Victoria's Secret Angels - How to be Self Confident
When you think of sexy confidence do you automatically think of the Victoria’s Secret Angels?

I do!

Now, before you cower away ready to drown in a packet of chocolate buttons and inadequacy – just stop for a moment and hear me out.

A year or so ago, I was having some issues. I wasn’t confident with where I was going in my life – I didn’t know what I wanted and I had become very stagnant. So much to the point a barely wanted to be around people (crazy, I know).

I had backed myself into a corner, hid myself under my fluffy pink blanket and didn’t want to come out from under it. My confidence took a huge dive. I could barely socialize with people anymore and I just wanted the world to swallow me up whole.

One day, I had a moment of clarity. I don’t know where it came from but I feel it was my soul crying out for help. I needed to do something and I needed to do it now. I could not stay like this anymore – it was time to get Elise back!

I don’t know how, but I just knew what to do. I started acting and pretending I was confident, even if I was by myself in my room. I saw the Victoria Secret models on tv one day and I knew that THAT was the confidence I wanted! I kept at it and life started turning back around and before I knew it it was getting better than it was before!

Now, whether you’re in times of desperation like I was or if you know you just need to do a lil work – look past all the feathers, the sequins, the lingerie, the smokin’ hot bods and the gorgeous features of these women, what have they got?

A very delicious recipe to confidence.
Victorias Secret Models Secrets to Sexy Confidence

See it! There in every picture! Sure they ooze sex appeal but there’s that underlying playful confidence. ANYONE can have that!

The question is, how exactly do you get THAT confidence? Well, here are my 4 tips to getting yourself there!

By having a sexy affair with yourself!

Dance around to your girl power playlist in your sexy knickers, date yourself, do daily kick-ass affirmations, meditate your heart out, have an affair with food, take pleasure in doing nothing, get selfish and do things just for you. You gotta fill yourself up with the good stuff so it can ooze out of you like an intoxicating love potion! You’ve gotta indulge in you.

By strutting down your runway!

Mmhmmm, you heard me right! You gotta strut as if you’re on your runway. So, if you were super confident, how would you walk? How would you talk? How would you act? Think about it and then PRACTICE IT. Practice walking, talking and acting exactly the way you would if you were confident. Summon your alter ego for assistance and make it a daily practice!

By having a fun, playful & positive outlook!

Get playful with people around you. Go back to when you were a kid and used to chase each other just cause they poked you in the hip and said “you’re it!”. Chase the fun around you or make simple things fun! It’s all about perception! Finally, now that you’re aware, start looking for the positive in everything – because there always is a positive! Train yourself to look at things ‘glass half full’.

By love and kindness for others!

Random, I know. But I’ve noticed that there can be a slight arrogance the more confident you get and if you’re not careful you can tip the other way and become an absolute douche. So you counter act this by giving love and kindness to the people around you. I’ve learned that if you treat people with love and respect while being confident, these people sing sing your praises to the world!

How to be self confident like VS models
Start applying these four things daily and watch as your life transforms around you. You will become an incredible inspiration to your peers, you’ll lead the way for many others and you will have a healthy and wholesome respect and love for yourself that most only dream of!
Elise xx
  • Krystina

    Very true. I read in my amazing Katie Piper book that a tactic for being confident is to pretend you are an actor and you're part is a super confident person. She swears that if you fake it long enough it soon becomes second nature. As always, this was a pleasure to read Elise. x

  • I totally believe that, and I'm doin' it right now with certain things in my life. I think an important factor as well is that you actually gotta believe you can do it. Without the actual belief, I don't think you can get much done.