How to find your purpose and do what you love

“So what do you do?”

“Oh….. I work at, um…….. Starbucks…” (ashamed)

Ever had this type of conversation at a party, wedding, social gathering, event, conversation, meeting, class, conference, family event etc and felt absolute shit afterwards?

Oh how I KNOW you have!

Why is it that we feel so damn ashamed of what we do?! Obviously we believe that what we do isn’t good enough. There is so much fear and self-worth tied up into that one little conversation it’s ridonkulous.

A lot of the reasons why people feel ashamed of what they do is because they don’t do what they love OR they don’t know what it is that they want to do with their life! So they spend their time giving the best years of their life to soul-sucking jobs for that (average) weekly pay check.

This my darlings is not living.

To live a passionate purposeful life and do what you love you have to be willing to step outside of that comfort zone you’ve carefully decorated.

I know it’s scary as shit but working at starbucks for the next 7 years when you’ve always wanted to be a dancer is scarier.

Even if you don’t know what you want, you know enough to know that you do not wanna be exactly where you are. So in actual fact you do have somewhat of an idea where you’d like to be because it sure as hell aint here.

No more okay?

Let’s get passionate!

To start yourself off on the path of finding purpose, you’ve gotta offer a little diligence on your part.

7 Steps to Finding Your Purpose

Commit to Yourself

Before you even start, you gotta make a pact with yourself. A pact that no matter what, you will do whatever it takes to get you out of where you are to where you wanna be. Be your own VIP and treat yourself like one. Have standards, know your values and never settle for anything less.

Make a List

Sit down and make a list of every single thing you have ever wanted to do and everything you want to do. Even the most silliest things like being a tortoise. From this list you’ll have a certain level of feelings towards each thing. We’re gonna work with the things that pique your interest the most.

Get Negative

Say whaaaat?? Just hear me out. Of the things that interest you the most, now you need to write a list of everything negative to do with it. Say you’ve put up ‘win an oscar‘ and the negative things that come up for you are ‘I’ll need to attend a lot of acting classes, move to LA, you need to be talented and beautiful, how could I ever win one of these?’. The purpose of this is to see where your fears and limiting beliefs are so we can work them out.


Release your old negative beliefs with forgiveness. Go through your negative list as often as you can and use forgiveness affirmations on yourself. Something like “I release you, I forgive you, I love you”. The important thing here is to feel it more than anything.

Make Room

Time to clear some space physically and emotionally. Do a huge spring clean of your house, get lethal with your wardrobe (do you really need those 10 pairs of heels in the same colour?). Sell your stuff online and put the money towards your new purpose/passion, donate some of your things to charity, have a garage sale. Emotionally, become mindful of yourself when you get emotional about things. You’ll notice you’ll have a habit of getting emo about particular things i.e me with my partners clothing all over the floor (ARGH!) Oh and, you gotta say bye-bye to the people who suck the life outta you. Make room for the new ‘on purpose’ you!

Get Obsessed with Positivity

Chase it, hold on to it, seek it out. Find any reason to stay positive. Read books, hang around positive people, watch inspiring tv shows, learn about new things that excite you. Feed your mind with positivity and your life will change.

Enjoy Now

The number 1 way to find your purpose? Appreciate where you are. Get grateful, give love and be thankful for everything you’ve had, have and are going to have.

Finding Purpose in Life

By now you should get what we’re doing right? You can’t figure out your purpose sitting on the couch at home all day waiting for the inspiration. You must take some action! Even the smallest amount of action is enough to provoke an idea from within you.

That’s exactly what happened with me and this blog. At the beginning of the year – heck even in June – I had NO IDEA that I was going to start The Inner Vibrance Project! Then one day I came across a website which got me all inspired (Marie Forleo if anyone wants to know!) and I decided to do some of the exercises and hey you know what? Ideas started to form and slowly but surely came the idea for The Inner Vibrance Project!

Little did I know how quick the blog would grow!

All that grew from a singular tiny bit of inspiration.

Imagine what you can do?

  • One thing I have learnt about living the best possible life you can is that you have to appreciate everything, if I want to be manifesting an amazing future I can't do that after coming home feeling crap about the current day. I have to have gratitude and compassion now and it can flow into the next moment. Thanks for the great post.

  • Thank you for your comment Maddison (I LOVE that name btw!)

    You are TOTES right about that. Appreciation is like glue that holds everything good in your life. Defs do it as much as you can! 🙂

    Elise xo