Selfless Giving - Donate Your Teddy!

The joy of giving is really just that – joy. But some of us can get so hung up on ‘I don’t have enough to give!!!‘ part and turn it into an awful process.

We can get SO attached to our time, our emotions and our dollars we just don’t wanna give any of it up! And then when we do we feel shittier than a toddler who just had his toy truck taken off him.

Which if you didn’t know this, DEFEATS THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF GIVING.

Remember having only $20 in your bank account and you meet your bestie for coffee and she accidentally forgets her wallet so you have to fork out for a second coffee and rather than feeling awesome and saying “No probs!”, you feel shite, it ruins your mood and now you’re stressing how your gonna last the next 4 days on $10?

Why, oh why the hell do we feel like this? Well that I can answer because I have tooootes been there!

It’s fear. Fear that we won’t have enough, fear that we’ll run out and fear that it’s a big waste.

Well my friend, you need to know these are just limiting/negative beliefs because we all know that when you give from a place of love and selflessness (not lack and scarcity) it comes back to us a BILLIONFOLD!!!

For example, a long time ago I wanted to donate to my first charity and I was stressing that I wouldn’t have enough afterwards but I had a chat to myself and decided to give love (however little it was). I thought about the good that I was doing and the possibilities of what that little contribution could do and I felt a bit better so I hit the ‘donate’ button!

Literally the next day I won a competition on twitter for the exact same amount! RIDDLE ME THAT!

Give Selflessly - Give Love

So if you’re still in that emerging stage of “I’m worried but I want to do good” here are some awesome suggestions of how to give more and do good deeds without feeling crap afterwards! Baby steps!

21 Ways to Give Selflessly & Do Good Deeds

+ Have a bake sale and fundraise for a cause or charity i.e Breast Cancer Foundation

+ Donate your time to the local swimming center or sport center

+ Volunteer at a homeless or animal shelter

+ Go on a loose change hunt round the house & car and donate your findings to your fave charity

+ Send postcards to the people you love

+ Donate some canned food to the city mission

+ Sponsor a child in Africa, Kenya, Russia etc

+ Meditate on sending love to those in need

+ Hold a free car wash event

+ Offer your talented skill-set for free

+ Smile genuinely at every person you see for a day

+ Listen intently to someone talk without judgement

How to give more

+ Give your fave teddy to a child in need at the children’s hospital

+ Shout your bestie a coffee!

+ Pick some flowers and give them to your beau, boss, mum or a stranger

+ Declutter your wardrobe and give your clothes to charity

+ Join a big brother/big sister program

+ Volunteer your time towards a fundraising charity event i.e 40hr circuit-athons!

+ Offer to help a friend move or pack

+ Do the gardening for your grandma or next door neighbour

+ Go to your parents house, clean it, leave them fresh flowers and a note saying ‘I love you!’

See, that’s TOTES doable ain’t it? 😛

Love ya!
Elise xo

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  • What a fabulous list, so often I get hung up because it's not enough or something a rather, but it is always better to give something than nothing. Thanks for the reminder

  • No probs Maddison. You have a beautiful blog btw!xox

  • This is an awesome list! It's so important to not feel resentful about giving back. For example, there are people at my school who stand in front of the campus gates in their underwear in order to raise money for charities. It's AMAZING of them, but I know that if I did that I'd be grumpy about the cold and stressed about standing there for hours instead of getting school shit done. I find I get better stuff done when doing a bake sale, though! It really depends on the person :).
    I LOVE it when people more in the spotlight use that spotlight for good – like bloggers holding online auctions for baked goods and holding giveaways for people who donate at least $5 to relief for Hurricane Sandy! It's amazing!
    Thanks for the reminder :).
    – Laura

  • Sometimes we need a little reminder 🙂 xx