What are your Silly, Ridiculous Fears?

 I really gotta know.

These are fears that either make no logical sense or are just down right silly.

What I mean is that these fears, no matter how much you worry about them, are never actually going to happen or there is nothing you can do anyway – but you do worry about them still!

I’ll use my most recent ridonkulous fear as an example:

Gods, Universe & Everything In-Between

I started reading this book called ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ by Graham Hancock. He was a correspondent and his book is based on a theory that there was a highly advanced ancient civilization that existed on a continent that supposedly disappeared. The civilization was wiped out by the cataclysm of the ice age but he provides actual proof and evidence that they existed and that the continent didn’t disappear – it moved. Ooooooo…

Anyway, a downside of reading the book is that it got me thinking about the whole “2012 End of the World” palava.

Now, I’m that girl who’ll watch a scary movie and actually be scared for the next few days because I was a dumbass and watched it by myself at night without a buddy. It’s like aftershocks of a quake.


So as my mind mulled over the after effects of this book. My mind conversations went a little like this..

“Holy crap, the world could end in a few months?… But that’s not fair I haven’t even made it to 30! Do you think the planet gives a shit whether you’ve turned 30 or not?… Oh shit, I should start kickboxing lessons… Why? Well if I survive an ice age, tsunami or volcanic eruption I’ll need to know survival tricks. And you think kickboxing is gonna teach you survival tips?…. Shit! I won’t have a blog anymore. Dude, you won’t have a life anymore… What if a cataclysm happens while I’m asleep? What about the cat?…. I don’t know how to make clothes out of leaves! I really should do cross-fit. OH MY GOD I’M GONNA DIE IN THREE MONTHS.”

And it just got worse. I saw an ad on television advertising the latest iPad that I have wanted for like ever and all I thought was “What’s the point.”

Like, how stupid is that? Honestly.

It’s stupid in the sense that whether it does or doesn’t happen there is absolutely nothing I can do anyway. I literally worked myself into a state of anxiety over something that may or may not happen.


In a roundabout way there’s nothing quite like believing you’re going to die that kicks your ass into serious action.

In my attempt to get over this absolutely ridonkulous fear, I came up with a three-step fool proof strategy to get over it – and you can use it too for whatever crazy fears you’ve got going on atm!

  1. Realize it’s silly, there’s nothing you can do anyway.
  2. Laugh about it, make it into a joke.
  3. Use it to empower you to live it up right now.

But now it’s your turn.. to share your ridonkulous fears. Did you have a scare similar to mine? Or maybe it was worse? I’d love to hear them! And even if you’ve still got weird feelings about them, sharing them is a way to get it out, joke about it and feel better about it!

Elise xo

  • Louise

    Oh my gosh this was so funny to read but i totally know what you mean !!

    i used to have this stupid fear of thinking there are snakes in the toilet, except that there aren't any in my country !!

  • Well, my most ridonkulous fear is a very common one: fear of success.
    Come on: we want success but we're afraid of it??? Nothing more stupid then that! 🙂

  • OMG Louise, I used to have that same fear!!! That is SO crazy! And there are totally NO SNAKES IN NZ. Argh!!

    Marta, brilliant. Fear of really good stuff – just crazy! It's just like being terrified of a gorgeous handsome man with a really big…………



  • As I have an anxiety disorder my mind travels this path a little too often. Your advice to yourself is spot on however and words to live by 🙂

  • Aw thanks Becc!

    My mind travels far too much. I'm concentrating on keeping it on my current surroundings atm!