I know some of you out there love LoA stuff! And there’s also some who want nothing to do with it. There’s also this other group that kinda sits on the fence and then jumps in when it feels good.

All the above = totally cool.

Whether you want to learn something new, you’re starting to create and develop your very own spirituality or you’re looking for some law of attraction tips – I’ve created an awesome quirky guide for you to follow and refer to! (Feel free to print it out if you like!)

The Quirky Girl’s Guide to Using the Law of Attraction
For the full low-down and brief on ‘What is the Law of Attraction?’ check out this fabtastic definition by my good ol’ friend wiki!


If you have read either Ask and it is Given or The Secret, you’re gonna know what I’m talkin’ bout! Basically what it means is that in order to have, be or do something you really want you must ask for it. Ask the universe/god/higher self etc. From there, it gets thrown out into the universe so that it can start bringing you all the things you desire!


Visualization is a technique you use alongside asking. Once you have asked for the thing you want, add in visualizing having it for extra effect. Imagine that whatever it is you want, say an iPhone for example, visualize having it, using it, txting and talking to your friends on it, takings pics and vids and playing ridiculously awesome games on it. Get to a place where it actually feels like you already have the damn thing and then drop it and go about your day! Read this 6 step guide to visualizing for added effect!


This is where a lot of people can get caught up. They know what they want, they’ve visualized it and gotten to a really good feeling place of it but then that’s kind of it. They keep waiting and waiting and looking out for ‘it’ but it doesn’t show and what they’ve done without realizing is sabotaged the whole process. There’s a part of you (conscious or sub-conscious) that may believe you don’t actually deserve what you want i.e $100,000. You must get yourself to a better feeling place about this, it takes practice but once you get there the flood gates will open! Try practising self love, check out the abe forum for some amazing tips and advice on LoA and also check out this vid ‘How to Re-Program Your Sub-concious Mind to Get What You Want‘ by Marie Forleo and Catherine Collautt. Thanks to Lyn for this extra tidbit!


Bit of an odd one but yeah you gotta trust that what you want is coming to you at the perfect time that you need it. Don’t ask and visualize and then worry about whether the universe got the message – it did! Trust that it’s coming, believe it’s here and don’t worry about details of how it’s going to come to you. That’s the exciting part! Leave that one up to mystery!


There’s always a price for something good ain’t there? In this case the price for getting every single thing you want is… thanks. Yeah not a HUGE expense huh? Though gratitude can be the most tricky part about manifesting. After you have asked and visualized, you can even go on further to bump up the process by being grateful. A good technique I like to do is be grateful for yesterday (the past), be grateful for right now and my surroundings (the present) and then be grateful for all the things I believe are coming that I want (the future). Rounds it off quite nicely. For an AMAZING guide on practising gratitude, get The Magic – it’s a 30 day guide on turning your life around by being thankful.


Last but not least there is manifesting/receiving. This is the best bit! This is when you’ve aligned yourself with what it is that you want by doing allllll of the above! Which then means whatever you’ve asked for, envisioned in your life, trusted it would come and have already been grateful for will physically manifest into your life! Check out ‘Manifesting 101‘ by Gabby Bernstein!

Whether or not you believe in the law of attraction, you gotta admit that your thoughts are powerful. And for me that’s what I like about LoA, whatever I want to do and achieve I know I can do it with the power of my own thinking. I have full creative control over myself and my destiny and I love that feeling!

Did that answer all of your LoA questions? If not, feel free to ask away in the comments section and I’ll add it to the post!


P.S – How we manifested our $2.1 million dollar home

  • Hi Elise,
    Great post! One other thing I am starting to work on is really believing that I am worthy of what I want. I think this is where people fail in manifesting things. It comes somewhere in between visualizing and trusting!

    A year ago I wrote on a piece of paper how much money I wanted to make in my job. I wrote down a figure that was 20K more than my salary at the time. It wasn't an out of this world amount but still I had doubts that I could make that type of money in my industry. I put this figure on my fridge and on my dresser and looked at it every day. I still didn't really feel that I could ever make that amount.

    Since I wrote that figure down I have left that particular job and have spent the past 6 months contracting in a position which is 10K more than my last job. Hlaf way there! Now that my contract is almost up I have been interviewing for jobs that are paying the amount (and some more) that I originally wrote down!! The reason that it is now coming to me is that I totally believe I am worthy of that salary! It took me a year to believe it and I slowly worked my way up to that figure by contracting but it only came because of my different mindset!

    The sky's the limit really and now I am working on manifesting a business out of my health and fitness blog. I know that there are endless positblities in the online world!

    Now if only I could have this type of confidence and belief in my love life – lol

    Lyn x

  • Wow, Lyn THANK YOU for your response!

    I just love your story! And I 100% agree with you! I think a lot of people get stuck between the 'wanting + manifesting' because although they may want that ridiculously amazing car or that hot guy who works at the bank – there's a part of them that doesn't actually believe they deserve it yet.

    I think everyone has this going on at some point and the work really is to be easier on yourself, do some self love work (ha!) and drop the resistance that you may or may not be conscious of.

    I LOVE your blog btw, already I've made a few of your recipes and I think you have a wonderful voice and you offer real, valuable tips and advice. That's something I value a lot so keep up the awesome work because you are TOTALLY on the right track!

    Elise xx

    P.S – I was just like you and then I decided to focus on me, me, ME and do the things I loved and whaddaya know? Guys started lining up and I found my beau (even though I really did NOT want one at the time!) πŸ˜‰

  • I just wrote a long reply back and lost it! lol so here goes again…

    Thanks for your encouragement!

    The law of attraction is an interesting one and is not as easy as "The Secret"! There is so much in our subconsious that we need to figure out so that we can get past the blogs. I am working on that as I have alot of resistance when it comes to love. Everyone other areas is easy to manifest! I also just manifested a dream place to live! I pinch myself, every last detail is a blessing down to the fact that the house has a dog and I have been wanting a dog for so long but can't really have one with my lifestyle! The universe can give you things that are way beyond your dreams!

    I just watched the doco What the Bleep do we know, have you seen this? I need to rewatch so it all sinks in.

    Anyhoo I love your blog and would LOVE for you to guest post on my blog if you are intersted. I would love to repost one of your blogs (maybe even this one) and link it back to your site. How do you feel about that? I love supporting other bloggers and change makers. So let me know if you are cool with that. I think it would be great to have something a little different on my site, as health is body mind and spirit so a new voice could be good.

  • I 100% agree! When I was first starting out with LoA I thought all I had to do was "want a porsche" and it would come. But obviously there's a reason why life isn't that easy because if we got everything we wanted with ease we wouldn't actually want or appreciate it anyway.

    Yikes. Conundrum.

    Congrats on manifesting your dog and the dream place!! Isn't it such an incredible feeling?? And I don't think you're the only one who has all of this resistance with love (I'm talking from actual experience!) and this is something I'm totally writing about soon as I know all the girls wanna learn about it! πŸ˜€

    I saw 'What the bleep do we know' when I was 17 and while I didn't understand it 100% (heck, not even 10%) there was a level where I did understand it and totally got it! I definitely need to watch this again as well so thank you for the reminder!

    As for your request, check your inbox πŸ˜‰

  • I love your breakdown..I need to do more of this. Thank you!

  • Thanks Sandy! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I am right there with you…it is hard sometimes to really truly believe you are worthy of what you desire. I am learning to love myself so that I can love others and manifest my true desires and dreams. Your post is truly inspirational and I wish you much continued success, love , joy, abundance and peace. Thank you for sharing.

  • Anonymous

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