than motivated to move our asses, what is something you would recommend to do to counter act it?

The days that you don’t feel like working out are usually the days you need to! I always find I have the best workouts the days I walk into the gym really exhausted and unmotivated! I usually walk out feeling amazing!

If you really don’t feel like going to the gym try cranking up the stereo and dancing around your living room, or meet a friend for a walk. Try different things to keep yourself motivated.

Also incorporate fitness into your daily life so you won’t feel so bad if you don’t make it to the gym, such as get off the bus one stop early, take the stairs instead of the lift, walk around the block at lunch, just do little things throughout the day.

If you are having a really lazy week than just make sure you are eating really clean. A lazy week and a lazy unhealthy diet is an equation for weight gain! 

8) What’s a biggie thing you want to manifest for yourself this year?

Everything!! I have this strong feeling this is the year it will all happen at once! I guess the thing I would like to manifest before everything else is a life partner and stop the endless cycle of dating assholes!

This is the hardest one for me as I have a lot of blocks in this area. On the other hand I have always been brilliant at manifesting everything else and I really plan to launch a successful online health and fitness empire! One of which will be of service to thousands of women around the globe!

9) Where in the world are you and how can we connect?

I am an Aussie beach girl residing in the beautiful eastern suburbs of Sydney!

I would love to connect and help anyone with their health or fitness so please come visit my website Stilettos and Green Juice sign up to my newsletter or message me on my facebook page with any questions.

If you’re in Sydney, I run bootcamps and am available for personal training sessions and if you’re not in Sydney you can book a health coaching session with me which we will do over skype and email.

I also have an ebook coming out very soon called “The Skinny Secrets” and I will be giving away a Sneak peak of the book to all those that sign up to my blog.