After the mammoth weekend of wedding bells, family and toomanydrinksfoodcakeomg!! I have taken today to just relax and catch up on some reading – blog reading obviously cause I’m uber cool like that.

Change your label, align with your Purpose

Anyway, I was reading Denise Duffield-Thomas’ blog and one of her posts got me thinking about our values and opinions of ourselves and what we label ourselves as.

I thought to myself ‘What if we have a particular label for ourselves and that current label we have doesn’t match our passions, purpose or desires?‘. For an example, say your dream is to become an oscar winning actress, but your self confidence and esteem is suuuuuuuuuper low. While you have these BIG DREAMS, your label is actually ‘I’m not worthy’.


What to do!?

Find your label.
Well, before you can “fix” what’s going wrong, you need to find out what it is that’s “wrong”.

You already know what it is you’re meant to do, you have a passion, a dream, a desire, a big goal, BUT, something feels STUCK. Maybe you’re always coming second best or you allllways wind up working with the wrong people. Your job right now is to uncover what the duck you’re labelling yourself!

You find this out by monitoring how you feel and what you think when you’re thinking about your purpose. i.e if you wanna be a life coach and you’re thinking about courses you want to do to learn how to be a lifecoach and suddenly up pops the thought of, shit what if I’m too young to be a life coach? You’ve just labelled yourself as incapable and inadequate.


But great (lol), now we’ve found your label, here’s how to change it!

Find a new word.

If you’ve read or seen Eat Pray Love, you’ll know what I mean.

If you haven’t, it’s super simple. Find a new word to label yourself as.

It’s so simple but SO effective. I’m sure you’ve heard about the frequency of words right? Well each positive word has a high frequency and every negative word has a low frequency. It’s actually legit.

So imagine what happens to your mind, body and spirit when you switch from the negative label/word you’ve been using to a positive word…

Your health starts improving, your brain starts growing new powerful brain cells, your thinking changes, your energy changes, you attract positive, inspiring, genuine people, your get more energy, your eating changes, opportunities come in and suddenly you’re aligned and ON PURPOSE.

All from a simple change of YOUR word.

So the question is, does your label match your purpose or do you need to find a new word?

  • Interesting post, certainly has me thinking. I created my first vision board for myself last night, yay, exciting.
    So I am all about dreaming and the future and my affirmations to go with it. I think they count as my positive labels. Because they are big and bold, I don't believe them yet (I try to when I am saying them) but the more I do the more I say it and believe it the more it will happen.

  • Oh a vision board, that's awesome! Mine is proudly hung on my wall but I also have a few mini dream boards on pinterest I like to check in on often.

    That's awesome your using affirmations to create positive labels for yourself. Anything that's positive helps! No matter how small! 🙂

  • This totally resonates with me. I'm a (very very) full-time student hoping to become an art museum curator, and the hard work and effort is there… but it's way too easy for my word to switch from "productive" to "procastinate", which is sucky because so much of my future career depends on my marks over the next few years. I need to keep repeating "productive" to myself when procastinating on the internet instead of getting schoolwork done!
    – Laura

  • You can do it Laura! Try it on, practice it, embody it and have fun 🙂