How awesome is the feeling of ‘feeling good’?


Feeling good is like a powerful potion and can be highly addictive (especially if you’re in an inspiring location such as Pompeii ^).

During the day when I want a little boost, I do what I like to call ‘My Recipe for Feeling Good’.

It’s awesome, it’s relaxing and it’s kinda like a lil pamper for the soul – and the best thing is it only takes 5 mins!

  • Put on your faaaave clothing items! You know what I’m talkin’ bout! The mismatching items that aren’t all that attractive combined but they are your faaaaave comfy feel good items! My favourite comfy clothing items are my mums grey trackies, a workout tee and my fluffy pink dressing gown (SO attractive).
  • Make your favourite drink: Drinks are powerful. We need fluids every single day and I know you drink something regularly! So make it! I LOVE milo (an awesome NZ version of hot choc) or lemon and ginger tea, it makes me feel oh so warm and cosy.
  • Curl up in your favourite spot in your house: The place you always sit – everyone has a ‘spot’. What’s yours? Mine is the left leather chair in the lounge and my side of the bed. 😉
  • Play your favourite tunes: Whether it be on your ipod, your stereo or a CD – put it on and tune out with your favourite tunes. I usually put on a little soul funk by Lady Daisey or some Alternative Jazz by Zero 7. Good stuff!
  • Think about one of your favourite memories: It can be a memory that made you laugh or a moment where you felt the greatest. One I can think off from the top of my head is when I was at Lake Como with my Mum and our friend Vicky and as mum when to sit down on this step to take a photo she didn’t realize she put her hand in a big pile of dog sh*t. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!

So there ya go! Try these out! I do this when I want a boost and am feeling like an alternative from my bat shit happy technique!

Also, I’d LOVE to know what your 5 favourite things from above are! Feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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  • Thanks Elise. Aaaannd, happy, happy birthday my sweet . I hope you have a fantabulous, kickass, great day. XXX

  • Thanks mum! Love ya!x

  • Aroha

    Love your stories and viewpoints Elise, always read them and yes I have my favourite space in my house which is my chaise sofa and it sits right next to my little buddha statue and next to my statue is a buddha box and a salt lamp that glows 24hrs a day. I laughed about mum and dog poo, poor mum, lots of love Aroha Bray.