How to find Happiness is a Perfume

I feel like a lot of people think in order to find true happiness they must go on this quest to find it (somewhere in the Himalayas probably… yeah it’s definitely in the Himalayas..) or they feel they’ve got to spend years of studying the patterns of the universe and only then will you achieve ultimate enlightenment to actually get a smidgen of unwavering happiness.

Yeah… no way.

In a way I think we like to idealize happiness as if everything will be better once we’re happy, but there’s this part of us deep within our souls (whom we neeeeeever show to anyone) that, dare I say it, actually likes to be unhappy.

I mean, I understand it. Unhappiness/misery/negativity – that shit is like a drug. It’s so addictive to jump on the bitching squad than it is to switch off and go read Who Moved my Cheese!

So the real question is, What little steps can I take today that will improve how I feel?

And this my darling, is the right question.

If you want to find true happiness and make it stay, it doesn’t take years of study and application. All it takes is one little step each day.

How to Find Happiness & Make It Stay

Take a good solid hour to ask yourself and write down these questions. Really take some time to think about the.

  • What are the things that make you feel good? 
  • What brings you a lot of joy and fun?
  • What do you feel energizes you?
  • What makes you feel complete?
  • What doesn’t make you feel good? 
  • What makes you feel frustration, anger and boredom?
  • What are ways you can start changing feeling bad today?

The point of this is to find what it is that lights you up, what doesn’t and small actionable steps you can take each day towards being happier.

If you’re still hungry for more info, check out The Happiness Project and this article ‘Is the pursuit of happiness a bunch of bullshit?‘ by Gala Darling.

Happy Monday Lovely!
Elise xo

    • Bursting with ideas of how I can take little actions to boost my happiness, Elise. Thank you for asking! It's funny because I thought I was pretty darn happy before reading this blog post, but now I'm inspired to see how it can get even better. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Oh wow THANK YOU Jessica!! I'm so glad you've gotten inspiration from this post!

      The thing is, you ARE happy. No one can tell you you're not! But just like anything there's always room to be happier and between you and me, I am SO DOWN for that! lol


    • Love this post. It's so true about happiness being this quest people say they must go on. One of my favorite quotes is to say "happiness is something you choose ahead of time." Everyone choose happiness and kindness no matter how things go in life we would have such a peaceful nation.

    • Tennille, thank you so much for your comment!!! I love that quote too! Yes indeedy, people like to think it's more epic to become happy than it actually is. You literally just start with what you already have and get grateful about it. Instant happiness manifestor!